Pennsylvania Navy Veteran Mom Loses her 7 Children Because She Moved them out of a Moldy House

A Navy veteran is in the fight of her life to get her 7 children back home and out of foster care. While Roxanne Binkley was having to move her family from hotel to hotel after finding that their rental home was making them all sick, Child and Youth Services of Pennsylvania (CYS) stepped in and seized the children in January 2016. When Roxanne realized that her children were becoming sick because of the condition of the rental house, she sought to get her children out of the bad environment. That is not the way that CYS of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, sees it. In their petition to the court, CYS accuses Roxanne of being “unable to assure the children’s safety and well being.” Roxanne explained that she works very hard to feed her children appropriate diets that accommodate gluten intolerance and type 1 diabetes in her children without making anyone feel different because of it. She prepares meals from scratch and uses ingredients that are healthy for everyone. The children's dietary needs are reportedly not being met now that they are in foster care. At the time the children were taken into state care, Lorna - age 7 - was being treated for MRSA but was nearly through the medicine and was healing. She also has type 1 diabetes, which in Roxanne’s care was kept in remission with a proper diet. After being in the state's care, Lorna had to be hospitalized for her diabetes, which is back and now she has to take insulin daily. Her diet is not being observed. She has been traumatized by the hospital stay. In addition to the lack of proper diet, the children have been forced to have vaccines against Roxanne’s will and against her religious exemption, which is allowed in the state of Pennsylvania.