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Melissa Diegel

Malinda Sherwyn, who has been a court watcher and child advocate for 26 years, was interviewed on Northwest Liberty News to give the public an update on Melissa Diegel, who is currently confined to a jail cell in Arizona where her health problems are allegedly not being addressed.

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Arizona DCS Arrests Melissa Diegel as “Fugitive from Justice” While Living in Florida

 Kayla and Hannah Diegel photo.

Kayla and Hannah before they were medically kidnapped.

The medical kidnapping of Melissa Diegel’s two girls is the story that launched back in 2014. Her two daughters had special medical needs, and when Melissa started questioning doctors and seeking a second opinion, she was charged with Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy.

After losing custody of her two children, she moved to Florida, but was recently arrested and brought back to Arizona as a “fugitive from justice” and now resides in a jail cell in Arizona, as her health deteriorates.

Watch the interview with Malinda Sherwyn to get the latest updates on this sad story.

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Listen to Melissa speak in her own words:

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