Native American Teen-age Girl Medically Kidnapped by State of Missouri

How does a teenager being held against her will by a man turn into her being taken from her parents by Child Protective Services and being held against her will in a group home? How can a system allegedly allow such a man to make false reports to the police about the parents, and he is the one who goes free, while her parents watch in horror as police and CPS kidnap their daughter from them hours after they rescue her from her assailant? The Daltons are members of the Children of the Four Winds Tribe, part of the federally recognized Six Nations, and they are fighting back legally in the courts. Leaders in the Six Nations have vowed to take this all the way to the Supreme Court if they have to. They claim injustice is happening to a Native American family, and their sovereign tribe is not happy. Their daughter just wants to come home, where she can feel safe again. She stated: "The best place for me right now is at home with my family, where they can protect me."