Michigan Forces Mom of Medically Kidnapped Teen to Sleep in Car – Issues Gag Order to Keep Story out of the Media

Wednesday was a very disappointing day for a medically kidnapped teenager in Michigan and her family. Leiani McMichael, her mother Rebecca Campos-Santana, their family, and supporters all over the nation hoped that the Oakland County Family Court would allow this family to be reunited at last. Their hopes were dashed when this did not happen, and Rebecca is now being gagged from speaking out about the injustice that her family continues to experience. This hearing and gag order is the latest development in a heartbreaking story that began when previously healthy 16 year old Leiani became sick in February 2015. She had numerous doctors appointments and tests to find out what was causing her abdominal pain. One surgery left her in worse shape than she was before. When a hospital gave her medicines to which she was allergic, the mishap left her in a coma. Instead of acknowledging the mistakes, Leiani was accused of making it all up. She was labeled with "conversion disorder," and her mother was accused of Munchausen by proxy, and later "medical neglect." A judge ordered Leiani to be reunited with her family earlier this year, but only on the condition that her mother move out of their home. With all available funds going to pay for attorneys, there was nothing left over to pay for a hotel. As a result, Leiani's mother sleeps in her truck, even during the cold Michigan winter.

Michigan Teen Medically Kidnapped and Placed in Juvenile Detention Facility as Her Health Deteriorates

Last year Leiani McMichael was an honor student, artist, and a varsity swimmer at her high school. She was a good kid with a great life. Now the Michigan teenager's family fears for her life. The 17 year old was seized from her family by Child Protective Services on November 4, 2015, after the University of Michigan Mott's Children's Hospital called CPS and accused her mother of Munchausen by Proxy. The family and supporters believe that Mott's is trying to cover up their poor care of Leiani. Doctors and social workers are blaming the teen for her debilitating illness, but her mother, Rebecca Campos-Santana, insists that there is no way this is all in her head - it's in her digestive system. Currently Leiani is being held in Children's Village, a juvenile detention center. Jennifer Torres is the foster care placement specialist, and she has allegedly told the family that Leiani is at the juvenile detention center because there is currently no "safe place" to send her that can provide medical care. She has allegedly told the teen that she is never coming home, and that she cannot get out of the facility unless she gets out of the wheelchair, because the "good" foster families aren't wheelchair accessible.