Group of 4000+ Parents Takes on Minnesota CPS and Government Child Kidnapping and Trafficking

Earlier this year (2018) we reported that a group of Minnesota parents filed a federal civil rights lawsuit accusing Dakota County and the State of Minnesota for kidnapping their children and placing them unnecessarily into foster care. The parents are part of an organization called The Family Preservation Foundation, which also goes by the name Stop CPS from Legally Kidnapping Children. Recently, the group, which is reported to now represent over 4000 parents in Minnesota, garnered more local media coverage when a judge return a 1-year-old boy to his mother who had been allegedly placed into foster care for 3 months based on "false allegations of medical neglect." The return of Amanda Weber's child was seen as a victory for the Family Preservation Foundation: "The legal victory is symbolic for a coalition of parents and advocates seeking to change the state's child protection system. The group has argued that Minnesota's laws criminalize parents for what they consider to be routine parental discipline and have a disproportionate effect on black families."

Parents File Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Minnesota Because CPS Kidnapped Their Children

This past week (April 2018) a group of Minnesota parents filed a federal civil rights lawsuit accusing Dakota County and the State of Minnesota for kidnapping their children and placing them unnecessarily into foster care. The lead plaintiff in the lawsuit is Dwight D. Mitchell, who founded an association of parents called Stop Child Protection Services From Legally Kidnapping, which has about 250 members in Minnesota. Mr. Mitchell and several parents held a press conference at the State Capital last week, and Mr. Mitchell was interviewed by several local media sources. Mr. Mitchell explains how he had his three children removed from his home because a family babysitter reported him to CPS for a "bottom spanking" with one of his children. It took him almost 2 years to get his son back home.

2 Year Old Minnesota Native American Child Killed in White Foster Home – Biological Family Outraged

Local media in Minnesota is reporting that a 2 year old Native American child originally from the Fond du Lac Reservation was found dead in her foster home last month (June 2016). The foster father has been charged with two counts of second-degree manslaughter, and has a previous criminal record. "This didn't have to happen. This little girl didn't have to die. She should be right here with her parents at this time," said Patti Larsen, a family spokesperson. Larsen, who serves as the Sacred Hoop Coalition Director, was shepherding 2-year-old Kira Friedman's case through the St. Louis County Court system on behalf of the little girl's family, and believes her death was preventable. "The maternal grandmother identified numerous people who would be potential placements for the child," she said. Larsen wanted to ensure Kira was placed in a Native American home. Therefore, she says the County let this child down when they removed her from a Native foster home, and placed her with a white foster family in Duluth.

Adult with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Medically Kidnapped in Minnesota

A Minnesota mother has reached out to Health Impact News and to tell us her story about her 35 year-old daughter who suffers from multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS), and was medically kidnapped by Adult Protective Services in Minnesota. Jean Bixley tells us that her daughter Jennifer has been in that system for the past nine years with no recollection of her past life, and no recognition of her home. Her visits with her daughter are sparse and she may not discuss her daughter's amnesiac condition with her. Jean is asking to be allowed to have some input into her daughter’s care. Jean is asking that the hospital/APS perform the tests that were ordered by the courts, but never performed by what Jean says are any MCS qualified physicians in the APS system. Jean is asking to be allowed to be a part of her daughter’s life making sure that she is being treated properly and according to her needs. Jean tells us that her daughter had been seeing and was being treated by trained doctors who provided a diagnosis and treatments for MCS prior to the state getting involved. According to Jean, both she and her daughter Jennifer contracted MCS while unknowingly living in a mold infested home. They sought and found treatment for what they came to understand as mold toxicity. Jean also tells us that these prior diagnoses were ignored by Adult Protective Services, and that her daughter was treated with medications that not only stimulated her MCS reactions, but caused her a loss of memory for the past nine years. The State of Minnesota and Adult Protective Services has now labeled the mother as mentally ill/delusional.