Newborn Alabama Baby is Now Sick in the Hospital While Under DHR Care After Being Taken from 14-year Old Mother

The story we have been reporting on in Alabama with the young 14-year old mother who is an alleged rape victim and had her child taken away at birth by Child Protective Services (DHR) seemingly took a turn for the worse today, as the family is reporting that the newborn baby is now in the hospital with possible Spinal Meningitis. How much of a role in the baby’s illness has the environment of the group foster home caused, where Alabama DHR is forcibly keeping both the 14-year old mother and her newborn baby against the wishes of the family?

Accused Man Arrested in Alabama Rape Mother Story – Allowed to Enter Hospital Room to See Baby Before His Arrest

The case of the 14 year old rape victim and her baby who was seized by Alabama DHR (Department of Human Resources, responsible for Child Protective Services) earlier this week has been continued by the judge to next week, and the accused rapist has been arrested. The alleged rapist was allowed to enter the hospital room and see the baby before his arrest, greatly upsetting the victim-mother and her family. Since Health Impact News originally published this story based on eyewitness accounts and video from Choices4Life founder Juda Myers, the story has gone viral, with over 1 million views in 24 hours. Rumors and speculation abound, and numerous comments are being made by those claiming to know inside information. Health Impact News strives for complete accuracy in our reporting, and the delay in updating the information has arisen from our determination to verify information before it is published.