Arizona Judges Continue to Threaten Parents and Restrict Free Speech

Family court in Arizona has threatened another family with a gag order, and forced them to contact Health Impact News asking us to take down their story, exposing what is happening in Arizona in abusing parental rights. Health Impact News and will not comply with this request.


The Associated Press and many other media outlets today (February 3, 2015) have announced that a federal class-action lawsuit was filed against the directors of the Arizona Department of Children's Services and the Department of Health Services by ten foster children in Arizona. The children in the lawsuit are represented by the groups Children's Rights, the Arizona Center for Law in the Public Interest, and Phoenix law firm Coppersmith Brockelman PLC. Arizona's treatment of foster children is so bad it actually puts kids at risk of greater harm, says the federal class-action lawsuit. The lawsuit, which names as plaintiffs 10 foster children ages 3 to 14, said the agencies failed to address ongoing failures. The suit also accuses the state of a "widespread failure to engage in basic child welfare practices aimed at maintaining family relationships." That includes placing siblings together, trial reunifications with parents, adequate visitation between children and biological families, and having caseworkers visit parents to work toward reunification.

Shocking Revelations of Corruption in Leanna Smith Medical Kidnapping Case in Arizona

Arizona Family advocate Steve Isham was interviewed on the Robert Scott Bell radio program on Sunday February 1, 2015 to discuss the Leanna Smith medical kidnapping story. Leanna Smith claims that the State of Arizona, working together with doctors who were covering up medical malpractice with her oldest daughter, worked together with CPS to have both her daughters removed from her custody, and that they have been psychologically and sexually abused in foster care. Mr. Isham, who is familiar with Leanna's case, revealed some shocking things about his work in advocating for families in Arizona. There have been many reports of abuse within the foster care system. He recounted how he has attempted to report these alleged abuses within the Arizona child protection social services, juvenile court, and foster care, but has not been able to get anyone to investigate any of these cases. Frustrated at what appeared to be local collusion between authorities and social services, he went to the FBI: "I spent about 7 hours total time on three different occasions (with the FBI). They did nothing! They even sat there and looked me in the eye, man to man, and said, 'We know this is happening, but it's not our jurisdiction. You're going to have to get local law enforcement to do something. It's not a federal matter.' I couldn't believe it! Tell me how there are not riots in the streets now that we know the facts of the Leanna Smith case and the torture that was allowed to be perpetrated on this loving, caring, healthy, family that did what is right no matter what was done to them! How can an entire population of American’s allow this to happen to one family after another?"

Mom Who Lost 2 Daughters to Medical Kidnapping in Arizona Speaks Out Regarding Abuses

In a shocking interview recorded on the Robert Scott Bell Show Thursday January 29th, 2015, Leanna Smith gave details of how her two daughters were taken away by medical authorities and CPS in Arizona, and explained how her youngest daughter has allegedly been sexually and mentally abused while in State custody. While allegations have been made against the parents as a reason for removing their two daughters, apparently no criminal charges have ever been filed against either the father or the mother. So why did Arizona take these two children away from their biological parents?

15,000 Cases of Arizona Child Porn: Huge Child Sex Trafficking Ring in Arizona Ahead of Superbowl

Investigators say child-pornography victims are getting younger, and the abuse is becoming more violent. In Arizona, we know of 15,000 IP addresses (the Internet Protocol labels assigned to each computer device) belonging to people who own computers, cellphones and other electronic devices trading and downloading child porn. A significant number of these videos and images consist of infants and young children being raped, tortured and sexually abused. Some of even include "how to" instructions on how a grown man can rape a 3-year-old and groom him or her for years of abuse. Efforts have increased as the Phoenix area prepares to host the Super Bowl, which for years has been dogged by claims that it brings along with it a rise in underage girls for sale in any host city.

Corruption and Medical Malpractice Coverup involving Arizona CPS? How One Family was Destroyed

Since Health Impact News started publishing stories from families telling about their horrible experiences with medical kidnapping, we have had more families contact us from Arizona than almost all the other states combined. But one case stands out from all of them in terms of the depth of the corruption in the medical system, and child protection services, within the state of Arizona. Award-winning investigative journalist Jennifer Margulis looked into one civil rights case that is currently in the 9th Circuit Court, and found what appears to be a tangled web of corruption and deception in Arizona that will shock you. Read the story of the Darrell and Leanna Smith, and how they lost 2 of their 3 children when Leanna questioned doctors in what appears to be a medical malpractice case. Their family was destroyed, and they are still in the midst of years of legal battles. How many other families in Arizona do they represent?

Parents Escape Hospital and Medical Kidnap Threat in Arizona

ABC 15 in Glendale Arizona has reported that parents removed their 2-day old baby from Banner Thunderbird Hospital without hospital approval, after Child Protection Services allegedly threatened to take away the baby. Police are reportedly not investigating, saying no crime was committed.

Arizona Court Issues Gag Order on Family of 7, Detective Wants to Subpoena Interview on Radio

Friday January 16, 2015 the Shoars family had a hearing in Arizona family court over the custody of their 7 children that were taken away by the State after the accidental death of their three-year-old daughter Khloe. At this hearing, the judge reportedly issued a gag order on the parents, and ordered them to stop discussing the case on the Internet. Two days before this hearing, on Wednesday January 14, 2015, Tabitha Shoars was interviewed by Ty Bollinger on the Robert Scott Bell syndicated national radio program. On the Friday night (January 16, 2015) broadcast of the Robert Scott Bell show, they reported that a "Detective Kalcum" from Arizona had contacted their syndicator wanting to "subpoena" the broadcast of the show with Tabitha Shoars.

Arizona CPS Takes 7 Children Away from Parents after Accident

The unthinkable happened to a family in Arizona. Their three-year-old daughter mysteriously collapsed while her parents were away from home, and she died shortly after. As horrible as that tragedy was, Khloe's death was only the beginning of the devastation to the Shoars family. Child Protective Services immediately came in and took away all seven of their other children, placing them in various foster home settings around the area. The children now don't have their parents, or even each other, as they try to grasp what has happened to their sister. None of the children, ranging in age from 2 to 9 years old, have been placed with family or friends, and they cry to come home. They don't understand what has happened, and neither do their parents, Jeff and Tabitha Shoars. "It's like a bad nightmare you can't wake up from," says Jeff. No charges have been filed against anyone, yet the state of Arizona has already begun the TPR process, Termination of Parental Rights.

Arizona Mother of Two Girls Medically Kidnapped Breaks Gag Order and Speaks Out

A mother of two young girls in Arizona breaks a gag order issued by the court, in the hope that people will come forward and help her and her two daughters, whom she claims are suffering in state custody. She has now been threatened with arrest for breaking her gag order. And this all began simply because she saw her daughters suffering with medical treatment, and wanted to seek a second doctor's opinion.