Cheyenne and Randy Davis

Cheyenne with her father Randy Davis before their separation. Image source: Reunite Cheyenne Davis Facebook page.

by Health Impact News/ Staff

Whistleblower’s Daughter is Terrorized, Detained, and Kidnapped

The following two videos recorded the scene on the night of April 14, 2014, when Cheyenne and Randy Davis were followed for at least a mile by law enforcement, pulled over, and brutally separated by Sampson County Deputies. No reasons were given for the stop and subsequent arrest of Randy, nor the abduction of his daughter, Cheyenne.

The first video shows the initial stop:

The second video shows officers assaulting and forcibly removing Cheyenne from the car and away from her father. Another adult female, along with her son, were also in the vehicle, and the officers removed her child also. There was apparently no court order from a judge to take the children into custody. The officers were simply following directions from CPS social workers. This is what we refer to as legal kidnapping in the United States today.

Warning! This second video contains graphic audio and visual materials which may not be suitable for some viewers:

Cheyenne was placed back into foster care where she had previously reported abuse at the hands of her alleged care takers. Randy ended up in jail without being charged, and although the judge authorized his release, the Sampson County Sheriff decided that Randy would be detained further after his daughter, whom he had not seen since that night, escaped from her foster home.

The sheriff allegedly decided that Randy knew Cheyenne’s whereabouts and that he could hold him until he disclosed her location.

How is this allowed to happen in America?

On the surface it appears to be another horribly routine abduction by state authorities across the country vying for federal funding by placing children into foster care while removing parental rights and making these children wards of the state—much like the abduction of Isaiah by Illinois DCFS when he actually resides in Missouri:

See – Fight Rages for Teenager Isaiah Rider’s Freedom – His Mother Commits “Cardinal Sin” Of Questioning Doctors

Also see – BREAKING – Illinois Social Worker Threatens to Arrest Teen Isaiah Rider When He Turns 18

However, when one looks into the story behind Randy and Cheyenne Davis, you will learn that they are Native American Chaotan Indians. This is important to know.

Biological Parents Viewed As “Red Tape”?

When CPS takes a child, the parents no longer have a right to determine who, how, or with what their child will be treated, or if the treatment is actually necessary in the case of medical kidnappings—leaving medical researchers an open opportunity to push experimental drugs into the hospitals and clinics without objection.

These children are often given experimental drugs in adult dosages and a lot of the drugs are not recommended for children under the age of 18 years. Drug companies can get around parental ‘red tape’ by serving up these cocktails to state wards whether medical treatment is actually needed or not.

A second child was also taken in these videos—he too was abducted while kicking and screaming out in terror. We are not sure who he is, nor where he was taken. But it is clear that these children are being traumatized and placed in unfamiliar surroundings. In many of these situations, they later being diagnosed with emotional disorders, while the cause for these disorders is blamed on innocent parents rather than the blatant abductions. These children are then treated with experimental drugs.

However, if an Indian child is taken from a reservation it generates even more federal money.

How Many Native Americans Does It Take to Fund A State Government?

In South Dakota the magic number is 750 per year according to reports from Lee Stranahan on Tammi Stefano’s radio show which aired August 7, 2015. More interesting was the idea of ‘special needs’ children generating a greater amount of revenue. Of course, Stranahan connected the dots, citing George Bush’s declaration that all Lakota Native American children should be deemed special needs because they all failed a racially biased test that was based in Texas.

Daniel Sheehan of the Lakota Law Project states:

The Department of Social Services makes up 53% of the entire budget for the state of South Dakota every year, right on the backs of the Native people.

Just how much money North Carolina generates from abducting Indian and other children is still being determined.

It is far too easy for state agencies to come in and take your children based on CPS’ inability to determine abuse from hospital rhetoric designed to parallel abuse and give custodial and experimental rights to hospitals which then are paid by pharmaceutical companies to administer their product—approved or not.

Taking Cheyenne was a bit different—not the fact that they took her, but the alleged reasons behind her abduction. What Randy claims is that his daughter, Cheyenne, was kidnapped, and that Cheyenne’s mother was used as the catalyst for her kidnapping when she repeatedly called from an undisclosed location.

Randy also believes that Cheyenne was taken in retaliation for his many ‘whistle-blower’ articles about corruption in Sampson County, North Carolina, and its footprints that lead straight to Washington D.C.

The smoke that follows these seemingly vindictive and retaliatory abductions is more likely to focus observers’ attentions on the abductions themselves which leave readers believing that something had to be wrong with the parents because, naively, most Americans believe in America and all it stands for, and find it hard to believe that these children were taken without reason.

Cheyenne and Randy Davis

Father and daughter on a family outing. Image source: Reunite Cheyenne Davis Facebook page.

Randy and Cheyenne were planning a family day when they were visited several times by the Sampson County Sheriff’s Department according to a report published on

 “… officer…explained that he was there to do a ‘welfare check’ on Cheyenne. When Cheyenne asked him who called for this welfare check, the officer advised, ‘Your mother, Theresa Davis.'”

Mr. Randy walked in the room to see this happening and asked Cheyenne to call her mother, as he had already talked to her mother once earlier in the day and he was clueless as to why this was happening, and so was Cheyenne. The Sampson County officer stated there was no need to explain, but Mr. Randy insisted that Cheyenne call her mother and the officer listen, which he did.

Cheyenne asked her mother why she was doing this silly business and Theresa Davis said,

“Because everybody down there is calling me and telling me how your Daddy is crazy and out of his mind and that it is worse than before.”

Cheyenne asked who

“everybody” was, who was calling Theresa. Theresa Davis refused to answer as to who “they” were.”

Following this incident Randy and Cheyenne left their home and were eventually followed and stopped, leading to Cheyenne’s abduction and Randy’s incarceration (see videos above).

North Carolina Doesn’t Want Their “Dirty Laundry” Aired – At Any Cost

Randy refused to be quiet about corruption and his family was allegedly detained by the Sampson County North Carolina Sheriff’s Department as a result. Cheyenne also refused to be quiet about her abuse while in foster care. Randy was arrested and placed in jail while his daughter was placed back into foster care, where she eventually escaped.

This doesn’t appear to just be a case of a placement because her father is being incarcerated and her mother had already lost custodial rights. It does not appear to be a case of ‘just doing one’s job.’ This case was allegedly founded on solicited false allegations and hearsay in order to keep Randy from exposing additional corruption and little known to Theresa Davis, her calls would put her daughter on the run.

Has anybody seen Randy since he was hauled off to jail and accused of concealing his daughter’s whereabouts after she escaped from foster care?

Cheyenne intends to stay away from North Carolina until she reaches the untouchable age of eighteen. Randy hasn’t seen his daughter since the night of the video and it’s said that he told the Sheriff as much. It’s hard to believe that law enforcement would go to such lengths to stop someone from exercising their Constitutional rights.

If what Randy says is true, then Cheyenne was a double bonus. Scaring the father into silence by taking the daughter, while getting more federal money during the process appears to be the potential solution in this case.

Refusing to be silenced, Randy Davis has given up his freedom. Yet, he has still exposed additional mechanisms used to control people who speak up about what’s wrong in the country—CPS, police, sheriffs, state, county, and federal agencies, and tribal councils.

Refusing to become a part of the protective services system, Cheyenne vows to stay away from North Carolina until her eighteenth birthday. She won’t allow herself to be abused or manipulated. She is strong and resourceful.

Cheyenne Davis

Cheyenne Davis, still in hiding from Sampson County CPS says, “I am where I am because I want to be here, I’m here of my own free will and I’m well outside North Carolina agency jurisdiction.” Image source YouTube video: Copy of CPS Exploitation Movie Trailer by Cheyenne Davis.

Who is Randy Davis, the Whistle-Blower Ruffling Feathers?

Randy Davis is a Native American Chaotan Indian who was last reported to be living in Sampson County North Carolina. His Facebook page says he likes fishing, Chuck Negron, and documentaries like CPS, and a film called “Persecuted.” Randy is much like you. He likes what he likes and he doesn’t like what he finds inhumane.

Here you are—exercising your rights—when, unknown to you, there is a target on your back. Randy was a bit of a conspiracy theorist. He wrote articles for Watchdog Wire. Randy was a whistle-blower who was not afraid to speak his mind, or expose corruption where he found it. He wrote several articles on corruption and misappropriation of funds and ‘ideas,’ referring to his written comments on November 1, 2013, when he wrote the article entitled:

DC Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton Instructs Indians on racial slurs?


On Wednesday October 30, 2013, Farrell Howard and I, both Croatan Indians from Sampson County, attended the Sirius XM Radio’s Madison Show in Washington, D.C. We made the five-hour trip to D.C. because I was invited to be a guest at the Urban View Roundtable with Joe Madison’s “Washington Redskins: What’s in a Name?”

We are very grateful and thankful to Madison and Sirius XM Radio. It was an opportunity for the Croatan Indians of Sampson County to be heard; something our Democratic and Republican officials and representatives in North Carolina have denied us for the past two years.

I disagree 100% with both of Norton’s assumptions. US government involvement in Native American affairs has historically shown the reverse of the intended government “help.”

Even now in North Carolina, government programs and NC Commission of Indian Affairs are the problem, not the cure.

See the full article and many more by Randy Davis here.

Whistleblower Says NC Misappropriating Funds – Money Doesn’t “Go Missing”

Randy would go on to say that his input into this meeting to which he was invited would be ignored by those who sat on the panel. This was the panel trying to determine if Native American Indians had been insulted by the use of the team name applied to the Washington football team—the Redskins. Randy stated he wasn’t insulted by that, but was insulted by Bin Laden being referred to as being like Geronimo by President Obama.

Over the next eighteen months or more Randy Davis would write several additional articles about the state of North Carolina, the government, and missing funding. Here’s where it gets tricky. Missing money. Money does not go missing. Everybody knows what to do with money. You spend it. Someone didn’t spend the money earmarked for housing use on the North Carolina reservations on the housing and Randy wrote about that too, in an article titled:


Randy Davis reported that over $740,000.00 were unaccounted for. Read the full report at:


Money is strange. Everybody wants it, but no one will admit to having it. Randy reported this alleged corruption under the guise of a 501c3 and refused to let the matter be swept under the carpet. Although he himself is a Native American, he claims that this Coharie nation only recently came into recognition and the two nations Coharie and Choatan were combined, but still recognizes his Choatan heritage. (The State of North Carolina recognized the Coharie in 1971.) See here.

That’s two different groups of people Randy Davis has alienated by choosing to exercise his first amendment rights rather than ignore the world around him.

Randy continued to speak out…

GOP Sen. Jackson Ignores North Carolina Native Indians’ pleas for justice


NC: Coharie Leaders intimidate Special needs child of whistleblower

after time,

DC Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton Instructs Indians on racial slurs?

after times…

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NC: Governor Pat McCrory Embraces Convicted Felon who says “We Can Sway Election” (video)

Video: Lumbee Federal Recognition bill writer advises Tribal Council to Violate Federal and NC law

Read all of these stories and more at WATCHDOG.ORG

Exposing Racketeering One Day, Feel the Consequences the Next

Randy Davis angered a lot of people for disclosing what he believed to be the truth behind their politics. This created a Rico type of vindictiveness that permeated across boundaries.

The Rico Act was implemented to reprimand and defend those seemingly unrelated entities who conspire to defraud for different reasons, but with the same goal and intention:

It is this factor of continuity plus relationship which combines to produce a pattern.” S. Rep. No. 91-617, p. 158 (1969) (emphasis added). Similarly, the sponsor of the Senate bill, after quoting this portion of the Report, pointed out to his colleagues that “[t]he term ‘pattern’ itself requires the showing of a relationship . . . . So, therefore, proof of two acts of racketeering activity, without more, does not establish a pattern . . . .” 116 Cong. Rec. 18940 (1970)  (statement of Sen. McClellan).

See also:

id . , at 35193 (statement of Rep. Poff) (RICO “not aimed at the isolated offender”);

House Hearings, at 665. Significantly, in defining “pattern” in a later provision of the same bill, Congress was more enlightening: “[C]riminal conduct forms a pattern if it embraces  criminal acts that have the same or similar purposes, results, participants, victims, or  methods of commission, or otherwise are interrelated by distinguishing characteristics and are not isolated events.” 18 U.S.C. § 3575(e). (Source.)

Under the far-reaching influence of the RICO statute, an enterprise or person can be convicted of and face charges for racketeering in any territory or possession of the US, allowing the act’s authority to be exercised across all state lines as well as in areas such as Guam and Puerto Rico.

Those charged under the law face fines, imprisonment, or both, as well as the mandate to surrender to the federal government any enterprise and assets acquired by means of racketeering activity. Under this set of penalties, the federal government is not only able to prosecute crime syndicate bosses, but to prosecute criminal associates as well as seize the actual operations beneath them. This enables the statute to deal a considerable blow to the entirety of a corrupt organization. (A racketeer is someone who is involved in multiple criminal enterprises.) (Source.)

In legal terms, racketeering refers to conducting a business, or business activities, in an illegal manner or by using illegal means. Sometimes the entire business itself is illegal, such as drug trafficking, child pornography, or human trafficking. In other examples, however, the business itself may be legal, but the tactics or practices used in the business are illegal, such as extortion or money laundering.

There are a number of crimes that may be part of an illegal enterprise, such as loan sharking, theft, and embezzlement, as well as bribery, counterfeiting, and kidnapping. Embezzlement and obstruction of justice appear on the list, as do mail, wire, bankruptcy, and securities fraud. (Source.)

Some will say that it is Randy’s fault that his daughter is on the run, and he was incarcerated, but others will recognize conviction and an uncontrollable direction towards ‘truth.’ Still others will recognize that the truth sets us all free.

Cheyenne has several videos on the web expounding on the corruption taking place within the North Carolina CPS. The videos show her father discussing the issues and CPS trying to ignore the issues about his daughter’s detention.

See one of Cheyenne’s self released YouTube videos (below):

“Help Me Get Back To My Dad”

Whistleblower’s Daughter Escaped, Still on the Run

The judge had already stated that Cheyenne was to be released from custody, yet North Carolina was still holding on to her and intervening much the same as was done to Elissa Maple (See her story here.) and Isaiah Rider.

Randy and Cheyenne Davis are two resourceful and intelligent people. They are not afraid to speak the truth, despite what that truth is costing them. Wherever Cheyenne is, she is safe. But in North Carolina, where is Randy Davis?