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People in Alabama connected to the Prince family story that Health Impact News has been reporting on since the seizure of the new-born baby born to a 14 year-old alleged rape victim while still in the hospital, have reported to us that everyone they have met has now heard of this story. The stories we have published in regards to Alabama DHR’s apparent attempt to destroy the Prince family have been read by hundreds of thousands of people, with the first story we published having well over 1 million views alone. Given the population of Alabama, it is safe to assume that the majority of the residents are familiar now with this story. When people walk into retail stores, stop to get gas, etc. – everyone is talking about this story and has heard about it.

And yet, the local media is not reporting it. Many have written to us explaining that they are afraid to do so, such is the perceived reign of terror DHR holds over the population, with their seemingly unlimited power to seize children away from families without even having a court order or warrant.

One person has visited the courthouse in Shelby County themselves to see if these types of allegations are true. Below is a record of what they saw. For obvious reasons, this person wants to remain anonymous.

Observations in a Shelby County Courthouse

by Anonymous Reporter

Friday, I wandered into the Shelby County Courthouse to see what was going on as this has been a hotbed of media excitement as Shelby County DHR has been accused of baby stealing for no reason and unwilling to return the babies because of posts on “social media”.

My first observation was a court official informing a young black man that his judge had seen him in the hall and informed court personnel that his attire was not appropriate in HIS courtroom. As a bystander and reporter for many courthouses across the state, I was perplexed as to the disdain of this clean, respectable young man’s attire. Even at this particular courthouse, I have seen much worse. Clean-cut, light blue polo shirt, khaki pants while not to the floor, not considered shorts by any means. I watched the family scramble to go find a pair of pants for this young man.

Upon further investigation, the Judge who issued the order that he not appear in HIS courtroom was none other than Judge Corey Moore, the newly appointed, not yet ever elected, judge in Shelby County.

As there was no docket that could be found, I assume that this particular hearing was a confidential Juvenile hearing. I can only assume that this nice-looking, young, quiet, black man was here to fight for his child, or fight to prevent DHR from removing him/her from his care. While parties entered the courtroom, witnesses were left outside, laughing and snickering about the parents in the courtroom. Apparently they were there to be called as witnesses as to every move the parents made, at the request of DHR.

Supervised visitation is nothing more than people hired by DHR watching every move a parent makes, being viewed under a microscope. These DHR paid “supervisors” cannot be viewed as unbiased witnesses, as they know who signs their checks. In small communities, DHR is BIG BUSINESS.

I think of my own small children at home, the mistakes I made and MAKE daily, thinking how I might feel if every move was watched, recorded and reported to an entity who is supposed to protect children and provide parents the services to successfully parent their own children. This doesn’t seem to be the goal. This adversarial system which seems to be more concerned with the length of a young man’s pants than his true ability and desire to parent his child. While he seems to have a Village of support from family and friends, this observer heard that DHR would not allow any help from family. He had to prove that he could live alone, work, I am assuming for minimum wage as he is a young man, and jump through whatever hoops DHR and this judge deems appropriate to allow him raise his own flesh and blood.

This reporter will not pen my name to this article as I fear for my own children at home, a late night knock at my door claiming that there was an anonymous call to DHR that I was neglecting my children. “We were told that you are abusing drugs and your children are in danger, if you don’t submit to a drug test right now, we will put your children in foster care tonight.”

That doesn’t happen, you say. Oh yes, it does, too often; and it will continue unless something happens in Alabama changing the abuse of power that DHR deems as appropriate in order to “protect children”. A DHR which has been said to be “out of control” by many in Shelby County Alabama, even those who are paid by the State and will only whisper their disgust “off the record” for fear of retaliation against their own children and grandchildren.

Sadly, this is not a problem specific only to Shelby County, Alabama but has become an epidemic threatening our entire country. As for the man with the new pants, I do not know how his day ended, was he reunited as DHR insists is their goal of children with fit parents? I have no idea as I was not able to stay because I had my own children to pick up from my sitter.

But as I write this, I have a dream, a dream that one day a man is not judged by the length of his pants but by the content of his character.