by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

As the movie “Sound of Freedom” is shown to packed out movie theaters across the U.S. to millions of people sitting in air conditioned theaters eating their popcorn, shaking their heads at the “horror of child sex trafficking” that is portrayed in poor countries like Columbia, tens of thousands of young children are being sexually abused and trafficked right here in our own borders every day, begging for help, with their voices falling on deaf ears.

And it is all “legal,” because it is being done under the color of law in our nation’s child welfare system.

One of those cases actually made the corporate news this week, but was obviously drowned out by all the hype behind the Sound of Freedom movie.

A jury in New Mexico awarded $485 million to an 8-year-old female victim of Clarence Garcia, a 66-year-old foster parent in New Mexico who sexually abused the girl while she was in his care.

A Rio Arriba County jury awarded an astounding $485 million in a lawsuit. It was filed on behalf of a girl who was repeatedly raped by her foster father, Clarence Garcia.

“I think the message that was sent first and foremost is that this little girl matters,” said Joshua Conaway, an attorney in the case.

In 2019, a court-appointed guardian for the girl filed a lawsuit on her behalf against Clarence Garcia and his wife, Debbie Garcia. (Full article.)

As horrible as this crime was, Garcia had been sexually abusing young children in his care as far back as 1999 when he was licensed as a foster parent in New Mexico, and pleaded guilty to charges of sexually abusing six girls in his care in January this year (2023).

But in spite of the fact that he admitted his crimes and was now a convicted pedophile, he was NOT sentenced to do any jail or prison time, but simply given probation, where he reportedly continued his crimes resulting in the conviction earlier this week of the 8-year-old girl.

Here is a report from KRQE from January.

Also implicated in the $485 million award to the 8-year-old sex abuse victim was Acadia Healthcare Company Inc., its CEO Joey Jacobs, and Acadia’s for-profit subsidiary Youth and Family Centered Services of New Mexico Inc., and the treatment facility Acadia operated called Desert Hills.

The lawsuit also named the non-profit, FamilyWorks, which Desert Hills ran. The lawsuit claimed FamilyWorks placed the 8-year-old in Clarence Garcia’s care while having prior knowledge of him sexually abusing foster kids in his care. (Source.)

And this little 8-year-old girl was not the only one that suffered child sex trafficking in the Desert Hills facility, which has since been closed.

Problems with child welfare services persist after closure of troubled facility

Allegations against the residential treatment center for troubled youth were horrific: numerous suicide attempts, fights that injured both staff and kids, sexual abuse of children as young as 7.

The New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department revoked a license for Desert Hills more than a year ago and then ordered the Albuquerque center’s for-profit operators to begin shutting it down.

Seven lawsuits filed in the state’s First District Court against Acadia in 2019 allege physical and sexual abuse of kids ranging in age from 8 to 18 who were housed at Desert Hills. Two of the suits name the Children, Youth and Families Department as a codefendent.

One of the first cases filed against Acadia last year alleges a 7-year-old boy was sexually abused by older youth at Desert Hills in 2017. The complaint accuses the state agency of negligence for allowing him to be placed at the center with aggressive and severely troubled older children.

In another case, a young adult who had aged out of the state’s foster care system said he was injured three times at Desert Hills in 2017. The lawsuit said the Children, Youth and Families Department put “him at risk for being victimized.”

The problems at Desert Hills aren’t isolated problems,” Conaway said. “These are problems that occur nationally. Acadia has approximately 589 facilities and 18,000 beds. In my mind, that’s 18,000 opportunities for a child to be harmed with the system they run.”

One lawsuit alleges a New Mexico girl in state custody was raped by a staff member at an Acadia facility in Oklahoma. (Full article.)

18,000 opportunities for a child to be sexually abused in just ONE SINGLE FACILITY “HEALTHCARE” COMPANY LICENSED BY OUR CHILD WELFARE SYSTEM!!!

And there are THOUSANDS of these companies employed with YOUR TAX DOLLARS that are sexually trafficking children every single day across this nation.

And yet you think that by going to a movie and watching a fictional account of a child being sexually trafficked outside the U.S. is going to somehow bring this system down??!!

This problem of child sex trafficking in the U.S. is not primarily caused by “liberals” and “Democrats,” as the Sound of Freedom Right Wing fans are all claiming.

No, it is primarily happening because of YOU!

Those of you who call yourselves “Christians” and wag your fingers at the “liberals” while you do NOTHING to stop child trafficking right here in the U.S. with our nation’s child welfare system, which could not even survive without Conservative Christians and their “Christian” institutions that make up the vast majority of the foster care and adoption child trafficking businesses.

How many of you “Conservative Christians” who are reading this have adopted or foster children living in your home right now?

And for those who do have adopted and foster children living with you, have you ever investigated to find out if the biological family that child belonged to actually wanted them to be adopted or fostered?

Or if you were told about how “bad” your adopted or fostered children’s biological parents were that “justified” them being removed from their home by force, did you actually investigate those claims to find out if they were actually true?

In all the years I have been covering this topic, I have only encountered one investigative report that interviewed American families who had adopted children from outside the U.S., only to find out that the biological parents of their adopted or fostered child actually loved their children and never intended to give them up, and then the adopted parents did everything they could to reunite their adopted child with their biological family.

And get ready for the big surprise here, you Conservative Christians who believe that the child sex trafficking industry is all run by “liberals” and that only “Conservatives” are exposing this problem, because it was actually “liberal” CNN and “liberal” Anderson Cooper, along with his known ties to the CIA, who actually did this investigation in 2017, when everyone on the Right was too busy waiting for the next “Q” drop to fall.

Here it is:


How the Christian Church and U.S. Government Work Together to Traffick Children Worldwide Through the Lucrative Adoption Business

Thank God for the parents in this report who decided to do what was RIGHT, and give up the children they loved, knowing that their adopted child was trafficked and had a family that actually loved and missed them.

How many others are there like these children who were trafficked in their home country and then sold to parents in the U.S. where they potentially went right into the homes of pedophiles and other traffickers, just as what is happening EVERY DAY right now at the U.S. – Mexican border?

And for those of you who foster children, most of the time through your church, receiving government money from a child trafficking system, such as the one that allowed foster parents like Clarence Garcia who raped and sexually abused his foster children FOR YEARS, shame on you!!

You are part of the problem! Because of you, this evil system exists!!

Most of these children being adopted or placed into the foster care system are NOT orphans or from parents who abused them! Most of them are medically kidnapped from parents who love them.

And if you and your church actually know of a child in your own community that truly is an orphan or from an abusive situation, which is by far the minority of cases, why do you need the U.S. Government to pay you to take care of that child?

Your church or religious organization is already a non-profit, and you can simply take care of that child without participating in the evil, Satanic child welfare system!!

So now you know. You know that there are parents who have innocently adopted or fostered children not knowing how evil the system was, and did everything they could to bring that child back to their real family who actually love them and miss them.

And if you choose to close your eyes and just simply accept what was told to you to justify taking someone else’s child without investigating whether or not it was true, you will have to answer to God someday for your actions.


2-Year-Old Arizona Child Raped and Burned in Foster Care: Where is the Justice for Devani?

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