Melissa Diegel with her daughters Kayla and Hannah, before they were medically kidnapped.

The Cold Hard Facts About Foster Parenting & Adoption

by Melissa Diegel
The Liberty Beacon

There are good people in this world. I truly believe that. There are good foster parents too. There are good adoptive parents out there as well. In fact, my sister is an adoptive parent, and she does a great job and she has never received a dime. So this article does not apply to all parents.

However, I would be amiss to not disclose additional information that has recently come to light.

The system has become a well oiled machine working for profit. Many people in it are driven by money, and many good parents have had their children wrongfully removed so that others can greedily line their pockets for profit. I am still in shock sometimes as I peel back the layers to this system like a thick smelly onion, although I know I should no longer be shocked. One thing is for certain, it always leads back to the money and never seems to be about the “best interest of the children.”

Most of the general public is aware that foster families receive a monthly stipend for the children they have in their care. They don’t however know how much each foster family receives. This of course varies by state, but here are Arizona’s numbers:

Depending on if they are disabled or not they receive a different amount per day. This ranges from $22.31 – $37.49. OR $669.30- $1,124.70 a month.

Arizona’s Daily Current RatesFamily Foster Home Care Rates and Fees Schedule

If however, families are doing kinship care, which means you or a relative are taking care of a loved one after the child has been removed by DCS/ CPS, the reimbursement which means you or a relative is taking care of a loved one after the child has been removed by DCS/ CPS, the reimbursement rates are $1.74-$2.63 a day/ $78.90 a month. Which seems astronomically disproportionate and inappropriate.


Adoptive Parents Now Adopt for Free and Make a Profit

This is the part where I really start to question the motive of people. Are you aware of the fact that adoptive families are compensated if they adopt a special needs child? This is known as a maintenance subsidy which falls under the umbrella of the adoption subsidy. Adoptive families receive this adoption subsidy if the children they adopt are special needs children in the state of AZ.

Let’s stop here for a minute. I am the mom of two special needs children. I love them dearly. Most special needs moms I know would not give up their kids. There you have it, there is one of the problems.WHERE DID THEY GET THESE KIDS? I have read thousands of cases now. I have met hundreds of families. Many of these special needs children were wrongfully removed – horrifically separated for profit!


Let’s take a very close look at the list to see who else qualifies in the state of Arizona.

The children only need to meet one of the criteria below to qualify for the adoption subsidy that would label a child special needs child:

  • physical, mental or developmental disability;
  • emotional disturbance;
  • high risk of physical or mental disease that may result in a debilitating condition;
  • high risk of developmental disability that may result in a debilitating condition;
  • age six or older at the time of application for adoption subsidy;
  • member of a sibling group being adopted by the same family;
  • racial or ethnic factors when such factor(s) impede the child’s adoptive placement; and
  • high risk of severe emotional disturbance if removed from the care of the child’s foster parent or relative as diagnosed by a psychiatrist or psychologist.

Source: Arizona State Subsidy Profile

Therefore, siblings are considered special needs if they are to be adopted by a family! A child over the age of six is considered special needs when put up for adoption as well. I have read several times that a child should not be reunified with the bio parents because it would cause emotional trauma since the child has “bonded” with the foster parents. Could it be that those children were deemed “special needs” and then qualified to stay with the foster parent for the adoption subsidy?

Adoptive Families Receive Monthly Maintenance Payments

In Arizona, families who adopt a special needs child, can claim the maximum credit regardless of their actual expenses. Families adopting children can claim up to $13,400 per child, a year. Families can benefit only if they have federal income tax liability; current law allows it to be applied toward liability over a six-year period.

The follow video depicts an adoptive parent who was former DCS employee. She became concerned because her $3381.48 monthly check for her adopted children became delayed by the department of Child Safety and she was worried about how she was going to pay her rent.

It may very well be that many people adopt for the right reasons or not, but please keep in mind that many of these children may have been stolen to begin with, and the story you originally thought you may have been told about the bio family, might not be true.

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