Rembis parents with baby

Claire and William Rembis with their youngest child.

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Claire Rembis, the homeschool mother of the 11 children who were abducted in Colorado recently and brought back to Texas (See: Colorado Police Help Texas CPS Kidnap Rembis Children and Bring Back to Texas – Father Jailed), was interviewed Friday, September 2nd by Tammi Stefano of the National Safe Child Show.

The show begins with Claire on the phone with Ms. Stefano while still wrapping up a monitored visitation with some of her children who were recently taken into custody by Texas CPS in Lubbock, Texas. Claire is upset while trying to wrap up her visit to do the interview, because she was reportedly only allotted one hour of time with her daughters, and when she took a short break to use the bathroom about 45 minutes into the visitation, they took her daughters away before she could even say goodbye.

The story of the Rembis family, and how Texas CPS has repeatedly harassed their family and taken away their children even though the parents have never been charged or convicted of anything wrong, is starting to gain national attention. Their only crime simply seems to be that some people think they have too many children, and that they have publicly criticized Texas CPS. (See: Homeschool Texas Family Terrorized by CPS for Speaking Out and For Having Too Many Children at Home)

Listen to this interview as a tearful mother explains how her children suffered abuse, including sexual abuse, while in foster care the first time Texas CPS took her children. Today, she does not even know where her children are.

How to Help the Rembis Family

The family is financially devastated. They need immediate financial assistance. They need support and prayer and local advocates. They also need to hire a private attorney

Health Impact News has set up a new page to help families like this one:

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