Melissa Diegel with daughters

Melissa Diegel with daughters Kayla and Hannah before they were medically kidnapped. Source: Miracle for Two Sisters Facebook page

by Health Impact News/ Staff

An Arizona court has ruled that the Diegel sisters are now eligible for adoption, and have terminated all of Melissa Diegel’s rights to her children. In a recently released video, this mother displays an incredible act of love for the children that CPS will no longer allow her to parent. She pleads for someone good to step up and adopt her children, so that, if they cannot be with their family, they will at least be with good people who will love and care for them. It is a plea that no loving parent should ever be forced to make.

Melissa received the shattering news from the courts that Judge Kristin Hoffman has ruled to sever all of her and her ex-husband’s parental rights to Kayla and Hannah. It was the day before Christmas Eve. She was devastated, and could not bring herself to make the bitter announcement to her supporters until recently.

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The Diegel Family story spawned a slew of families contacting Health Impact News with similar stories in Arizona, and around the country, and was the genesis for the birth of

In the update video, Melissa pointed out that the court denied them the Constitutional right to Due Process. Her side was not allowed to call any personal witnesses, nor was any of their exculpatory evidence allowed to be admitted into court.

Over the course of their ordeal, Melissa points out that she and her team of supporters have posted a great deal of evidence online which demonstrates that she did not abuse her daughters, and that there was corruption behind the scenes in her case. Yet, none of that evidence was allegedly permitted to be part of the proceedings. Much of that evidence has been posted on a Facebook page set up for that purpose called Evidence Matters, as well as the Miracle for Two Sisters Facebook page, and in various YouTube videos.

This calls into question the veracity and validity of all of the court hearings against Melissa Diegel. The idea behind a fair legal hearing is that both sides bring forth their evidence, and a decision is rendered by a judge or jury. Yet many times at Health Impact News, we have seen that parents are denied the right to show the court the evidence that would exonerate them.

Diegel sisters in wheelchair

Hannah and Kayla Diegel. Source: Miracle for Two Sisters Facebook page.

Melissa states that she tried to bring into evidence a document from Phoenix Children’s Hospital which showed that they intended to take the Diegel sisters away from their family. This document allegedly dates to before CPS was ever even called, and before they ever spoke with Melissa or her daughters.

Also, as sometimes happens in family court, the public and the media were not permitted to be in the courtroom during the Diegel hearings. When that happens, transparency is lost. There is no way for the public to hold government officials accountable for misdeeds in court. Any decision made when the hearing takes place behind closed doors calls into question the integrity of the proceedings. How is the public to know if any such verdict is just or not?

Here is the video announcing that parental rights were terminated:

Melissa concluded the video with her poignant explanation of why she is “all over the internet”:

One of the reasons that we have #MelissaDiegel is because the last day I saw my daughters 17 months ago, I said to my daughters, “You will never lose me. You will always be able to find me. I will be all over the internet.” That is why it is #MelissaDiegel, so my daughters will always be able to find me. They will never lose me, because I am all over the internet.

On Monday, Melissa uploaded the video asking for someone good to adopt her children. She says:

It is my greatest wish that my daughters be safe. If the state of Arizona is not going to return my daughters to me or to their father, then it is my greatest wish that my daughters would be safe, in the arms of somebody else, that they would be raised in a safe and loving environment.

Melissa asserts that she has evidence that the girls have been abused, and continue to be abused, in the foster home where they currently reside. Arizona has refused to allow any kinship placement of the girls.

She vows to continue to fight to get her children back, and to fight for the many other children that are in the system unjustly.

Here is the latest video.

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