Prince scared

Young mother afraid for her newborn after DHR threats. Photographed by Juda Myers with mother’s permission while neither mother nor baby were in DHR custody.

UPDATE 7/10/2016

Newborn Kidnapped Baby of 14 Year Old Alabama Mother to be Force Circumcised Against Wishes of Family

Newborn Alabama Baby is Now Sick in the Hospital While Under DHR Care After Being Taken from 14-year Old Mother

by Health Impact News/ Staff

The story we have been reporting on in Alabama with the young 14-year old mother who is an alleged rape victim and had her child taken away at birth by Child Protective Services (DHR) seemingly took a turn for the worse today, as the family is reporting that the newborn baby is now in the hospital with possible Spinal Meningitis.

From the SAVE Braelon’s Family Facebook page on 7/2/2016:

BREAKING NEWS: baby Braelon has a high fever and was throwing up and his mother had to BEG the workers at her group home to take the baby to the local hospital first and then he was transferred around midnight last night to Children’s Hospital because of the severity. After a spinal tap was done white blood cells are high and Spinal Meningitis is suspected.

The negligence on the part of a group that is supposed to protect children is outrageous! Even though the baby had a dr’s appt the day after he was discharged from the hospital it wasn’t til TEN DAYS LATER that they took the baby to be checked!!

Please pray for Braelon and his mom. DHR is NOT allowing advocates, any recording devices, video or pictures. They do NOT want this to be shared with the world. PLEASE SHARE!!!

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Alabama Child Protective Services Steals New-born Breast-feeding Baby from Rape Victim While Still at the Hospital

The grandparents of the young mother were reportedly escorted out of Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama, today at 8 p.m. by hospital security, against the wishes of the mother’s GAL, who reportedly stated that the grandparents were to stay.

Earlier in the day, DHR allegedly told the grandparents that they are forbidding them to be present with the young mother and the baby at the hospital and threatened to throw them in jail if they did not leave. Now, they are reportedly saying they can come back at 2 p.m. on Sunday, although this leaves the young mother without family support during the intervening hours of this crisis.

Lisa Chasteen, the attorney retained by the family to represent the young mother and her twin brother, has requested that the DHR attorney contact her “to explain why exactly the grandparents cannot be at the hospital supporting the mother during this crisis.” As of this writing, the DHR attorney has yet to contact her. There have been no orders filed forbidding the family from visiting the young mother.

This allegedly leaves a young 14-year old mother at Children’s Hospital with a sick baby, and no support system.

Her pastor reportedly tried to visit her at the hospital, but DHR reportedly attempted to forbid him as well. The pastor got to see the young mother for about 15 minutes. Her friends from youth group have also been forbidden to come.

Suppressing Freedom of Speech Continues in Alabama

DHR has also reportedly told the family that her advocate Juda Myers, and the journalists who have been reporting her story, are not only not to come to the hospital, but are also not to come to the Shelby County Courthouse unless they are specifically requested to appear for court.

The young mother and her family were allegedly told again today by DHR that they are not permitted to take any pictures of the baby. The mother’s phone was taken by DHR weeks ago, and she has been forbidden to have any type of camera to photograph these early days of her baby’s life. She has not had any photos taken of her baby since the day he was taken from her at Shelby Baptist Medical Center.

Prince happy

Mother and baby happy together before DHR took her baby. Photographed by Juda Myers with mother’s permission while neither mother nor baby were in DHR custody.

According to her attorney, Lisa Chasteen, this mother continues to be deprived of her fundamental right to parent her child.

There is reportedly no word on the condition of the baby, but the family is asking several questions:

How much of an impact did the separation of mother and baby for almost 24 hours on the 3rd day of this baby’s life have on his immune system? He was an exclusively breastfed baby who was subsequently given formula after DHR removed him from his breast-feeding mother. He also had the stress of the separation. Experts in newborn psychology state that this kind of separation can literally cause lifelong damage. There are certainly negative impacts on the baby’s immune system.

Once the baby and mother were reunited after almost 24 hours, it was not at their home. How much has the emotional stress and upheaval in their lives weakened the infant’s immune system?

Finally, how much of a role in the baby’s illness has the environment of the group foster home caused, where Alabama DHR is forcibly keeping both the 14-year old mother and her newborn baby against the wishes of the family?

When the mother was taken from her custodial grandparents’ home, she and her baby were allegedly placed in a home that contrasted greatly with the clean, lovely home the mother was accustomed to. She has reported seeing bugs on the ceiling and the dresser in the facility, as well as mold in the bathrooms.

Prince mold in group home

Mold in the shower at the group home housing a newborn and newly postpartum mother. Photo source: mother, before her phone was seized, who passed the photo on to the press and asked that it be published.

More Charges against Man Arrested for Rape

The man arrested and charged for rape in the case of the 14-year old mother is currently in the Shelby County jail after being arrested on June 29, 2016, on two additional counts of 2nd degree rape. This follows a second arrest on June 25. Bail on each new charge continues the pattern of being set at $30,000 each. Source: is reporting that the man has now been accused of rape by 4 different girls.

Call Alabama Governor Robert Bentley’s office at 334-242-7100 and please politely ask that the governor intervene and reunite this family. He may also be contacted here. He is also on Facebook.

The Alabama DHR Commissioner is Nancy Buckner. Contact her here.