Newborn Kidnapped from Hospital at Birth in Alabama Returned to Parents After 2 Years

Baby Avyonna was a newborn nursing at her mother's breast when Alabama social workers seized her from the hospital and placed her into foster care almost 2 years ago. Now, finally, she is home with her parents Haly Boothe and Anthony Lett. She was taken by Shelby County Department of Human Resources (DHR) just 3 days after she was born. There were no allegations of abuse or neglect. Avyonna was taken because DHR said they had a pick-up order. Social workers believed they had the right to take the new baby since the department already had Haly's other 2 children Haydn and Ka'Myia in custody. During the course of the family's involvement with DHR, it became clear that the department had been planning all along to adopt Avyonna out. It was never about anything that Haly or Anthony did or didn't do. It was a foregone conclusion that the people who were adopting her siblings would adopt Avyonna as well. It was not until media attention from Health Impact News began to shine the light on what was happening with Shelby County DHR that there was any progress toward getting Avyonna home.

Reporter Relates First-hand View of Corruption and Child Kidnapping in Alabama Shelby County Court House

People in Alabama connected to the Prince family story that Health Impact News has been reporting on since the seizure of the new-born baby born to a 14 year-old alleged rape victim while still in the hospital, have reported to us that everyone they have met has now heard of this story. The stories we have published in regards to Alabama DHR's apparent attempt to destroy the Prince family have been read by hundreds of thousands of people, with the first story we published having well over 1 million views alone. Given the population of Alabama, it is safe to assume that the majority of the residents are familiar now with this story. When people walk into retail stores, stop to get gas, etc. - everyone is talking about this story and has heard about it. And yet, the local media is not reporting it. Many have written to us explaining that they are afraid to do so, such is the perceived reign of terror DHR holds over the population, with their seemingly unlimited power to seize children away from families without even having a court order or warrant. One person has visited the courthouse in Shelby County themselves to see if these types of allegations are true. Below is a record of what they saw. For obvious reasons, this person wants to remain anonymous.

Alabama DHR Continues to Destroy Family of 14 Year Old Rape Victim

"They just make it up as they go along." That is what more than one person told Health Impact News about Alabama Shelby County DHR's treatment of the Prince family. Friends of the family were horrified when DHR seized the baby of Dee and Rodney Prince's 14 year old granddaughter in June. While the man accused of raping her sits in jail accused of raping 3 other underage girls, the young mother and her twin brother have also lost their freedom and remain in DHR custody. The latest developments have the family reeling. Their older sister Haly and both of the 14 year old twins continue to suffer at the hands of Shelby County's Child Protective Services, under the Department of Human Resources (DHR).