Cordell graduation with Leanna2

Leanna with her son Cordell, the only child of her 3 that was not taken away by medical authorities in Arizona.

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In a shocking interview recorded on the Robert Scott Bell Show Thursday January 29th, 2015, Leanna Smith gave details of how her two daughters were taken away by medical authorities and CPS in Arizona, and explained how her youngest daughter has allegedly been sexually and mentally abused while in State custody:

I have documentation of my daughter sitting on Darrell’s lap (during a CPS supervised visit) explaining that she “hurts down there.” I have documentation of physical, sexual, and mental abuse in state custody.. No one will protect this child who is in state custody.

While allegations have been made against the parents as a reason for removing their two daughters, apparently no criminal charges have ever been filed against either the father or the mother.

So why did Arizona take these two children away from their biological parents?

Chaunell and Jameelah smiling

Leanna’s two daughters, before they were removed from the family by CPS and medical authorities.

Medical Kidnapping Occurs to Stop Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

During this interview, Leanna explains to Robert Scott Bell how authorities in Arizona have been able to get away with taking her daughters away and covering up their alleged medical malpractice. She explains that once a child is a ward of the State, parental rights are severed and the parents can no longer sue the hospital or doctors legally, since they do not have custody of their children any longer.

“This is happening all across this country. I am just one isolated case. I hear from families all the time. Medical kidnapping is real. And until America wakes up and realizes that when a hospital makes a mistake, they have a fall back, which is Child Protection Services for that state. They can call in and stop the litigation for medical malpractice. And then if you continue to speak, a malice CPS report from the hospital, which is a criminal act… they will all retaliate against you if you turn around and sue them in federal court. And that is exactly what happened to me.”

Attorney and child advocate Beth Maloney explains that this is in fact a tactic used by medical professionals:

“As long as that child is in state custody, that hospital is insulated from a malpractice action from the parents.” (Full story.)

Robert Scott Bell: Will Parents in Arizona Start Leaving the State now Due to Fear of Medical Kidnapping?

“You know I think at this point, with Arizona in particular, because of the cases we have been covering there, unless they change this on the state level…. I think there is going to be a mass migration for families with children out of that state because of the risk of losing [their children] just for seeking out medical help when needed.” – Robert Scott Bell

Producer Don Naylor states at the end of the show that they have just “scraped the tip of the iceberg” on this story, and will be featuring more interviews covering this horrendous story out Arizona within the next week. They will be interviewing people familiar with this case, including attorneys and doctors.

Listen to the entire interview with Leanna Smith, the mother, at Epic Times.

Read the opening brief for this Civil Rights Case currently in the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, which is available to the public.

Full Story Here.

Leanna Smith’s Legal Crimes AZ Facebook Page.

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