Chicago Boy Medically Kidnapped for 20 Months Back Home – Family Strives to Overcome Trauma

It has been two years since "Baby Malik" was returned to his family. It has been a long journey of helping him to overcome the harm from being taken by Child Protective Services and Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago, but his grandmother Lakisha Tanna says that they can finally "function like a normal family again." Malik just started K-5 kindergarten. He is doing well now, but that didn't happen overnight. He was out of his family's custody for 1 year, 8 months, and a day. All that time in the custody of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) had a lasting impact on him, and it wasn't good. He came home with a great deal of insecurity, afraid to let Lakisha out of his sight. There were times that Lakisha was afraid that he would never come home, and times that she feared for Malik's very life. She thanks God that he is safe now. The public attention brought to their story by Health Impact News made a big difference, she believes. As long as DCFS and Lurie Children's Hospital were able to operate in secrecy, there was no accountability and they were able to do whatever they wanted with Malik, including perform multiple experimental surgeries on him without his family's consent. To this day, Malik's story remains one of the most horrific stories we have ever covered of medical abuse under Child Protective Services custody. Because our readers became involved in making phone calls and writing letters, holding the hospital and DCFS accountable, Malik was finally returned home.

Medically Kidnapped Teen Isaiah Rider Finally Free from Child Protective Services but Ruined Lives Remain

Isaiah Rider is finally free. The Missouri teen was taken captive by Illinois DCFS (Department of Children and Family Services) more than 2 years ago when his mother challenged the doctors at Lurie Children's Hospital when her son was in pain and not being helped by the doctors there. Isaiah and his mother Michelle Rider have been living in a nightmare ever since that horrible day on April 15, 2014, the day when DCFS kicked Michelle out of the hospital and seized custody of Isaiah. Now, that chapter is over, and they are beginning the difficult task of putting their lives back together. When an innocent family wins against Child Protective Services, it can feel like a hollow victory. It is, as Team Isaiah states, "bitter-sweet." It cannot be compared to winning a victory in a ballgame, or a race, or an election. It is a victory after fighting the hardest battle in a family's life, a battle that never should have happened in the first place. So much has been lost. As one mother told Health Impact News after winning such a victory: "How do we celebrate after our lives have been ruined?" The question remains: What are we going to do about it? Are we going to work to make sure that what happened to Michelle and Isaiah Rider stops happening to other families? Medical Kidnapping is wrong, and it needs to end.

Isaiah Rider Chicago Court Hearing Monday – Supporters Pray They Will Let the 18 Year Old Go Free

There will be a court hearing in Chicago regarding the case of 18 year old Missouri resident. Even though he is now an adult, Cook County DCFS, their child protective system, still retains control of his life. Supporters are calling for Illinois to "Free Isaiah Rider!" They invite the press and supporters to attend the hearing, which takes place on Monday, March 21, 2016, at 1:30 pm, at 1100 S Hamilton, Chicago, Illinois, at the Juvenile Court in the courtroom of Judge Nicholas Geanopoulos. Supporters have been very frustrated with the fact that Isaiah Rider is now an adult, but the Illinois DCFS will not free him to live his life. Isaiah himself has pleaded, to no avail, for the system to let him go. He wants to be able to live his life without their interference.

Judge Rules that Baby Malik Taken at Chicago Hospital is to Go Home

Lakisha Tanna is ecstatic. She has been fighting Illinois DCFS for her now 3 year old grandson Malik Mitchell for more than a year and a half. The family has been desperately concerned for his well-being and his very life, because they believe that Lurie Children's Hospital has been conducting human experiments on the little boy. In a court hearing on Tuesday, July 7, 2015, the judge reportedly said that, "This case has been going on too long. It is past time for Malik to go home." Malik is going home.

Medical Kidnapping in Chicago: DCFS Does Not Want You to Know What They are Doing to 3 Year Old Malik

Malik Mitchell turns 3 years old today, but he will not be celebrating his birthday at home with his family. Instead, he is still stuck in the Illinois Child Protective System, where he has been for more than a year and a half, away from his family. DCFS seized custody of Malik on December 6, 2013, after his grandmother, who had legal custody, asked for a second opinion about his medical care. Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago had already performed numerous surgeries on his tiny body, and Lakisha Tanna wanted to know if there were other options for her grandson. The final court date to permanently remove custody is Tuesday, July 7, at 1:30 pm at the Juvenile Detention Center, 1100 S. Hamilton, Chicago. The State does not want the public to know about this, as they have issued a gag order on the family, and have told Health Impact News to take down our stories about Malik. We will not comply. Instead, we are encouraging the public to take action!