Binkley children

Binkley Children. Photo supplied by family.

by Health Impact News/ Staff

A Navy veteran is in the fight of her life to get her 7 children back home and out of foster care. While Roxanne Binkley was having to move her family from hotel to hotel after finding that their rental home was making them all sick, Child and Youth Services of Pennsylvania (CYS) stepped in and seized the children in January 2016.

When Roxanne realized that her children were becoming sick because of the condition of the rental house, she sought to get her children out of the bad environment.

That is not the way that CYS of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, sees it. In their petition to the court, CYS accuses Roxanne of being “unable to assure the children’s safety and well being.” The petition alleges that the children:

missed school due to medical issues that are not confirmed by medical provider. Transient family-moving from hotel to hotel. She is struggling to provide for their basic needs. Absent effective preventative services foster care is the planned placement for these children. Continuation in the home is contrary to safety, welfare and best interests of the children and placement in foster care is necessary.

7 Children Seized because Mother Moved them out of a Moldy House

Roxanne and her children began experiencing odd symptoms after moving into a rental home. She discovered that the house that had an unclean ventilation system which wasn’t properly filtering the fiberglass particles from the insulation. Particles of fiberglass and hidden mold were everywhere. The children became sick with fevers, skin rashes and skin pain that turned out to be infections from hidden mold and particles of fiberglass that had gotten embedded in their skin.

When Roxanne went to a doctor to try to figure out what was causing the mysterious rashes, the secretary in the doctor’s office called CYS to report that Roxanne seemed to be “schizophrenic” because she was picking at her skin on her arms. However, Dr. Riptinski documented the fact there was actually glass in the skin on her arms. Subsequently, the case worker Cindy Corning met with the children and unfounded the report. Unfortunately, that accusation was enough to get them into the system.

After that, another report was made by the ex-wife of Roxanne’s partner who claimed to CYS that the children were not eating. A school principal was interviewed who said that Lorraine Gutierrez was the new investigator. The children were all picked up without warning from their schools one afternoon and taken into the state’s custody.

Children Have Medical Problems which Allegedly Worsen in State Care, Vaccinated Against Will

Roxanne explained that she works very hard to feed her children appropriate diets that accommodate gluten intolerance and type 1 diabetes in her children without making anyone feel different because of it. She prepares meals from scratch and uses ingredients that are healthy for everyone.

The children’s dietary needs are reportedly not being met now that they are in foster care.

At the time the children were taken into state care, Lorna – age 7 – was being treated for MRSA but was nearly through the medicine and was healing. She also has type 1 diabetes, which in Roxanne’s care was kept in remission with a proper diet.

After being in the state’s care, Lorna had to be hospitalized for her diabetes, which is back and now she has to take insulin daily. Her diet is not being observed. She has been traumatized by the hospital stay.

In addition to the lack of proper diet, the children have been forced to have vaccines against Roxanne’s will and against her religious exemption, which is allowed in the state of Pennsylvania.

Roxanne’s son Gavin is not allowed to see his siblings and is being kept separate from everyone else in his family.

The children are scared and confused and just want to go home. Trauma is child abuse and taking children away from good parents is child abuse.


Gavin hasn’t been allowed to see his siblings since being taken by the state. Image provided by family.

Now the state is planning to adopt them out.

Mother’s Desperate Plea – “Please Stop Traumatizing my Babies”

J.C. suffers from PTSD. Image provided by family.

In a letter she has written to everyone she can think of in Pennsylvania who might have some power to help, Roxanne explains that the case worker, Lorraine Gutierrez, is not doing her job and as a result her children are suffering in the care of their abusive paternal grandparents.

Roxanne says,

Having had the medical doctor excuses for the children’s absences from school in her hands the morning of the shelter care hearing, the night before agreeing with me, in front of two witnesses, that the allegations were indeed contradictory and promising she would reassess and bring it to her supervisors before going into the court room, she proved herself a liar by never even looking at the medical documentation, continuing on with the hearing and breaking her word.

Roxanne continues,

The constant disregard of my concerns and the valuable information I have, as their mother, I believe my children to be neglected in placement through CYS, where before they were properly and adequately cared for and loved.

Out of frustration, in a letter to the case worker, Roxanne writes:

Ms. Gutierrez,

As I stated in the beginning of this mess: you took my children right before several appointments. Many of them need their eyes checked. I have always taken them to lens-crafters. One of the children broke their glasses beyond repair the night before your elaborate heist. The others either need updated prescriptions, or a new pair anyway. Except for Faye. Faye’s eyes still test at 20/20.

I would like to remind you that I am NOT in agreement with any shots of any kind at this time. This is expressly against my most deeply felt religious and spiritual feelings.

Also, if you will do the research, if the patient has NOT been consuming gluten during the past 30 days any testing to determine gluten intolerance or allergy tests will be invalid. Tests on children are not reliable to begin with. However, if you and Kathy do the food elimination diet and journal, that would be much more reliable and LESS TRAUMATIC for the children.

Please stop traumatizing my babies. They are miserable enough. You have done enough damage.

Roxanne Binkley

P.S. You have now in your records 3 drug screens in a row. I will consider it harrassment if you continue to ask without just cause. I remind you, I had tried to give you all of their health information – you refused to take notes, or contact any of the references I gave.

State Set’s Up Mother to Fail: Wants to Put Roxanne’s Children up for Adoption

Roxanne reports that CYS has asked the court for the children to be placed up for adoption if she fails to complete her permanency plan by July 28, 2016.

The permanency plan entails a very long list of tasks.

As previously explained by Health Impact News, these tasks can be burdensome and unreasonable (See: CPS Kidnaps 11 Children from Texas Homeschool Family):

When one thinks of “services” being “offered,” the implication of the words are that they are helpful benefits that one may either accept or refuse. Not so with CPS services. Few Americans realize what these taxpayer-funded services actually are, and most believe that their purpose is simply to help struggling families. However, as many families from all over the nation report to Health Impact News, the “services” that CPS “offer” seem to amount to tyranny, slavery, and blackmail to them. The underlying threat is: Submit, or lose your children.

Other parents and attorneys have described them as being the equivalent of a fishing expedition. When CPS doesn’t have enough grounds to take or keep the children, services are ordered in order to “catch” the parents in something that they can use.

The plan that Roxanne is required to meet seems to follow this pattern.

Despite the fact that Roxanne has never had any drug addictions or problems with drugs, she has been ordered to take drug tests every week, and so far they have all been negative. She feels that they are attempting to build a case accusing her of being a drug addict and claiming that she is using her child support for purchasing drugs – because they have no legitimate basis for taking the children away. She believes that they are intentionally harassing her by continuing to require more drug tests when drug abuse has never been an issue for her.

In what appears to be a contradictory requirement, the state may require her to take drugs that they want her to take. She is ordered to have a bio-psycho-social evaluation and take whatever medications are prescribed to her as a result of that testing, despite never having had any mental health issues.

The CYS permanency plan requires Roxanne to have a Parenting Capacity Assessment as well as to attend all parenting classes assigned to her.

She is also required to attend all classes to control her alleged anger and to complete counseling for her anger. On top of all of the classes and testing and counseling they ordered, she must cooperate with CYS case workers and sign any releases so that the case worker can communicate with all mental health providers.

In addition, she is required to apply for child support despite the fact that she was already getting child support. She must secure income by getting a job and must verify that income to the case worker regularly. She must secure a lease on a place to live. And she must cooperate and “refrain from mistreating anyone.” (There is no evidence that she has mistreated anyone.)

Children are Begging to Go Home to Their Mother, Continuing to Suffer in State Care

All seven children continue to deteriorate in foster care. CYS is reportedly making plans to put the children up for adoption.

Roxanne is doing everything the state is asking. All of her children are reportedly suffering, stressed, and traumatized. Their grades are slipping and their health is declining.

Roxanne’s pleas for her children seem to be falling on deaf ears. Her children are begging to go home. Each one has a precious and unique personality, all artists and poets. They are allegedly being traumatized and suffering in foster care, possibly destroying their faith in humanity forever.

How You Can Help

Roxanne needs legal help, prayer, and for people to stand up and tell the State of Pennsylvania to let the Binkley children go home.

Poverty is not a crime in this country. Poverty is not, and should never be, a standard by which we deem parents qualified, and yet in Roxanne’s case it appears to be the only reason her children were taken away by the State.

The governor of Pennsylvania is Tom Wolf. He can be contacted here. His Facebook page is here.

Ryan P. Aument is the Senator representing Roxanne Binkley’s district. He may be reached at (717) 787-4420 or contacted here. His Facebook page is here.

The Representative for her district is P. Michael Sturla. He may be reached at (717) 295-3157 or contacted here.