malik birthday

Lakisha celebrated Maliks 3rd birthday Sunday. Now she is celebrating victory – he is coming home! Source: For the love of Malik Facebook page

by Health Impact News/ Staff

Lakisha Tanna is ecstatic. She has been fighting Illinois DCFS for her now 3 year old grandson Malik Mitchell for more than a year and a half. The family has been desperately concerned for his well-being and his very life, because they believe that Lurie Children’s Hospital has been conducting human experiments on the little boy.

In a court hearing on Tuesday, July 7, 2015, the judge reportedly said that,

“This case has been going on too long. It is past time for Malik to go home.”

Malik is going home.

malik smirk

Malik on his birthday Sunday with his family. Source: For the love of Malik Facebook page

Lurie Children’s Hospital Reported Lakisha When She Asked For a Second Opinion

Their horrific ordeal began during Lakisha’s efforts to provide the best possible health care for her sick grandson, for whom she has been the legal guardian since infancy. He was born with a medical condition that resulted in his small intestine being surgically removed, known as short gut syndrome. When he was just 6 days old, he was transferred to Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, Illinois.

At the time, Lakisha believed that Lurie was the best hospital for Malik to receive the care he needed. He spent his first 8 months in the hospital, and had 4 surgeries. Lakisha began to question the quality of care that he was receiving and sought to get a second medical opinion, something that she believed was not only the right, but also the responsibility, of any good parent.

Malik in hospital

Baby Malik in the hospital. Source: Tanna family.

Lurie Children’s Hospital apparently didn’t see it that way. Similar to what the same hospital did to Michelle and Isaiah Rider, someone at Lurie reported her to DCFS (Illinois Child Protective Services), who lost no time in seizing custody of baby Malik.

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Lakisha has been battling the system for him ever since. During that time period, Malik has had 4 additional surgeries, including a recent one that was the same as one that they performed twice before without improving his condition. Family and friends feared that the baby was being subjected to unnecessary medical experimentation by Lurie Children’s Hospital. Legally, children who are wards of the state can be entered into drug trials and medical experiments without the knowledge or consent of their parents.

Surprise Testimony from DCFS Supervisor

Tuesday was to be the final court hearing over custody of Malik. Since their story was originally published on, supporters have made phone calls and written letters asking for him to be sent home. Many readers have stated that they are praying for the family.

Lakisha reports that she had peace going into the courtroom. She knew that people all over the country were praying for justice. She says,

“Everything worked out great.”

A DCFS supervisor reportedly took the stand. This was the same supervisor who previously testified in the first hearing that Malik should become a ward of the state. Her testimony was apparently not what either Lakisha or the GAL (guardian ad litem) expected. Based on her interactions with Lakisha over the past year and a half, which she said were always respectful, even though they disagreed, she reportedly testified Tuesday that it was “in Malik’s best interest” to go home to his family.

DCFS Focused on Lakisha Taking Her Story to the Public

DCFS allegedly tried to discredit Lakisha by saying that she has demonstrated instability, irresponsibility, and psychological problems by taking Malik’s story to the media. has reported that the court issued a gag order against Lakisha Tanna, and that they have demanded that we remove his story from our website.

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In Tuesday’s hearing, the state’s attorney again allegedly made the fact that Lakisha talked to the media a focal point of their allegations, but the judge made it clear that his main concern was Lakisha’s ability to care for this child.

Foster Mother Speaks Out to

A foster mother who has cared for Malik has spoken up on his behalf. She says that she was punished by Lurie Children’s Hospital when she took him to a different doctor. Lurie reported her to DCFS as well, when she crossed them. She wrote to

They filed against me when I was Malik’s foster mom because I brought him to another GI doc. Luries wasn’t happy that Malik was doing so well.

Odd isn’t it? I spoke up! I voiced my concerns on their objectives with Malik not a week later DCFS was at my door because the social worker called saying it was medical neglect. Since when is the social worker also a MD?

They did the same thing to me they did to Lakisha. Everything was hush hush and secretive why?????? They wanted Malik for a reason, Jesus himself would not have been good enough. The doctor and her staff are incompetent. They are NOT team players and lie to cover their oh so obvious ignorance. Who suffers for this? MALIK! Does he look neglected to you? Reader Shows Up in Support

Lakisha told us that a reader came to court to support them, but she was made to wait outside the courtroom. Amena Brock wrote on For the love of Malik Facebook page:

“I may have been the only supporter that showed at today’s last trial, but spiritually I was not alone. I share the same concern that many people have about seeing a health professional in the first place. Will best health practices be made in all of my concerns, and will I be well informed of them properly? Will I be treated fairly? Should I fully trust someone that is making monetary gain off of my healthcare/other… whereas I or my child pays the repercussions of their paid decisions for possibly life? No man should fear that they need a legal advocate when speaking to a healthcare professional, or asking for another opinion… or worst-case ending up a ward of the state to be open to such medical experimentation. I can say this whole heartedly: no system or person that is being paid for someone else’s care is going to do so unconditionally like an unpaid loving family member. They would not allow me pass the court room doors, but I can say this – they did side in the case of Malik Mitchell for the grandparents. May this never happen to anyone again!”

Judge Rules: Malik Is Going Home

After hearing all the testimony, the judge has ruled that there is no reason why Malik Tanna should not be going home, and that this is to happen.

Malik is currently in what Lakisha describes as a “shelter-like facility,” where he was discharged to after his latest surgery by Lurie Children’s Hospital. He is in a room with many other children. The other children have trachs and cannot talk. She says that Malik is the only one who can talk. He will be staying there for a few more days while paperwork and arrangements are made to bring him home.

Finally, Lakisha and her husband’s visits do not have to be supervised. There is a meeting scheduled for Monday to transition, and Malik Mitchell should be home by Wednesday, July 15, which is 1 year, 7 months, 1 week, and a day since the state of Illinois seized custody of him on December 6, 2013.

Interestingly, DCFS petitioned the judge to allow 6 to 8 weeks for this transition to occur. Lakisha is thankful that the judge denied that request. She says she has to wonder if that is all about the money that would have been made by Malik if he had remained in that facility.

They have also asked that Lakisha continue to be monitored and receive the counseling services and psychological evaluation that have been approved, allowing for DCFS to get all their reports completed. Lakisha reports that her counselor said a year ago that she didn’t need the service, but DCFS insists that she continue to receive that service. The judge has allowed a continuance until October for the completion of these items.

Malik and Lakisha

They will be reunited soon! Source: For the love of Malik Facebook page

According to Lakisha’s paperwork, Malik Mitchell is no longer a ward of the state, and no longer in DCFS custody.

The family gives glory to God, and thanks everyone who wrote letters and emails, made phone calls, prayed, and got involved on their behalf. Without public support and prayer, Lakisha has no idea if things would have turned out the way they did.