Former County Administrator, CPS Board Member, and Pastor’s Wife Sentenced to Prison for Child Sex Trafficking Involvement

Laura Lloyd-Jenkins, the former Toledo, Ohio County Administrator and board member of Lucas County Children Services, has been sentenced to a prison sentence for her involvement in a child sex trafficking scandal involving three Ohio pastors, one of which was her ex-husband. Lloyd-Jenkins pleaded guilty to charges of lying to federal investigators regarding what she knew about her ex-husband and two other pastors in a child sex-trafficking case involving a teenage girl associated with their churches.

Doctor Destroys Ohio Family with Shaken Baby Syndrome Accusation

Virginia Mount was a stay-at-home mom to two beautiful boys. She lived a normal and happy life with her boyfriend and two sons, Jace, 15 months old, and Colten, three years old. In their recreation time they enjoyed fishing, sailing, picnicking, and simply relaxing and playing together. On November 11, 2015, Jace stood up on top of the sofa. As he came tumbling down onto the floor, his arm broke and the whole world he lived in with his family, shattered to pieces. After the fall, as she waited in the Nationwide Children’s Hospital waiting room in Columbus, Ohio, Virginia felt as if time had frozen. Initially, she didn’t think the fall was very serious. After all, it was just a tumble. But when he was transferred from their local hospital to this one, Virginia felt a knot form in her stomach. At that point, though, her greatest fear was merely that Jace would have to endure the physical pain of an injury. She had no idea that her entire family was about to be destroyed, that both her sons would suffer the devastating trauma of losing their families, possibly forever, and that she would be incarcerated for a crime she did not commit.

Ohio Parents Disagree with School Over ADHD Diagnosis – Lose 7 Year Old Son to CPS

His parents say that he is just a normal, imaginative little boy; his school says that he needs mental health help. After Christian Maple was called to pick up his 7 year old son Camden from school following an incident, Christian and his wife Katie had a long talk with their son to find out what exactly was going on. As parents, they know their son better than anyone, and they addressed the situation at home. They thought the matter was settled. It should have been over. But it wasn't. It got much worse. The next morning, staff at Bowman Primary School in Lebanon, Ohio, demanded to know the content of the Maples' conversation with their son. Christian did not believe that was their business to know the details, and he and Katie chose to reject the primary school's opinion that they needed to have Camden evaluated and treated by psychologists. The school reported the Maples to Child Protective Services. Eight police officers later surrounded the family's house and took 7 year old Camden away from his home and his family. Instead of the state respecting the Maples' fundamental right to parent their child and make medical decisions for him, CPS has seized custody of Camden and accused his parents of neglecting his mental health. The Maples are still reeling in shock, and are now fighting to get him back home.

Ohio Social Workers and Attorneys Criticize “Chaotic and Tyrannical” Judge for Abducting Children

A Cuyahoga County magistrate who removed a newborn from her parents last month after a mother drank marijuana-based tea for pregnancy pains chronically oversteps her legal authority in child custody cases, according to county children services workers and attorneys. County attorneys objected to Magistrate Eleanore Hilow's order to take Nova Sanford from her parents after her mother agreed to not use marijuana. Workers found the baby was in no danger living with her parents, Hollie and Daniel Sanford. Attorney Joseph Jacobs, who represents the family, has asked Hilow's boss, Juvenile Court Judge Thomas O'Malley, to overturn her order. Another hearing in the case is set for December. Jacobs called Hilow's courtroom "chaotic and tyrannical" and said her "unreasoned, ill-tempered and punitive decisions" were "wreaking havoc on families throughout Cuyahoga County."

Two Sisters of Homeschool Family in Ohio Removed from Parents During Hospital Visit

Homeschool mom Hildy Straightiff took her two daughters (ages 12 and 13) to a hospital in Ohio because their ketone levels had become too high. Both of her daughters suffer from Type 1 diabetes and are at risk for Diabetic Ketoacidosis, requiring them to watch their ketone levels. While in the hospital, Child Protection Services in Clinton County had a judge remove custody of her two daughters, and she was not allowed back into the hospital. The girls' grandparents were allowed to stay in the hospital for a couple of days, but then both girls were separated and taken to different foster homes, to live in a place where they had never been before with people they had never met, while the grandparents and parents helplessly watched their lives take a dramatic turn. Hildy Straightiff was told she had "mental health problems" and was not able to take care of her diabetic daughters. In order for the father to receive permission to bring his daughters home, CPS ordered the mother, Hildy, to leave their home. Hildy had a visit with her daughters on August 3, 2015 and said that her oldest daughter Taylor was in tears when she said, “Mommy, I hope that someone will help so we can be together again.”

Ohio CPS Destroys Family of 5 Children – Parents Acquitted of Any Wrong Doing

Chris and Kathy Butner of Ohio answered their door one day and found two policemen and Child Protection Services there to take away their 5 children. They asked "why," but no explanation was given. They were told that "everything was going to be just fine." They reportedly complied with everything CPS told them to do, and CPS allegedly told the parents that reunification was the goal. But their children were apparently being told by their foster parents that they were going to be adopted. They were frightened, and their parents told them not to worry, as they would soon be home. Originally accused of Munchausen by Proxy, Kathy says the court later found no evidence of abuse or medical neglect. But apparently that did not matter. Their visits to their children were cut off, and the children were adopted. Chris and Kathy have been told there is nothing that can be done for them now that they have been adopted, and that they should just move on. They ask, "How? Could you just move on?" Kathy still hears her oldest son saying, “I thought you made me a promise?” Those words don't go away for Kathy and her husband. There is no closure for them. Not a day goes by in that home that was once filled with their children’s laughter where the silence continues to take over their minds. Their children have now been led to believe that they have stopped fighting. They want their children to know they have not stopped fighting, and they will not give up.