Tennessee Judge Gives Dying Father Chance to Defend Himself in Effort to Regain Custody of Children

In a Facebook Live video, Michael Brooks gave an update on his case in Tennessee. He and Jamie had been in court that morning and were expecting Judge Clayburn Peeples to terminate their parental rights to their two sons. But, in an interesting turn of events, the couple left court that day with their parental rights still in place. Also, due to not having a lawyer present, Michael was given a 60-day window to prepare to present his case to the court again. Michael Brooks is dying from Hepatitis C. His disease was under control while using medical cannabis, but he was forced to give up his medication due to Tennessee laws as he tried to meet requirements to get his children back from the Tennessee Department of Children's Services (DCS).

Former CPS Worker Used Position and Influence to Kidnap Tennessee Mom’s Baby

It is a story of friendship and betrayal. A local (GALLATIN, TN) mother said her baby was taken from her by a government worker who she said used her position to gain trust. A judge (recently) ruled on that mother's quest to get her baby back.

Accusations of Shaken Baby Syndrome in Tennessee Destroys Family – Lands Parents in Jail

On August 15, 2013, in Jonesborough, Tennessee, Joe Whitaker frantically spoke to 911 as he tried to save his seven month old son, Jaden. According to Joe, the ambulance raced into their driveway. A female Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) jumped out, grabbed Jaden from his arms, slammed the ambulance doors, and sped away. Joe stood in the driveway watching the ambulance pull away, confused with the events that just occurred. What happened? Where were they taking his son? Why did they leave without him? Seconds later, Charlotte Whitaker reached her house and saw Joe standing in the driveway; her heart jumped into her throat. Where was her son? Luckily, the second rescue truck was still in front of her house, and the driver told the terrified parents that their son was being taken to Johnson City Medical Center (JCMC) in Johnson City, Tennessee. Why would the ambulance leave the parents in the driveway? According to Charlotte, this is one of many incidences that would be twisted by CPS to aid them in falsely accusing the Whitakers of child abuse and taking their baby. This question became "Why didn’t Joe Whitaker get into the ambulance with his son?" rather than "Why did the rescue personnel leave the parents behind?" Later that day their other two children would be taken away from their school, never to return home again, while both parents would later be arrested and accused of "Shaken Baby Syndrome."

More Parents to be Labeled “Child Abusers” in Tennessee? DCS to Publicly Publish “Suspected” Child Abusers Even if not Charged

The Tennessee Department of Children’s Services has begun sharing the names of people who it believes have committed child abuse or neglect — but who have not necessarily been charged — with an online, publicly accessible registry of abusers of adults maintained by the state Department of Health. We have been documenting on our MedicalKidnap.com website for many months now many stories of families who were accused of "abuse" simply because they disagreed with a doctor. The tragedy in these stories is that the parents are almost never afforded due process of the law, but have their children medically kidnapped and then struggle to get them back. To add insult to injury, they often have their names entered into a child abuse registry. So now in the State of Tennessee, these parents who have never even been charged with a crime, let alone convicted of one, will allegedly soon have their names in a public registry which will further violate their Constitutional rights to privacy by slandering their name, and in many cases, prevent them from keeping or obtaining employment.

Baby Found with Broken Bones – Parents Assumed Guilty of Abuse and Lose Custody

Keshia Turner understands why authorities wanted an investigation. She and her husband Chris want answers, too. They desperately want to know what is wrong with their baby boy Brayden, because something is clearly wrong. She believed that the investigation would lead to a medical explanation being found for her baby's medical and developmental issues, an explanation that would demonstrate that they are loving, dedicated parents, and would lead to proper treatment for their child. However, a Child Abuse doctor at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital accused Keshia of abuse instead. With no formal charges filed, and no trial or hearing conducted for over 9 months now, Keisha and her husband have lost custody of their baby who is no longer breastfed, and whom they can only visit 1 hour per week.

Medical Tyranny in Tennessee: Forced Antibiotics on Newborns

The Times Free Press in Chattanooga Tennessee reported last week that the Erlanger Health System was going to start forcing all newborn babies in their health facilities to receive an antibiotic ointment applied to their eyes at birth, whether their parents want it or not. Even if nurses and midwives attending the birth do not approve of the antibiotic ointment, the hospital allegedly stated that they will apply it anyway, using security guards at the patient's bedside if need be.