Judge Orders Terrorized Toddler Medically Kidnapped from Parents over Medical Marijuana Use Returned to Family’s Custody

On September 4th, 2020, Sophia Rosas from the state of Washington, had one of her babies ripped from her arms for the third time in 2 years. First, her oldest Zurius, in November 2018, after an accident resulted in a broken arm and CPS involvement without a trial. Her second son, Riley, was removed at birth in November 2019 - for the mere reason that there was an open case with Zurius.  Then, less than two months after Riley had been returned home in July of this year, he was ripped from her arms once again.  This time over his parent’s medical marijuana use in legal Washington State. September 9th, 2020, there was a Shelter Care Hearing for Riley in front of Commissioner Matthew Cluclas, was also Live Streamed on the support page. Joni McDairmant, and the Assistant Attorney General on the case, Bret Smith, continued with the argument that the parents were not fit to have Riley returned because they both tested positive for Marijuana in a recent UA, and Sean had tested positive for alcohol.  But the judge condemned the actions of CPS and Riley’s removal, although he didn’t send him home to his family like many feel he should. Instead, Commissioner Clucas ordered that Riley be placed back in the care of Monica, his previous caretaker, or his paternal grandmother, by 1 p.m. that day. Although it isn't exactly what Sean and Sophia wanted, which is the immediate return of their baby, essentially it was still a big win. But it was obvious that the toddler was terrorized by the experience of being separated from his family. Once he was home with her, Monica stated: “Riley does not want to be put down and left by himself, which is not like him at all. Now he screams, like terror screams. So I’ve just been rocking him to sleep. He won’t even stay in his bed. He wakes up several times, and every time I lay him down after he falls asleep, he wakes up and cries hard. So I just hold him in the recliner all night so he can sleep.”

Washington Couple Harassed Over Medical Marijuana Use – Children Kidnapped and Allegedly Scheduled for Adoption

For the last two years, 22-year-old Sophia Rosas, and her 23-year-old fiancé, Sean Kilkenny, have been living a nightmare in Bremerton, Washington. Like so many other families in this country, Sophia and Sean have been subjected to the corruption of Child Protection Services. Between assessments and services that never get done because social workers fail to schedule them correctly or won’t accept them, and unending demands for such services, the delay tactics of corruption are full blown in this family's case. What started as a freak accident for 2-year-old Zurius, during a fun activity with his mom’s fiancé, Sean, has turned into these parents’ worst nightmare. Almost two years of jumping through fiery hoops of unnecessary assessments and services, on the threat of losing forever the most precious treasure in their world - their children - Sophia and Sean have finally had enough. They can see the track they are on currently will only lead to adoption of both children, and these young parents are now desperate for help to save their family.