Father Jason Janbahan appeared on the National Safe Child Show.

UPDATE 9/29/2015

Los Angeles Father Who Had Son Die in DCFS Care Loses Custody of Daughter Also

by Health Impact News

A report written about LA County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) revealed that during an 18 month period, of the thousands of children who were taken away from their parents and family members, 570 of them died while under the supervision of LA County DCFS. (Source.)

On Sunday September 28, 2015 Jason Janbahan appeared on the National Safe Child show to tell his story, and how a corrupt social service agency in LA County was responsible for the kidnapping and death of his 5 year old son.

LA County DCFS: A Corrupt Business

Jason Janbahan is on a mission to change how LA County DCFS operates, calling it a “real sophisticated business.” Jason has had both of his children removed from his custody and put into the foster care system in LA.

Jason’s 5-year old son, Jason Jr., was medically kidnapped by LA County DCFS when they questioned his medical care. The 5-year old Jason Jr. was handicapped with a thyroid disease and hypoglycemia, and a secretary that allegedly worked at the child’s doctor office complained about the father’s use of certain medications to treat his conditions, even though all the medications were prescribed by doctors. Jason was determined to be guilty of “medical neglect.”

5-year old Jason Jr. was taken into custody by LA County DCFS and put into a group foster home in Compton California. The father Jason claims that they took his child away from him with no evidence at all, and as he reviewed his case he found that the case workers had violated at least 38 California laws, including felonies. Jason states that their county immunity is not going to protect them from criminal charges committed against young children.

Falsified Charges – DCFS Lies to Cover Their Corruption


Mr. Janbahan has filed hundreds of complaints against LA County DCFS, and yet has seen no justice. He explains how DCFS is able to escape justice:

DCFS can turn around and respond to these agencies – how can you continue a case for so long? Why is this father filing so many complaints, that make a lot of sense? But yet when you respond to us that he was arrested for driving down the street under the influence of marijuana.

Tammi Stefano, the National Director of the National Safe Child Coalition and host of the National Safe Child Show asks:

Were you ever arrested for driving down the street under the influence of marijuana?

Mr. Janbahan replies:

Never in my life. I’ve never been arrested for a DUI in my existence. After this, they continued to claim, “and of alcohol.” He was arrested again, driving under the influence.

Mr. Janbahan went on to explain that he does not drink. Later he elaborates on more alleged false charges made against him:

I am in court. I’m battling for my children, tooth and nail. And I lose tremendously, based on lies. And not only am I hearing these lies being presented by County Counsel, that there’s no way on the face of this planet they can authenticate it because it is false.

I never violated a probation by carrying a firearm, I have never been convicted seven different times of (carrying) a firearm. I’ve never been on parole in my life. The multiple formats of abuse and mental gymnastics coming from this horrible company that should leave you with a smile on your face. Unfortunately I was left with the pride and joy of my existence dead.

A Father Who Asks Too Many Questions


Father Jason with Jason Jr.

Mr. Janbahan went on to explain how DCFS forcibly removed both of his children from his home and put them into a stranger’s home, someone that nobody in his family knew. This was done even though court transcripts would later show that there was no proof of any violence committed by Mr. Janbahan against his children or wife. But a children’s court found him guilty anyway, with no trial or evidence.

After doing his own investigation into the corruption within DCFS, and seeing how the department refuses to do anything about it, Mr. Janbanan states:

I am at the point where I have ordered three sets of custom handcuffs. Two of them being Smith and Wesson, and the other being a very beautiful custom German pair which I am waiting to receive. And they are all laser engraved: “Shame on you DCFS from Jason Jr.”

Mr. Janbahan then proceeded to explain why he believes that DCFS has targeted him.

Tammi Stefano:

Do you feel you were a target?

Jason Janbahan:

I know I was a target. Because day one I complained about these social workers with agencies that do respond to the discrepancies. And these agencies, according to my knowledge do their best to rectify them. Unfortunately, all it did was escalate the situation.

5 Year Old Son “Murdered” by DCFS


Jason Jr. as his father found him in the hospital.

Mr. Janbahan goes on to explain how his son died while in the custody of DCFS:

Both children are separated into two foster homes. I get a call that one of them has been hospitalized, in critical condition.

He explains that his son had been brought in 3 days earlier with scabies, from head to toe, and was now covered in scabs. He had not seen his son in months.

I go to the hospital and I am told “leave the hospital before we contact the police on you.” And I was escorted out of the hospital by their security.

I received a phone call on a Wednesday night, and I was told by the medical CSW, “this is your opportunity to see your child in the hospital. He has been hospitalized and you can see him tomorrow morning. This is your only opportunity on Thursday to see your child. Because Friday I am not working. And on the weekend I am off. And on Monday it is Martin Luther King Day. We won’t be around.  So your child has been hospitalized in critical condition. If you’d like to see him, you have one opportunity, and that’s it. Have a wonderful night Mr. Janbahan.” The guy calls me to wish me a “wonderful night.”

I go to the hospital. I received a phone call in the parking lot that my child has taken a turn for the worse. His temperature reached 108.5. The foster mother brought him to the hospital because my child was in respiratory distress. I had him in a 20 minute buterol breathing treatment daily, and hydro-cortisone stress doses, and other stress doses to help my child when he is in stress or in severe trouble.

The foster mother was unaware of every single stress dose. The foster mother shows up to the emergency room, as indicated in the emergency room medical report… I received this medical report, and on the medical report it clearly states the foster mother left my child in critical condition in the emergency room, and went home…. She just abandoned my child in critical condition without contacting me, without contacting anybody in my family. Only the social worker contacted me three days later.

My child’s condition worsened, and he was admitted to the PICU, where he was sedated, and he was medically induced into a coma.

Mr. Janbahan explains that every single medical report indicated that his child needed all the medications and treatments that were implemented by him, the father, at the recommendation of all his doctors, and yet his child was taken away from him for “medical neglect.” He was placed into foster care in a medical house with three other children in Compton California.

Mr. Janbahan:

On January 5th my child was taken to Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. The medical record dated January 5, 2015 clearly indicates the physical my child received before he was forwarded from DCFS to the foster parent. The medical record clearly indicates that my child was normal.

On January 13, 2015, eight days later, he shows up in critical condition.

Tammi Stefano asks at about the 39:05 mark in the interview:

Where is Jason Jr. now?

Mr. Janbahan responds:

My child is buried next to my dad at the Forest Lawn Hollywood. And it hurts really really bad. This is the worst thing I could ever talk about or experience in life. And no matter what, I can’t forget about it. It is something I have experienced. My child was my best buddy in this whole world. Other than my daughter, nobody on this earth that I love more than my favorite little buddy, my boy Jason. And he is gone forever.

An Angry Father Seeks Justice


Jason Janbahan explains how this incident has changed his whole perspective on life.

It’s beyond frustrating. It’s beyond upsetting. This has made me change my life around, to dissect the institutional code and law and penal codes. These county workers are violating and committing felonies, criminal acts upon innocent little children which will not be tolerated by this community, by anybody. LAPD supervisors from divisions that are surrounding my city, DA’s office, detectives – detectives are not even allowed to investigate criminal activity from a social worker. Makes no sense to me at all. If someone is breaking the law, and harming our generation and our community, harming an innocent little child?

I don’t stand for that at all. I could walk down the street right now, pick a street, and knock on any front door, and they’re going to say the same thing. An innocent little kid, with a smile on her face, just wants an ice cream or to watch a cartoon, or enjoy time and love with their family, is being taken advantage of by an adult?

Unacceptable. Especially if these adults are being caught in these ruthless acts of violence and harm.

After a very tearful recount of his son’s death, he continues:

I find no reason to let this go. When adults take it upon themselves to violate countless laws and commit criminal acts to our society and community, the correct actions of justice will take place, and these people will be regulated, and the laws will be enhanced.

And these people will learn the hard way when they think their county immunity will protect them. They are going to have to talk about that with some south siders in LA County jail. That’s if they make it to protective custody after being arrested.

Battle not Over

Jason Janbahan is in court today, September 28, 2015 at the time this article is being published, trying to stop DCFS from terminating his parental rights to his daughter Sarah, his only child left. We will update this story as more news comes in.

Watch the full interview with Jason Janbahan and Tammi Stefano:

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