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Arizona Family advocate Steve Isham was interviewed on the Robert Scott Bell radio program on Sunday February 1, 2015 to discuss the Leanna Smith medical kidnapping story. You can read Leanna’s story here: Corruption and Medical Malpractice Coverup involving Arizona CPS? How One Family was Destroyed.  Leanna Smith was also interviewed on the Robert Scott Bell show: Mom Who Lost 2 Daughters to Medical Kidnapping in Arizona Speaks Out Regarding Abuses.

Leanna Smith claims that the State of Arizona, working together with doctors who were covering up medical malpractice with her oldest daughter, worked together with CPS to have both her daughters removed from her custody, and that they have been psychologically and sexually abused in foster care.

Mr. Isham, who is familiar with Leanna’s case, revealed some shocking things about his work in advocating for families in Arizona. There have been many reports of abuse within the foster care system. He recounted how he has attempted to report these alleged abuses within the Arizona child protection social services, juvenile court, and foster care, but has not been able to get anyone to investigate any of these cases. Frustrated at what appeared to be local collusion between authorities and social services, he went to the FBI:

I spent about 7 hours total time on three different occasions (with the FBI). They did nothing! They even sat there and looked me in the eye, man to man, and said, “We know this is happening, but it’s not our jurisdiction. You’re going to have to get local law enforcement to do something. It’s not a federal matter.” I couldn’t believe it!

Mr. Isham then asks the following questions, which should be a wake up call to everyone in the United States of America:

How on God’s earth can a governor and 90 state legislators turn a deaf ear to the cries of children and the screams of mothers and fathers?

How can a governor and 90 legislators close their eyes to the tears, bruises, scars, burns, and physical handicaps achieved in state custody?

How can a governor and 90 legislators remain mute and pass the responsibility of their office to a woman that is not even an elected official?

How does a governor and 90 legislators go home at night and kiss their loved ones and hold their children with the knowledge that children in the State of Arizona in the numbers of more than 16,900 children are in a broken children’s system, scared, alone, without anyone to hold them appropriately and comfort them and keep them safe.

How can a governor and 90 state legislators look at each other in the eyes and call themselves a man? a woman? a human being?

Tell me how there are not riots in the streets now that we know the facts of the Leanna Smith case and the torture that was allowed to be perpetrated on this loving, caring, healthy, family that did what is right no matter what was done to them! How can an entire population of Americans allow this to happen to one family after another?

I will tell you how; we are so happy it is not happening to us that everyone turns away. Good people allow bad things to happen.

Listen to the full interview at Epic Times.

Read the opening brief for this Civil Rights Case currently in the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, which is available to the public.

Full Story Here.

Leanna Smith’s Legal Crimes AZ Facebook Page.

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