Los Angeles Mom Watches in Horror as Medically Kidnapped Baby Taken Away by Angry Woman (Video)

Los Angeles mother Lori Ibrahim recognizes that there is an inherent need in children to be with their mother, and she is broken-hearted that Child Protective Services is ignoring that fact. Her children were taken away from her after she had a positive drug screen after giving birth to her youngest son in July. Her friends are asking how this can happen, since the only drugs that she was taking were medications that were properly prescribed by doctors. Since being in state care, her infant has bruises, and her older son is traumatized from the separation. Health Impact News spoke with Lori after a recent visit with her children. She put into words what many parents have expressed about the grief of being separated from their children and the joy of spending time with them at visits, followed by the heartbreak of having to say goodbye at the end of the visits: "It's like being admitted through the pearly gates, and then someone opens a trap door and drops you into the pits of hell. It's so unnatural and so wrong to hand your babies to a stranger and walk away from them."

Report: Illinois DCFS Needs Total Overhaul

Beset by failures in leadership and in treatment of the state's most vulnerable children, Illinois' Department of Children and Family Services is hammering out a reform plan after a panel of court-appointed experts determined the agency needs a top-to-bottom overhaul if it hopes to improve the safety and well-being of the thousands of youths in its care. The report concluded that too many children who are wards of the state are shuffled from placement to placement and forced to wait months for services. The result, the experts wrote, was an erosion of the children's "already pronounced distrust in the system." The beleaguered agency also suffers from an "absence of responsibility and accountability" when it comes to ensuring the children receive the help they need, according to the report.

Teenage Girl Speaks Out About Being Medically Kidnapped in Los Angeles

The week following Tammi Stefano's interview with Jewels Stein on the The National Safe Child show, she had Jewel's daughter Dakotah on the show to get her perspective on being medically kidnapped and alienated from her mother. This was the first time The National Safe Child show interviewed and published the perspective of a victim who is a minor, and Dakotah's mother Jewel gave her consent to allow Dakotah to appear on the show. Dakotah's inside perspective gives the public an incredible view of a corrupt system of doctors and social workers that destroys families, and she has a very powerful message she wants heard. Her story also gives hope to the hundreds of thousands other foster children currently trapped in such a corrupt system.

UCLA Medical Doctors and LA County Medically Kidnap Paramedic and Film Producer’s Daughter

Tammi Stefano of The National Safe Child Show recently interviewed Jewels Stein, a mother who had her daughter taken by Los Angeles County’s Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) following accusations of Munchausen by proxy by UCLA medical physicians. Jewels Stein is a paramedic with the Fire Department who has an extensive medical background. She works on movie sets, and she is currently producing a documentary. She raised four of her own children and two step children. On the day her 15 year old daughter was to be discharged from the hospital after a successful surgery that allowed her daughter to eat food again instead being fed by a tube inserted directly into her stomach, Jewels Stein watched in horror as they took her daughter away from her because she refused to let her be put on powerful psych drugs. She was escorted out of the hospital while still in her pajamas, and left on the street without even her car keys. This is her story that she wants the world to hear.

Los Angeles Father Who Had Son Die in DCFS Care Loses Custody of Daughter Also

Yesterday we reported the story of Jason Janbahan and how he lost custody of his 5 year old son to LA County DCFS due to a charge of "medical neglect," and then saw his son die from medical complications while staying in a foster care group home. Mr. Janbahan told his emotional story during an interview with the National Safe Child Show. On Monday September 28, 2015 Mr. Janbahan returned to dependency court in Los Angeles regarding the custody of his only remaining child, his daughter Sarah. Unfortunately for Mr. Janbahan, just months after the death of his son who died a tragic death while in DCFS care, he also lost his daughter when a judge in dependency court put his daughter into permanent placement. Before the hearing, Jason went to the sheriff's station to file charges against the social workers and county counsel alleging illegal conduct, fraud and collusion.

Medically Kidnapped Child in LA County DCFS Care Dies – Father Vows to Expose Criminal Social Workers

A report written about LA County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) revealed that during an 18 month period, of the thousands of children who were taken away from their parents and family members, 571 of them died while under the supervision of LA County DCFS. On Sunday September 28, 2015 Jason Janbahan appeared on the National Safe Child show to tell his story, and how a corrupt social service agency in LA County was responsible for the kidnapping and death of his 5 year old son. Having his son removed from his home due to a charge of "medical neglect," in spite of the fact that medical reports showed that his son was in normal health, once under the care of a foster mother in a group home, the 5 year old boy's fragile immune system deteriorated rapidly, and he died while in the custody of LA County DCFS.

LA County DCFS Continues to Allow Corruption in Foster Care System

Prosecutors have charged two executives of a Los Angeles County group home for youth in the juvenile delinquency system and foster care with misuse of public funds, embezzlement and filing false tax returns. The charges against Gary O'Neil Batchelor and Steven Bryan Smith, the financial officer and executive director, respectively, of Moore's Cottage, mark the second time in a year that the district attorney's office has alleged criminal wrongdoing within the multimillion dollar industry that county officials entrust with the care of some of Southern California's most vulnerable youth. As in the district attorney's recent case against leaders of the Little People's World group home, the alleged wrongdoing at Moore's Cottage may have festered for years as county officials ignored signs of financial mismanagement, records show.

Los Angeles County DCFS Horror Story: Baby Kidnapped for Two Years and Innocent Mother Incarcerated

Tammi Stefano interviewed Amy Duran on Friday August 28th on The National Safe Child Show. Amy is a mother who had her son taken by Los Angeles County’s Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) with the help of the Police Department. Vindictive people used DCFS and local law enforcement to kidnap Amy's son, and to put Amy into a holding cell in a detention center where she was told she would spend the next 12 years, even though she had violated no laws and was not convicted of any crimes. During this time, Amy fainted several times, and could not tell the difference between night and day as there were no windows in the cell. Amy never gave up, however. She fought back, and over three and a half years later she won her case and had her son returned to her custody. Her son was kidnapped by DCFS when he was 11 months old, and at age 4 he has now spent half of his life away from his mother and in foster care with strange people. Here is Amy's story, showing an example of how LA County DCFS does not protect children, but destroys families.

BREAKING – Illinois Social Worker Threatens to Arrest Teen Isaiah Rider When He Turns 18

In a stunning new development on the Isaiah Rider case, a social worker from Illinois told Isaiah Wednesday that if he were to decide to move out on his own when he turns 18 next week, he would be arrested. Missouri resident Isaiah Rider is not a criminal, nor is he in any way incompetent. Far from it. He is a good student with ambitions of becoming a doctor in the future. But another state is controlling his life, and a caseworker from the state of Illinois DCFS (Child Protective Services) is making it clear that there will be serious repercussions for Isaiah when he becomes a legal adult if he tries to escape the control of DCFS. The Rider family is reeling from this new revelation.

Dr. Susan Attacked by Los Angeles DCFS for Going to the Media – Pressure Put on Children to Turn Against Her

Dr. Susan, the Harvard-trained Beverly Hills doctor mom who had her 4 children taken away by Los Angeles County DCFS, is apparently being attacked for taking her story to the media. Just after publishing her story, DCFS canceled her visitation with her children, and rescheduled it. Was it so DCFS could indoctrinate her children and turn them against her? Health Impact News has exclusive audio recordings of Dr. Susan's conversations with her children during her last visitation, and they reveal once again just how corrupt DCFS can apparently become when they are determined to kidnap children. Dr. Susan's case has already been dismissed with prejudice by a judge in LA County, but DCFS used fraudulent documents to reopen the case in Appellate Court and reverse the decision, sending it back to Dependency Court in what is seen as a rogue travesty of justice by an out-of-control corrupt social service agency - the largest in the nation. Her case will start out all over again beginning Tuesday August 25th, and Dr. Susan is encouraging everyone to rally at the courthouse and protest this out-of-control corrupt agency that is destroying so many families in LA County.