North Carolina Whistle-blower Imprisoned, Daughter Kidnapped by CPS – Are Their Lives Now in Danger?

One Native American tribe’s descent from a proud heritage into lawlessness and greed has gone unchecked for decades. Until now. In 2012, Randy Davis just wanted to obtain a box of his family’s papers from his local tribal headquarters. Little did he know his questions would bring down retaliation that included his daughter being kidnapped by CPS, theft, false imprisonment, uncounted civil rights violations, his name smeared, his livelihood lost, and his life forever changed. Though the Croatan, as a people, still exist, many of its leaders appear to have sold out their birth right for state and federal largesse – not only changing their tribal name, but paying academics to eradicate the name from historical research and even illegally changing birth/death certificates. In addition to this paper genocide being perpetrated against the tribe by its own, there is federal and state fraud and abuse, and the lawless attempts to bribe, smear, coerce, kidnap and jail those members who might object or reveal the truth. And then there is the “reservation shopping” by the national casino and gambling interests who have literally stolen the Croatan’s historical records, apparently in an effort to “create” a tribe worthy of federal recognition, with the accompanying right to set up casinos, netting billions of dollars for those who control it. One man stumbled into all of this unwittingly, setting off such retaliation that he has considered seeking witness protection for himself and his daughter.

EXCLUSIVE: Corrupt North Carolina Officials Try to Silence Whistleblower Using Child Protection Services

A massive fraud cover-up in the state of North Carolina has Randy Davis fighting mad. The corruption involves senators, the NC Commission of Indian Affairs, the Coharie Intra-Tribal Council, and entire departments within Sampson County – including Child Protection Services (CPS) – where Randy lives. The laundry list of crimes, which stretches back to the 1920s, is extensive and involves everything from misuse of federal HUD and USDA funds, to virtually every civil rights violation imaginable, to a massive land grab and falsifying birth and death certificates. The whole ugly story resembles the mafia – whole generations of families in NC with multiple crimes and cover-ups. And Randy Davis not only knows everyone involved – he allegedly has hundreds of documents, audio and video to prove every bit of it. That apparently makes him a high value target that needs to be silenced. But using CPS to take his daughter didn’t keep him quiet. She has been on the run for the past year - in hiding so CPS can’t grab her to be used against her father. Three arrests on eight different trumped up charges (all eventually dismissed) and 136 days in jail without cause – all to coerce him into revealing his daughter’s location – unsuccessful. With this story – an exclusive to Health Impact News – Randy is now coming forward to tell an astonishing story of governmental abuse of power and corruption.

Native American CPS Whistleblower Goes Missing in North Carolina – Daughter on the Run

Two videos recorded the scene on the night of April 14, 2014, when Cheyenne and Randy Davis were followed for at least a mile by law enforcement, pulled over, and brutally separated by Sampson County Deputies. No reasons were given for the stop and subsequent arrest of Randy, nor the abduction of his daughter, Cheyenne. What we do know is that Randy Davis is a whistleblower on State corruption related to CPS and Native American funding. His whereabouts are currently unknown, and his daughter, who has escaped from Foster care, is on the run and hiding until she turns 18.