Rosemary KaSandra

KaSandra Dalton. Photo courtesy Dalton family

by Health Impact News/ Staff

How does a teenager being held against her will by a man turn into her being taken from her parents by Child Protective Services and being held against her will in a group home? How can a system allegedly allow such a man to make false reports to the police about the parents, and he is the one who goes free, while her parents watch in horror as police and CPS kidnap their daughter from them hours after they rescue her from her assailant?

The Daltons are members of the Children of the Four Winds Tribe, part of the federally recognized Six Nations, and they are fighting back legally in the courts. Leaders in the Six Nations have vowed to take this all the way to the Supreme Court if they have to. They claim injustice is happening to a Native American family, and their sovereign tribe is not happy.

According to the blog, “War on Corruption,” the first to address this story, it is “one that defies all logic, rationality, and law.” (Story here and here.)

Their daughter just wants to come home, where she can feel safe again. In a letter dated October 12, 2015, KaSandra pleaded with authorities to hear her voice:

The best place for me right now is at home with my family, where they can protect me.

It All Started with an Argument Over the Teenager’s Cell Phone

KaSandra Dalton is 16 years old – pretty, smart, and athletic, and a fairly typical teenager in that she doesn’t always do what her parents want. Some guys dropped her off at her home on the evening of August 11, 2015, after she spent the night with one of her best friends. They didn’t stick around to answer any questions when KaSandra needed assistance to get into the house. She told her mom that she hurt her leg playing soccer.

Rosemary and William Dalton, KaSandra’s parents, checked her leg, but didn’t find any swelling. Rosemary wanted her to go to their doctor to get it checked out, but KaSandra told them that she didn’t need to go. She was texting on her phone while she argued with her parents. Rosemary reports that she wasn’t acting right. She told her daughter to give her the cell phone, but KaSandra tried to hide it under her leg.

When her father got ahold of her phone, he was alarmed to find some inappropriate content, including messages that turned out to be from the 3 young men who had dropped her off earlier, injured. He tried to call the people she was talking to.

KaSandra was upset and went to her room. Her dad told her that he would take her to the doctor when she decided she was ready to go, while Rosemary headed to the store for a part to fix the plumbing issue she had been working on when her daughter came home. By this time, it was around 10:30 pm.

Rosemary K side view

Photo courtesy Dalton family

Teenager Goes Missing

Less than an hour later, William called his wife to tell her that KaSandra was not in her room – she was missing. Rosemary immediately headed home, and they called friends and 911. Officer Gresco of the Woodson Terrace police department came out to help search, but the Daltons continued to search after the officer left. William scoured his daughter’s phone looking for clues. He took a couple of his sons and found the neighborhood where the car was that had dropped off KaSandra earlier that evening.

Found at a Man’s House – They Beg Her Mom Not to Press Rape Charges

He went door-to-door asking for the owner of the car. Around 4:30 am, he found the right house, that of Mohammed Cisse, an adult male, age 20. At first, they reportedly refused to let her out, but about 20 minutes later, KaSandra came out of the house crying. Mohammed’s father came out to try to talk to William, but he refused to talk to him. He asked to talk with the mother, so Rosemary spoke with him on the phone. The first words out of his mouth were:

I am so sorry. I didn’t know she was 16. Please do not press statutory rape charges against my son.

William headed home with his daughter, very thankful to have found her. They notified Officer Gresco, who met them at their house. He took KaSandra aside to talk with her. At that time she was walking on her injured leg, and told the officer that it wasn’t hurt bad. She told him that her parents had yelled at her earlier, and that she had been mad about the phone.

Her parents later discovered that she had called a friend to pick her up after her mother left for the store. That friend told Mohammed, and Mohammed was the one who picked her up. KaSandra thought he was going to take her to her girlfriend’s house, but he refused. Instead, he drove her around town, and into the next county, then back to his house. She said that she repeatedly asked him to take her home, but he refused, holding her prisoner against her will. She later referred to her father picking her up as him “rescuing her.”

Her mother says that her daughter looked “shocked” and “traumatized.” She had a look of shame about her, and gave off many behavioral indications of having been victimized. But, Rosemary was never given the opportunity to try to help her daughter process what had happened.

Officer Gresco left the house at 5:36 am.

Her Attacker Calls Police on Her Parents!

One minute after Gresco left, a call allegedly came in at 5:37 am to the police reporting that a child welfare check was needed on KaSandra. The caller reported that her parents had abused her. The caller was allegedly Mohammed, who was parked down the street from the Dalton home, watching everything.

Five police officers showed up at the house, not including Officer Gresco. They didn’t have a warrant, and reportedly became hostile when Rosemary asked for the warrant that she has the Constitutional right to demand. They had their hands on their guns, and there was screaming. The police demanded that KaSandra be taken to the emergency room at St. Vincent DePaul Hospital for medical care for her leg.

KaSandra had just been telling her mom before the police arrived that she didn’t need to go the doctor, and Rosemary had just told her that she was going to take her to their doctor at 8 am, when their office opened. But the police allegedly wanted none of that, insisting that she go immediately, because they had a report that she needed medical care.

KaSandra Terrified When She Sees Mohammed Outside Her Home

When KaSandra looked outside, she “turned white as a ghost – terrified,” reports her mom. She saw Mohammed sitting outside between two police cars. The frightened girl demanded:

THAT’S your source??

She had already been through a very traumatic night, and the officers were quite forceful in their demands. She agreed to go to the hospital as long as her mother went with her. Her mother’s pleas to go to their doctor, who was a specialist, reportedly went unheeded. By that time, she says that she had figured out that it was an ACL injury, and she needed a sports medicine doctor.

They forced me to go against my knowledge on sports injuries and made me take her to an E.R. that was not a specialist which resulted in medical neglect on their part.

Doctors Ignore Parent’s Requests

When they got to the hospital, Rosemary asked for 3 things from the E.R. doctors:

  1. For them to examine her leg
  2. A rape kit, because at this point, Rosemary didn’t know what had happened to her daughter while she was missing, and
  3. A psychological evaluation, because KaSandra was obviously traumatized after her ordeal

None of those things happened. Instead, at around 7:15 am, the police called the E.R. doctor to tell him about Mohammed’s allegations, ignoring the fact that Mr. Dalton had just rescued his daughter from the man. Over the course of the next few hours, Rosemary was forced out of her daughter’s room. The staff was forbidden to tell her anything. They allegedly ignored everything that both Rosemary and KaSandra told them, instead, taking the word of her abductor.

Rosemary K black and white

Photo courtesy Dalton family

Without a court order, CPS came in, and for the second time in less than 24 hours, KaSandra Dalton was kidnapped, and held against her will. Her parents were taken to the police station and interrogated.

Medical Neglect? By Whom?

According to a police report, the police had been dispatched:

for a Check the Welfare of a juvenile that possibly had a broken leg and it was reported her parents were refusing to take her to the hospital and/or seek medical attention.

KaSandra had only been back in her mother’s care for 23 minutes when the police came with that allegation. It was after 5:00 in the morning, and the doctor her mother wanted to take her to wouldn’t open for another couple of hours. Yet, CPS alleged medical neglect on the part of the Daltons.

The E.R. told KaSandra that her leg was fine, that nothing was wrong. They did not do an MRI. Another doctor would later diagnose a broken tibia on September 3.

Later, on October 11, KaSandra was taken back to the E.R. The doctor there discovered that her leg never healed from the injury in August, and said that she should have been seen then by a sports medicine doctor and orthopedist, just as Rosemary had said from the beginning. She needs reconstructive surgery, but CPS is still not addressing this, even now. Her ACL is injured and her meniscus is torn. Rosemary reports:

The doctor said he can’t see a break but her leg is now permanently damaged and [she] will never be able to play sports again. The Dr. also stated this was medical malpractice and medical neglect on the hospital, the E.R. … the Dr. who treated her and social services for not making sure she had proper care.

Additionally, KaSandra has been bitten by bedbugs, and has gotten lice and scabies – all from the group home that CPS placed her in. These have reportedly remained untreated.

What Actually Happened That Night?

It remains unclear exactly what happened the night that KaSandra tried to go to her best friend’s house and Mohammed kept her from returning home. Instead of pressing charges, the police instead called CPS on the family. The hospital allegedly refused to do a rape kit after Mohammed made his false allegations against the Daltons, and police allegedly never investigated the incident. However, some things are very clear.

It was obvious to her parents that KaSandra was very frightened of Mohammed by the time her father found her. The 16 year old minor was allegedly kept against her will in the home of an adult, opening Mohammed up to charges of statutory rape and kidnapping.

Mohammed sent some very brazen and disturbing text messages to the young lady and her parents after the incident, and they took screenshots. In one sent to KaSandra’s father, he bragged that he took her virginity, actually using the word “took,” implying non-consensual action:

… when I go to the courtroom I will not lie use this message do as u pleased we had sex I took her virginity …

The Daltons are still unsure whether he actually raped their daughter, or if this is simply very creepy talk.

In another series of texts with KaSandra’s mother, Mohammed made some threats, including a vow to force KaSandra into marriage and “make her Muslim”:

Rosemary screenshot of Muslim marriage 3

Source: Screenshot of text sent from Mohammed to KaSandra’s mother.

Stalked While in Foster Care – Even at School, But CPS Doesn’t Stop It

KaSandra’s attacker has not left her or her family alone since she was taken from her family. The Daltons are quite upset that Child “Protective” Services is failing to protect their daughter.

Rosemary reports that she met Mohammed in May, and that KaSandra knew him from school. However, a friend of the family who is part of the Muslim community warned them that they should stay away from Mohammed, because he was a “bad Muslim” who gives Muslims a bad name. Rosemary says that she learned that is code for “radical” or “dangerous.” She told him then that her daughter was just 16 and that he needed to stay away from her.

Since the day of KaSandra’s abduction, he continued to text her and stalk her. The Daltons sent Health Impact News screenshots of numerous texts where KaSandra repeatedly told him to “Leave me alone.” He has threatened her, parked in front of her school several times waiting for her to come out, and called her all sorts of vulgar names. He has reportedly tried to run her brothers off the road and has thrown things at her house. Over and over, she has pleaded for him to leave her and her family alone, to no avail:

Weeks and weeks of telling him to leave me alone, that I don’t want to see him or talk to him.

On 2 separate instances, Mohammed reportedly tried to forcibly take her from her school. On September 24, he allegedly dressed in all black, sneaked up on her, and tried to grab her. Fortunately, her brothers and school security stepped in and stopped him. Undeterred, Mohammed allegedly tried again on September 30. This time her grandmother and other family members allegedly stopped him.

Why are No Charges Pressed Against Mohammed?

Despite confirmation from the school that he did this, CPS has refused to take steps to protect KaSandra from this man, and both CPS and the police have refused to press charges. All of this has happened while she has been in the custody of Child Protective Services and living in a group home. She doesn’t feel very protected.

In fact, when KaSandra’s parents asked that CPS take out a restraining order, they refused. Even the school reportedly requested a restraining order, to no avail. So the Dalton’s filed one instead. The Deputy Juvenile Officer [DJO] reportedly wants it to be dismissed, and Mohammed has allegedly retained a lawyer over it. Yet, he continues to stalk and harass KaSandra.

One has to wonder – does he have an inside connection within the police department who is protecting him? Or could it be that, since the Ferguson riots, area police are reluctant to make any charges against a black man, even if the situation clearly warrants it? These are questions that people close to the situation are asking.

Rosemary reports that there may indeed be a racial element based on her family’s Native American heritage. She says that the Chief of Police told her years ago that “We don’t want your kind here.”

Past Victimization of Dalton Family by CPS

Seventeen years ago, the Daltons had another encounter with CPS, one which didn’t end well, and which also seemed to defy reason. Rosemary’s 2 1/2 year old son broke his arm when his young cousins were trying to “help” him out of the car. She took her firstborn to the same hospital that the police compelled her to take KaSandra to 17 years later – St. Vincent DePaul Hospital. It is the same police department, and the same court.

The police investigation at the time did a full investigation, and they were ruled “exceptionally cleared.” Yet, that did not stop CPS from terminating all parental rights (TPR), citing that they “may have” abused the child. Some very questionable events occurred at that time:

  • The judge in the case never actually heard the case. The case was heard by the commissioner. Yet the judge reportedly signed off on the TPR on June 4 – almost 3 weeks before the TPR hearing on June 20, 2000.
  • CPS told Rosemary and William that they needed to divorce if she was to get her son back.
  • Even the social worker and GAL at the time reportedly recommended reunification, because there were no grounds for TPR.
  • Dr. Dean Rosen, the psychologist who testified at the TPR hearing, stated that Rosemary was “too immature” to have her child returned home. This was based on the fact that the young mother, who was 8 months pregnant by this time with her 3rd child, wore a Mickey Mouse maternity t-shirt to her psychological evaluation, ignoring the basic psychological principle that parents matter to their children.

The Daltons never got their son back, until he became an adult. He was adopted by the foster family, who reportedly abused him, leaving him bruised from head to toe and beating him. He aged out of the system on August 25, 2013, and found his mother. He came home in September, and has been home with his biological family ever since. The family was finally reunited.

Rosemary Kids by fence

Rosemary’s children reunited. Photo courtesy Dalton family

CPS seemingly did him no favors by taking him away from his family, yet now they are going after his younger sister.

Scholarship Opportunities up in Smoke?

Prior to Mohammed and CPS’ involvement, KaSandra had a promising future. The high school junior has always had good grades, and is an honor student with numerous awards. She had been taking AP classes and college courses. She has been very involved with sports, and she was on track to receive scholarships for college.

Now, her parents wonder what will happen to their daughter’s dreams. KaSandra wants to be an engineer, and needs scholarships for college. Since she has been in CPS custody, her grades have been slipping. The group home allegedly forbids her access to the Internet to do her homework. She says that the facility is a “prison-like place.”

Allegations of Abuse Found Not True, So Why Isn’t She Home?

Besides allegations of medical neglect, Mohammed also:

alleged abrasions, lacerations, blaming, verbal abuse, threatening, bruises, welts, red marks, and other physical abuse or injury.

This is according to a report from Social Services to Rosemary Dalton dated September 3, 2015. According to this report, investigators figured out that the injuries did not come from her parents, as alleged. The family has reported all along that all of her injuries happened with Mohammed. Her leg was injured playing soccer, but KaSandra was with Mohammed and her friends at that time, not her family.

The report concludes:

This case has been found unsubstantiated as the evidence does not support the allegations but preventative services will be put into the home.

Why? This make no sense to anyone in the Dalton family. CPS has refused to return her to her home, and will not even allow her to be placed with family. Despite the fact that there are “tons of family” willing to let her stay with them, the report states:

There has not been any family members approved for kinship placement.

Tribe Steps In – Finds Daltons Innocent

Because the Daltons are Native American, the Constitution provides them protected status. As we have found within a number of medical kidnapping cases, laws in the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) have been ignored by the family courts. In a petition to the court, Rosemary Dalton testifies that she filled out the proper form for ICWA laws to apply, but:

When I told Tiffany Lewis [social worker], (CD) that she must follow ICWA laws she said she did not have to because she is a social worker.

Federal and state law make it clear that Lewis’ alleged assertion is incorrect. She and the rest of CPS is required to obey ICWA laws; yet, they apparently have not.

The Children of the Four Winds, their tribe, is a tribe within the federally recognized Nation of the Six Nations. They claim that Social Services has acted outside of their jurisdiction. They have investigated the evidence and found the Daltons innocent of charges.

We as the tribunal have had already three hearings based on facts of evidence not lies by Tiffany Lewis [the social worker] nor cover up and concealed information from Sara Renschen [the DJO].

The Six Nations Prepared to Press Charges, Taking It to the Supreme Court If Necessary

The tribunal is demanding from the State of Missouri court that the minor child be returned to her natural parents. If this does not happen, they vow to:

press charges in the National Federal Supreme Court and will hold all individuals in Contempt of this Court Order will be punished under the Titles listed below.

These include charges against the DJO and CPS of Concealment, Conspiracy Against Rights, Deprivation of Rights, Ransom, Hostage Taking, and Neglect to Prevent.

Title 42 USC Section 1986 – Neglect to Prevent – Tiffany Lewis and DJO Sara Renschen does know that Mohammed has shown up at minor child’s school after school was out and tried to force minor child into his car. Any Judge with common sense would know that a 20-year-old male going after a minor child that is a female is trying to groom the minor for his own needs and wants. Making this 20-year-old male a sexual predator and should be listed as one.

How You Can Help

Rosemary Dalton has long been a strong voice for families. In February 2015, she founded MAFA LLC – Mothers Against Family Abuse – to help and advocate for other families who have suffered injustice at the hands of CPS. Now, she and her family are in need of support. Friends have set up a Facebook page for supporters to follow their story and help – Reunite Rosemary Dalton’s Family.

Rosemary FB page

Governor Jay Nixon is the governor of Missouri, and he may be reached at (573) 751-3222, or contacted here.

Kevin Washburn is the Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs in the U.S. Department of the Interior. He may be reached at (202) 208-7163, or contacted here.