People Actually Trying to Stop Child Trafficking are Often Murdered – The CENSORED Linda Collins-Smith Story

In 2019 we interviewed Kathy Hall on KFNX Talk Radio out of Phoenix regarding the kidnapping of her granddaughter after her daughter was killed in Arkansas. She was close friends with Arkansas State Senator Linda Collins-Smith, who was working on her case and attempting to help her get custody of her granddaughter. But after returning to Arkansas after a trip to Arizona, Arkansas State Senator Linda Collins-Smith was murdered. This became a huge national story, and late last year ABC's 20/20 ran a documentary on the Linda Collins-Smith story, spinning the story in a specific direction that they obviously wanted the public to believe. You can watch it on their website. Kathy Hall, who was a close friend of Linda, had been interviewed by ABC during the filming of this show, but then ABC decided to exclude her testimony after her house burned down, the day before Rebecca O'Donnell, who was being held as the suspect in Senator Smith's murder, allegedly pleaded guilty to her murder. So go watch what the corporate media is reporting about Senator Linda Collin-Smith's murder on ABC first, then come back to this article, where I will tell the public the "other side" of this story, as reported by her good friend, Kathy Hall, one of the last people to communicate with the Arkansas Senator just before she was killed.

New Documentary on Medically Kidnapped Girl Whose Mother Committed Suicide is the Most Powerful Film Ever Produced Exposing Medical Kidnapping

Last night I watched the new documentary that was released by Netflix last month (June, 2023), "Take Care of Maya." This is, by far, the best documentary I have ever watched that exposes the criminal enterprise allowed to operate in this country, and which I have been covering as a journalist for about a decade now, medical kidnapping. The documentary shows the true story of the Kowalski family of Florida, a medical kidnapping horror story that we have covered in previous articles. The documentary was produced by Caitlin Keating, who also writes for People Magazine. Here is an excerpt that was published just before the film was released on Netflix. Title: "An Allegation of Munchausen by Proxy, a Mom's Suicide, a Daughter's Pain: 'Take Care of Maya' Exclusive Clip." Description: "Maya Kowalski was rushed to the ER at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg, Fla., in the early morning of October 7, 2016. She had crippling stomach pain ('so severe, her knees were going up to her chest, and she was screaming,' says her father, Jack,) related to the rare neurological condition complex regional pain syndrome or CRPS. The 17-year-old's first memory was with her mom days later at the ICU. She kissed Maya on the forehead, told her she loved her, and they'd see each other the next day. 'I never saw her again,' Maya says." This film clearly exposes how a medical doctor who in reality is not even practicing medicine, but is acting as a forensic criminal investigator with ZERO training in law enforcement or forensic evidence, the corrupt pediatric specialty of "Child Abuse Specialist" which is a recent specialty started around 2010, has the enormous power to destroy families, as judges are all too quick to accept their "advice". Maya's mother was denied the opportunity to even hug her daughter after one court hearing, and ended up committing suicide a short time later giving up all hope that she would ever be reunited with her daughter again. This film is far more significant in exposing child trafficking in this country than the fictional Sound of Freedom movie, in my opinion, and shows that the horror of child trafficking in this country is not just limited to sex trafficking, but includes medical kidnapping by the pharmaceutical cartels as well.

Florida Parents Continue to Expose Child Trafficking as Pleas to Abolish the Nation’s “Child Welfare” System Pick up Momentum

We have previously reported about a lawsuit in Florida where dozens of parents were suing the State for illegally taking their children away from them. This has been an ongoing problem in Florida, where children are taken away from families who love them, and put into the foster care system where they are often sexually abused and trafficked. The original lawsuit filed last year has since been thrown out by a judge calling it a "shotgun complaint." The lawsuit accused the State of taking away their children illegally, and placing them with strangers instead of placing them with relatives. Many parents and their attorney have now amended that lawsuit and refiled it on the grounds that their Constitutional rights have been violated. Interestingly, Gov. Ron DeSantis, who was a defendant in the original lawsuit, seems to have been dropped in the amended lawsuit. The late Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer was one of the first to call for an end to the nation's Child Welfare System over a decade ago, and it cost her her life. But a couple of new books just published this year, 2023, show that others have now taken up the call to end the nation's child trafficking system that is so wrongfully referred to by such terms as "Child Welfare" and "Child Protection Services."

Florida Parents Beware! Your Children are NOT Safe! Pastors and Foster Parents in Florida are Sexually Trafficking Children

Sheriff deputies in Hillsborough County, Florida, arrested a youth pastor and a foster parent this week for sexually trafficking children. Nathaniel Rodriguez and Nicole Rogers reported the story on WFLA in Tampa: Hillsborough County deputies arrested a youth pastor and a foster parent on human trafficking charges involving teenage victims, according to a Friday press release. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said their investigation began on Feb. 9 after a local mother said she found “disturbing content” on her 16-year-old child’s cell phone. Deputies said their suspect, 36-year-old Moises Escoto of Temple Terrace, had first contacted the victim two years ago on an app called Sniffies. Escoto serves as a youth pastor at Iglesia de Cristo Misionera Mahanaim Church on North Amenia Avenue. “It started with, hey I’ll give you gifts and money in exchange for sexual photos and videos,” said Marco Villarreal. “Over time, they started meeting and having secret sexual contact.” According to deputies, the youth pastor also was meeting the teenager in secret and having sex with him. He was arrested by human trafficking deputies on Feb. 9.

Florida Group Homes in Foster Care are Pimping and Sexually Trafficking Children

The Family First Prevention Services Act is a bill that was passed by Congress and signed into law by President Donald Trump in 2018. It was a bill championed by many on the Right and the Q Anons as a way to stop the tide of child sex trafficking through the nation's Foster Care child welfare system. America's tax-funded Foster Care system has been documented over the years as being the #1 pipeline to child sex trafficking. The bill was originally drafted in 2016, but met with opposition, primarily from the nation's lucrative group home industry, where private investors start group homes for troubled teens and then collect massive government funding through the child welfare Foster Care system to run them. When the bill finally passed in 2018 as a rider tacked onto a budget bill that averted a government shutdown at the time, a provision was made that Richard Wexler called a "presents for pimps” loophole for the group home industry. Now more than 4 years later, "the Florida Department of Children and Families took the 'presents for pimps' loophole, and drove a truck through it." The South Florida Sun Sentinel has just recently published an investigative report titled "Innocence Sold: Florida’s foster system provides dangerous sex traffickers with easy access to vulnerable children."

Has Florida Become the Top State in the U.S. for Medical Kidnapping and Child Trafficking?

Florida is rapidly becoming the go-to State for people fleeing the rapidly decaying mega urban centers in the U.S., and that includes some of the richest and most famous billionaires who have recently moved their residency to Florida, such as former President Donald Trump and Oracle founder Larry Ellison, among others. Even Ukraine President and alleged Billionaire Volodymyr Zelensky has a $35 million dollar mansion in South Florida, where he will undoubtedly retire to if the war in his country doesn't go his way. And with Wall Street mega-bank criminals now starting their own virtual stock exchange, MEMX, it is probably only a matter of time before South Florida replaces New York's Wall Street as the new residence of most of the world's billionaires and bankers who can just work online while hitting the Florida beaches. Tragically, one thing that seems to follow the rich and famous in this country is the problem of human trafficking, and specifically child sex trafficking, as even Jeffrey Epstein ran a major portion of his child sex trafficking operation through South Florida. As we have reported numerous times over the years, the #1 source for child trafficking in the United States is the corrupt child welfare program that funds foster care and adoptions in the U.S. You can learn more about this corrupt system of child trafficking that imperils all of the nation's children every day on our Medical Kidnapping website. Thanks to some good local reporting in Florida, many families who have had their children taken away from them illegally by the State of Florida are fighting back and now suing the State of Florida, naming Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Executive Director of the Florida Department of Health Dr. Joseph Ladapo as defendants.

Families Sue Governor DeSantis and State of Florida for Medically Kidnapping Their Children

We recently reported how Florida Governor Ron DeSantis threatened parents in his state who took their children to “family friendly drag shows" by stating that he would ask Child Protection Services (CPS) to investigate these parents for "child endangerment," although he has not issued similar threats against parents who choose to inject their children with deadly COVID-19 vaccines. Last week, Katie LaGrone with WPTV Channel 5 in West Palm Beach reported on a lawsuit with multiple families suing Gov. DeSantis and the State of Florida for medically kidnapping their children. This problem of state-sponsored child kidnapping and trafficking, is systemic in Florida, and NOT rare. “It’s happening all over Florida,” said attorney Octavia Brown of Community Law for Families and Children. She’s part of a team of attorneys who filed the complaint. When LaGrone suggested the lawsuit accused kidnapping by and within the system, Brown responded “what else do you call it? If there is someone who is connected to the system and they see a child that they want, they are going to get the child." Brown is also a former insider who worked as an attorney for DCF and other agencies representing Florida’s foster care system. She explained how some staff members who collaborate to deliberately keep a child from being placed with biological relatives can get away with it. “This system is so bogged down”, she said. “When they [system staff] come in with these false stories or they come in with false allegations of caregivers having backgrounds, the judge is not going to say ‘oh let me look into that home study or let me look into that criminal record,” she explained. Brown said young parents and poor families are most vulnerable to what they dub as “internal diversion” practices. “Because those families don’t have the money to fight the bogus allegations,” Brown said.

Horrific Details Emerge on Arizona Foster Care Pedophile Trafficking Ring where Children Were Raped and Sodomized

We have exposed the deep corruption in the State of Arizona for years now, where historically they have a higher percentage of children taken away from their families and put into the foster care system than any other state in the U.S., as a state that is deeply entrenched in the child trafficking network with corruption reaching the highest levels of government. Statistics from 2015 showed that one out of every 100 children in the State of Arizona was in foster care. One of the most horrific stories we have covered from the State of Arizona was the case of the little girl named Devani, who was taken away from her mother against her will, and put into a foster care home in Sierra Vista with David Frodsham, who was running a pedophile pornographic and child sex trafficking ring. David Frodsham worked with the U.S. military at Fort Huachuca in Arizona, and had previously worked in Afghanistan as a "top civilian commander," but was kicked out of the country for sexual misconduct. His commanding officer wrote: “I would not recommend placing him back into a position of authority but rather pursuing disciplinary actions at his home station.” Nothing happened, however, and he continued as a licensed foster parent in the State of Arizona, where according to the lawsuit brought against him he repeatedly raped little Devani. He was convicted and is now behind bars. Little Devani was not returned to her family, however, but put into another foster home in Arizona, where the foster mother burned 80% of her body with scalding water resulting in the loss of her toes. Earlier this month (April, 2022), Michael Rezendes, writing for the Associated Press, provided new details of this child sex trafficking ring operating through the Arizona Foster Care system, as two adopted sons of David Frodsham have come forward to file lawsuits for the years they were sexually abused. There is no way that something as horrible as this could be allowed to exist without participation in almost every level of government within the State of Arizona. From social workers, to judges, to politicians and law enforcement, everyone has to either be complicit or too afraid to expose the corruption, in order for something like this to exist. And it includes religious and private businesses as well, benefiting from the lucrative child trafficking system funded through foster care and adoption services.

Idaho Judge Sanctions Medical Kidnapping and Child Trafficking as Innocent Baby Suffers in State Care

This past weekend we reported on the medical kidnapping of a baby in Idaho who was literally ripped from the arms of his mother who was his sole source of nourishment through breastfeeding. The actual abduction by Meridian Police Detective Hanson was captured on video by the mother and live-streamed to her Facebook Page, where we grabbed it and put it on our video channels as well. The parents' alleged crime was to disagree with a doctor, and fail to make a scheduled doctor's appointment. The child reportedly did not have any serious medical conditions, but was simply underweight, and diagnosed as "malnourished." Hundreds of people showed up in Boise over the past few days to protest the kidnapping of this innocent child. According to medical records obtained from St. Luke’s Hospital, the baby was allegedly discharged on March 4th with a clean bill of health, according to the baby's grandfather. After the baby was kidnapped by the State on Saturday, March 12th from the arms of his breastfeeding mother, his parents were allowed a 2-hour visit with him two days later, where it was obvious to them their child was being abused in State care. Apparently the mother, Marissa, was able to pump out some of her breast milk and give it to the hospital to start feeding the baby, and then the next day, March 15th, a doctor called the father (Levi) and left a 7-minute voicemail on his phone giving an update on the baby stating that he was medically cleared to go home and "Hopefully we can get Cyrus back to you as quickly as the state will allow." Their first hearing in court before a judge concluded yesterday, March 16th, and there were hundreds of people locally and probably tens of thousands of people around the country hoping that this poor baby would be returned to his parents. But having covered these medical kidnapping child trafficking stories for years now, I can report that this almost NEVER happens at the first hearing. Why? Because #1, to release the child immediately is to forfeit massive state and federal funding that the State can collect when the child becomes a ward of the State. And #2, to release the child immediately would open up the door to legally prosecute those who removed the child needlessly if the judge found no cause to remove the child in the first place. And sure enough, that is exactly what happened. Magistrate Judge Laurie Fortier awarded custody of Baby Cyrus to the State of Idaho. We need AT LEAST 10,000 calls and emails to the Idaho Governor's Office RIGHT NOW!

USA Today Reports How Florida Takes Children Away from their Parents and Puts Them with Pedophiles in Foster Care

As we have reported many times over the years here at Health Impact News, the U.S. Foster Care System is the #1 pipeline to child sex trafficking. Numerous studies over the past several years have confirmed that children do far better when left in their homes, even troubled homes where parents may have drug issues and other problems, than when they are placed in foster care. Investigative reporters at USA Today have done an excellent job in showing just how corrupt the child welfare and foster care system is in Florida, documenting hundreds of cases where children were removed from their homes and then put into foster care settings where they were sexually abused. Several stories are highlighted in their report, including the case of longtime Florida foster father Rick Hazel, who they say repeatedly raped a child in his care, taking videos of the molestation and hiding a camera in the bathroom to watch her shower. More than 70 children allegedly passed through his home. When deputies arrested him in 2019, the Hazels were the longest-tenured foster parents in St. Augustine. More than 70 kids had passed through their home. In addition to the rape victim, the family members of two other foster children came forward with concerns of abuse or neglect. But following Hazel’s arrest, no one – not caseworkers, not child abuse investigators, not law enforcement – talked to all of the other children who had lived in the home to see if they had seen or suffered abuse. Those children were all adopted or moved on to new homes. Until contacted by reporters, the adults in their lives had no idea they had spent time with a man who ultimately was convicted of child sex abuse. Rick and Shirley Hazel were considered model foster parents. They took in children of all ages and races, including kids with autism, and adopted three of them. They were active at church and the foster parent association, meeting with biological parents on nights and weekends to make visits easier. “Wonderful human beings, blessed, doing God’s work,” one social worker commented in their file. “One of the very best places a child could be,” wrote another. As they gained a rapport with workers in the system, St. Johns County sent the Hazels more and more kids, even when their home reached – and surpassed – the state-mandated capacity of five total children. The stream of kids finally ended in 2019, when a 13-year-old told detectives that her foster-turned-adoptive father had “raped me like I was his wife.”