Youth Welcome Center – Brittany, 16, yells: “All you need to know is that I hate this place and I hate the law!” Photo by Barbara Davidson / Los Angeles Times

LA Times


Los Angeles County’s foster care system should promptly shut down its last-resort facility for older youth with nowhere else to go and make significant new investments in the facility for younger youth, a special committee appointed by the Board of Supervisors has concluded.

The committee’s report was prompted by a Feb. 28 article in the Los Angeles Times that described an array of problems at the county’s Youth Welcome Center, including the recruitment of foster children for prostitution and workers who said the operation was spiraling out of control.

“The current situation is unacceptable for children already traumatized by abuse and neglect,” the report, which needs to be approved by the full Los Angeles County Commission on Children and Families before its recommendations are forwarded to the Board of Supervisors, stated.

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