Randy Davis with his daughter Cheyenne.

by Health Impact News/ staff

A massive fraud cover-up in the state of North Carolina has Randy Davis fighting mad. The corruption involves senators, the NC Commission of Indian Affairs, the Coharie Intra-Tribal Council, and entire departments within Sampson County – including Child Protection Services (CPS) – where Randy lives.

The laundry list of crimes, which stretches back to the 1920s, is extensive and involves everything from misuse of federal HUD and USDA funds, to virtually every civil rights violation imaginable, to a massive land grab and falsifying birth and death certificates. The whole ugly story resembles the mafia – whole generations of families in NC with multiple crimes and cover ups. And Randy Davis not only knows everyone involved – he allegedly has hundreds of documents, audio and video to prove every bit of it. That apparently makes him a high value target that needs to be silenced.

But using CPS to take his daughter didn’t keep him quiet. She has been on the run for the past year – in hiding so CPS can’t grab her to be used against her father. Three arrests on eight different trumped up charges (all eventually dismissed) and 136 days in jail without cause – all to coerce him into revealing his daughter’s location – unsuccessful. With this story – an exclusive to Health Impact News – Randy is now coming forward to tell an astonishing story of governmental abuse of power and corruption.


Cheyenne Davis. Video recording recorded while in hiding from CPS. Source.

Meet Randy and Cheyenne

Randy Davis is a successful businessman, Chief of the Croatan Native American tribe, and a dedicated father to Cheyenne, a 17-year-old honors student.

Several years ago, an elderly neighbor of Randy’s who is also Croatan, needed some financial help. Since Native Americans in Sampson County, NC, receive all government benefits through a local governing body called the Coharie Intra-Tribal Council, Randy requested their assistance.

But he ended up with more questions than answers. Around the same time, his cousin, Maretta Brewington, a member of the governing Coharie Board, was discovering questionable practices that looked suspiciously like food stamp and Medicaid fraud.

Randy Exposes Fraud, CPS Removes Cheyenne Without Judge’s Order

The deeper they looked, the more fraud they found.

Eventually, they compiled enough evidence that Randy went to the State Attorney General, Senator Wesley Meredith and Senator Brent Jackson.

“Oh, no, not that,” was the AG’s first response as he refused to investigate since it would be a conflict of interest: “the state investigating the state,” according to Davis.

Senator Jackson ignored and never responded to Davis’ request for investigation.

As for Sen. Meredith, Davis says he later learned that the senator called the Coharie Board and reportedly asked them to help “shut him up.” The senator also reportedly told Maretta she would never see the documents they had turned over to him again, and soon thereafter coincidentally received a large, lucrative contract from a Native American tribe for the senator’s landscaping business.

So Davis took all the information on the Coharie Board’s fraud to WRAL TV, which ran a brief story on February 20, 2014 reporting $740,000 “missing” from the Coharie accounts. See:

‘We’ve got to find that money:’ NC tribe accused of misusing taxpayer funds

Within seven days of this story airing, CPS allegedly opened a case on Randy.

Within another week, they took Cheyenne.

Maretta (Randy’s cousin who had uncovered some of the fraud), who worked for the Department of Social Services, was placed on administrative leave and Randy reports she was threatened by her supervisor to stop exposing the fraud and connections between various government officials and the Coharie Board, or she would be fired.

The night CPS kidnapped Cheyenne, they also took Maretta’s 16-year-old mentally ill son as well.

The police could not provide even a single document or reason for either child’s removal. Randy reports they threatened to “fight him” if he would not bring his daughter and Maretta’s son to CPS. Watch the first two videos from the previous story Health Impact News published on Randy and Cheyenne for the firsthand evidence of what happened.

The first video shows the initial stop:

The second video shows officers assaulting and forcibly removing Cheyenne from the car and away from her father. Another adult female, along with her son, were also in the vehicle, and the officers removed her child also. There was apparently no court order from a judge to take the children into custody. The officers were simply following directions from CPS social workers. This is what we refer to as legal kidnapping in the United States today.

Warning! This second video contains graphic audio and visual materials which may not be suitable for some viewers:

Original story:

Native American CPS Whistleblower Goes Missing in North Carolina – Daughter on the Run

At the temporary custody hearing, questions and accusations revolved around Randy’s relationship with Maretta’s son, who had been recently released from a mental hospital with a diagnosis as psychotic, bipolar and a “habitual liar” by four different psychologists. The boy had confessed to raping his eight-year-old cousin as well as other crimes, which had turned unwanted law enforcement attention to the places where his crimes occurred: the Coharie Board’s property and one of its member’s home.

Randy believes they sought to implicate him in Maretta’s son’s crimes, as well as fabricate other issues related to the boy, in order to take the heat off the Coharie Board, while also silencing Randy and Maretta.

Cheyenne Kept as Prisoner in Abusive Foster Home, CPS ‘Shops’ for Diagnosis

Cheyenne’s life, already torn from her father, descended into a nightmare. Relatives who were readily available and willing to take her were apparently ignored by the court.

The foster home to which she was sent did not return her to school and blocked all her access to the outside world and her father through phone or internet. Cheyenne reports witnessing the foster mother slapping her own daughter many times, and seeing the daughter “pimping out” other foster children in the home.

The police were called multiple times to the home.

Two agonizing months went by before Randy saw his daughter again.

During that time, as he desperately fought to have Cheyenne placed in kinship care, she was being taken to psychologist after psychologist. Randy believes they were trying to get a diagnosis that would label her mentally unfit in some way so that any testimony she might have could be discredited.

But Cheyenne’s multiple psych evaluations all came back normal.

CPS: “We Don’t Need a Judge”

Finally, in late spring, the judge permitted Cheyenne to live with Andy and Pam, Randy’s cousin, and gave him unlimited access to his daughter.

The same day she was transferred to Pam’s home, CPS informed Randy there were “new allegations” and rather than the judge’s ruling of unlimited access to Cheyenne, he cannot talk by phone or in any way interact with her except for one hour per week at CPS offices.

When Randy questions why CPS will not follow the judge’s orders, Cheyenne is told by CPS:

“We don’t need a judge.”

Cheyenne was able to record much of the meeting at the CPS office, and towards the end of this clip below, a person she identifies as CPS Supervisor Jane Dudley states that because they were opening a “new” investigation, they did not need a judge’s order.

In this video by Cheyenne below, Randy Davis interacts with “over a dozen” CPS staff, including the director, in a meeting he said was quickly called to “clear up misunderstandings.” Randy asks why they are not obeying the judge’s order to return Cheyenne to himself.

Meanwhile, Randy complied with a CPS request for a psychological evaluation. The evaluation was normal, but CPS told the judge they don’t believe it’s authentic and demands another exam.

Randy reports the judge saying at the hearing on Sept. 11, 2014:

“What does this man have to do to get his daughter back?”

In a highly unusual move, the judge then required Frank Bradshaw, the DSS attorney, to hand write his orders in full, in the court room in front of him, requiring that if the psychological examination is affirmed to be accurate by the examiner, the case is dismissed and CPS must return Cheyenne to her father’s custody within 24 hours.

CPS Violates, Ignores Judge’s Orders

On Oct. 6 the psychologist affirmed the assessment as genuine. Yet Cheyenne was allegedly kept in CPS custody for another 15 days, directly violating the judge’s orders. On Oct. 21, Cheyenne was finally returned to Randy’s custody.

But it’s not over. Far from it.

Within days, Randy reports that he received a phone call from CPS telling him Cheyenne’s return to his custody is a “trial placement,” despite the judge’s orders stating he has full custody.

When CPS demands a home inspection, Randy refuses. Randy learns by accident that a trial is to be held Oct. 29 to determine whether there had been abuse or neglect of Cheyenne. Randy says he was never summoned or informed in any way of the fact that the court intended to bring him to trial…for the same case which had just been dismissed.

Tried Twice for the Same Crime??

A week after Cheyenne returned home to her dad, Randy attended what appeared to him to be a completely bogus trial, since the previous judge had already dismissed the case.

The U.S. Bill of Rights prohibits citizens from being tried twice for the same crime – but this is exactly what seems to have happened to Randy. This time, without testimony or proof, the judge decided that Randy was guilty of “neglect” but still permitted Cheyenne to stay in Randy’s custody.

But Randy knows too much, and has documentation that can expose too many corrupt officials.

Only one week passes when again, on Nov. 5, Randy received a phone call informing him that he must appear at CPS offices within three hours or face arrest.

When he arrives, he is informed that there are once again new allegations made by one of the CPS workers. Incensed, Randy tells them:

“If I’ve done something wrong, then file criminal charges!”

No charges are ever filed.

Police, CPS Trespass and Search Multiple Homes – Randy & Cheyenne Hide

Outraged at this new harassment, Randy takes Cheyenne to his brother James’ home in a different county, and intentionally calls the police to request a “welfare check” on his daughter, hoping for fairer treatment and to prove that all is well.

The police visit his brother’s home and allegedly report everything is “fine.”

Randy takes the police report that there are no concerns for Cheyenne’s safety and emails it to Sampson County CPS to inform them that there is no reason for anyone to further disturb his daughter.

But, Randy says:

“I knew they were up to something again.”

They left Sampson County for his beach house, hoping to be left in peace.

That night, Sampson County police allegedly crossed jurisdictional lines into Cumberland County. Nine police and Sampson County CPS surrounded James’ home and demanded to search for Randy and Cheyenne.

Allegedly, no warrant or paperwork of any kind was provided. The same night, the police reportedly also surrounded and searched the homes of Randy’s cousin Maretta, Pam, Andy (Cheyenne’s kinship foster parents), and Randy’s home.

Arrest Warrants Issued for CPS Directors, but Sheriff Threatens Randy

Randy’s brother immediately files trespassing charges in Cumberland County on Nov. 11, and the Magistrate, recognizing the validity of James’ claims, swears out three arrest warrants on the Sampson County DSS Director, Sara Bradshaw, as well as the CPS Director and the Foster Care Director.

The next day, Nov. 12, Sampson County Sheriff Jim Thornton allegedly called Randy and demanded:

“Bring Cheyenne to CPS or I’ll bring charges against you.”

Randy, after enduring repeated civil rights violations and lawlessness from county officials, refuses and hangs up on the sheriff.

Sheriff Thornton swears out three warrants on Randy for “obstructing an officer, obstructing justice and resisting” – because Randy allegedly hung up the phone on him.

District Attorney Ignores Lawless CPS, Randy & Cheyenne On the Run

Cheyenne and Randy Davis

Cheyenne and Randy Davis during happier days.

The following day, Nov. 13, the District Attorney, Frank McQuaide, disposes of the Cumberland County warrants against the Sampson County officials.

Apparently jurisdictional overreach and trespassing is legal in his district.

It is obvious to Randy that the system is stacked against him, and the corrupt officials want to regain custody of his daughter in order to keep him quiet about their activities.

For the next four months, Randy home schools Cheyenne while hiding at his beach house and various other places in and out of state.

SWAT Gear, Military Grade Tracking Without Federal Warrants

Determined to find Randy and Cheyenne, Sampson County police reportedly returned to Randy’s brother James’ house on Dec. 5 in SWAT gear and body armor.

James protests and demands they prove they have Cumberland Sheriff’s approval before he will agree to another search. When the call is made, the Cumberland Sheriff’s response is a vehement:

“Get away from James’ house!”

In response, the Sampson County police allegedly said that they had “pinged Randy’s cell phone” at James’ house.

This type of high-tech cell phone tracking technology requires a federal warrant. According to Randy and his brother, the police had no such warrant, nor any legal authority to search. The Sampson County Sheriff will later admit under oath that he “might have” used this technology to locate Randy, despite the lack of a federal warrant.

Bond Set $9500 Over Legal Limit

After several months in hiding, Randy pays his bond for the obstruction of justice charge (for hanging up the phone on the sheriff) in Feb. 2015.

The bondsman informs him that the legal limit for a bond on this charge should only be $500, but it has instead been set at $10,000.

Randy pays $3,000 and is told:

“Something’s not right over there in Sampson County. You need to subpoena those guys.”

Cheyenne In Hiding, Randy Held in Jail Without Bond

Randy attended court March 4th for the criminal trial on the obstruction of justice charge for which he had already paid bond. The judge finds Randy guilty of hanging up the phone on the sheriff and sentenced Randy to the maximum of 45 days in jail – without bond.

However, Randy is informed that if he’ll tell them where Cheyenne is they will let him go. But Cheyenne was in hiding, and out of reach of corrupt Sampson County officials.

Randy Kept in Jail Without Cause – Unless He Will Identify Cheyenne’s Location

Within three days, Randy filed an appeal and the judge set bond at $1,000, which Randy paid several days later.

What happened next seems unthinkable.

After Randy pays his bond, the bailiff allegedly begins walking him back to jail.

“Where are we going?” Randy says he asked.

He is informed that there is a “secret order” and he must remain in jail. That is, unless he’ll tell CPS where Cheyenne is hiding.

How could this happen in America?

Citizens cannot be randomly held in jail without specific charges and due process according to the rule of law and the Constitution. Yet Randy is incarcerated for a total of 136 days….until July….apparently without cause.

Hearing that her father is in jail, Cheyenne posts a YouTube video on April 2015 saying she is well and safe, but that her dad should be released.

In May, despite obstruction and all other charges against Randy being dismissed, Sampson County officials allegedly would not release him from jail.

In July, after months of legal wrangling, Randy is finally released from jail, with no probation and clear of any charges.

However, the judge adds multiple restrictions to Randy’s release, requiring that he live in Sampson County and spend every night in that county.

These requirements, Randy notes, are unconstitutional. He has appealed these restrictions to the state Appellate Court.

Cheyenne Remains in Hiding for Fear of Retaliation by Corrupt Government Officials

As of today, all charges have been dismissed against Randy, and he has full custody of his daughter.

However, Cheyenne remains in hiding. They fear if she should reappear, the whole corrupt circus of lies would begin again.

Here is a recent video she posted on Dec. 17, 2015:

Despite the incredible measures taken against him, Randy is unbowed, and determined more than ever that the truth of the Sampson County and Coharie Board’s fraud and cover-ups be brought to light.

Randy and Cheyenne’s story includes so many alleged forms of government abuse and even lawless anarchy it is difficult to recognize this could even be possible in America. Power and money, coupled with a virtually complete lack of accountability have allowed corruption to flourish, making CPS in Sampson County nothing more than a way to silence those who would speak out, according to Randy.

Health Impact News and will continue covering this story.

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