Parents Protest Medical Kidnappings in Michigan

Parents in Michigan traveled to Ann Arbor Michigan this week to protest medical kidnappings, where doctors conspire with Child Protection Services to take children away from parents based solely on a doctor's opinion of "medical abuse." The protest took place at the University of Michigan Board of Regents.

Michigan Family Traumatized by CPS in Medical Kidnapping of Twins

Let me tell you, there is nothing worse than being accused of abusing the kids that you would lay down your life for. I knew we never hurt our kids, as they are our whole reason for being, so what was wrong? I would have these moments of complete devastation and outright panic in the reality of what was happening. I remember being in CVS one day and the reality of the State of Michigan wanting to terminate my parental rights hit me. I became paralyzed and sobbed uncontrollably thinking I was going to collapse and trying to figure out who I could call to come get me. This on top of the countless nights I cried myself to sleep in Tony's arms. Everything we do is for them. How this could be happening to us was beyond my comprehension. Was it really necessary to show up at my house with 3 police officers unannounced and traumatize my kids forever? How does a system set up to protect the children not take into consideration the fact that what they are doing potentially causes an irreversible emotional damage that nothing could repair?

Medical Kidnapping of Twins Reported in Michigan

WDIV in Detroit Michigan is reporting on a medical kidnapping in Novi Michigan (outskirts of Detroit). The parents of 5 children, including two premature baby twins, appeared in court today after police and CPS removed all 5 of their children from their home last night. Many members of their community turned to support the family, saying the children were being taken away from loving parents. Doctors found injured ribs on one of the twins, but the parents say it is a result of brittle bone disease. The mother was told to pump her breast milk because she can now only see her babies twice a week.