South Carolina Family has Children Medically Kidnapped Based on Wrong Diagnosis from Child Abuse Specialist

When Tai Simmons-Roper and her husband Shawn took their 4 week old baby Braxton to Greenville Memorial Hospital in South Carolina for excessive spitting up, the last thing they expected was that doctors would find multiple unexplained fractures, and that they would be thrown into jail and have their beloved new baby taken away from them by Child Protective Services. They were facing the possibility of spending the next 35 years in prison. They had no way of knowing that their son had serious metabolic bone disease, nor did the Child Abuse Specialist who reported them test Braxton to rule out such conditions before reporting them for child abuse. After later medical reports were sent to the DA confirming that Braxton actually has infantile rickets and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, all criminal charges were dropped. However, DSS (Department of Social Services) is still refusing to give custody back to his parents. Braxton's older brother was also taken away, and DSS will not let him go home either.

South Carolina Medically Kidnapped 4 Year Old Went Missing From Foster Care, Found After Police Search

The past few months have been a nightmare for the Headley family, but last Saturday night may have been the worst yet for the South Carolina family whose children were medically kidnapped this summer. While 4 year old Jack was under the care of the Child Protective System, he was reported missing by the foster mother. He was found in some bushes about 4 hours later, but the thought of what could have happened to their little boy has concerned family and friends asking for some answers. They don't understand how the state could take their child from them, and then allow him to go missing under their watch. An Amber alert was never issued, and family members question why. Failure to issue an Amber alert or to provide a description and photo when the child is a foster child unnecessarily put the lives of foster children in jeopardy. According to the FBI, in 76 percent of the murders of an abducted child, the child was murdered within 3 hours of the abduction. Time is of the essence in reporting missing children, and the first 3 hours are the most crucial. Do not children who have been taken into "protective" custody by the state deserve to have Amber alerts and accurate descriptions if they are missing? How does the state justify having less, not more, protection of those children in its care? Jack was removed from his own home and his own family out of alleged concerns for his safety, yet it was under the care of a state-provided foster family that he was lost.

South Carolina Mother Arrested For Child Abuse After Questioning Doctors and Losing her Children

Danielle and William Headley's four boys were seized by South Carolina Child Protective Services in July, following frustration by the parents over the care that their youngest son, Jack, now 4, was receiving at Greenville Memorial Hospital. A Child Abuse Specialist has accused Danielle of Munchausen by Proxy, and last week, Danielle was arrested on charges of Child Abuse and Neglect. The family is devastated and maintains that Danielle is innocent of any wrong-doing. It has been over 100 days since any family member has been permitted to see the children.

Another Baby Medically Kidnapped in South Carolina over Broken Bones – Parents Thrown in Jail

Jason and Mattie Walls from South Carolina took their frail, premature daughter to the emergency room after she became limp and was not breathing properly. What followed next was a chain of events resulting in every parents' worst nightmare: The seizure of their daughter and removal from their custody, and charges made against them for child abuse which resulted in spending time in jail - all because they took their baby to the hospital looking for help.

Grandma Denied Custody of Grandchildren Who were Medically Kidnapped in South Carolina

On July 10, 2015 in Spartanburg, South Carolina, the Spartanburg County Police walked right in the front door of the Headley family home while Danielle and her four boys were sleeping, and proceeded to remove all four boys from the home. Danielle had made the mistake of asking for a referral to another hospital for their youngest boy, who has had health problems since he was born. Now, all four of her boys have been kidnapped by the State, and the boys Grandmother, Brenda Bradshaw, wants to know why the State will not turn the boys over to her care.

Four Boys in South Carolina Medically Kidnapped When Parents Ask for Second Opinion

A parent’s worst nightmare happened on July 10, 2015 in Spartanburg, South Carolina for the Headley family. The Spartanburg County Police walked right in the front door of the Headley’s home while Danielle and her four boys were sleeping. William Headley had left for work earlier that morning and the front door was unlocked because the family felt safe in their community. Danielle stated that a female officer, later identified as Investigator Tracy Moss, walked into her bedroom and asked if she was Danielle Headley. Danielle replied that she was. Danielle states: “The cops busted into my house, didn’t knock or identify themselves. She (the investigator) said they have a search warrant and you need to get up and get up now!” Investigator Moss proceeded to demand that Danielle remove Jack from the crib in her room, unhook his feeding tube and bring him into the family’s living room. When Danielle walked into the living room, her three older boys were lined up on the couch. Danielle stated that: “Apparently she got my kids from their bedrooms before she came into my room.” According to Danielle, there were five or six officers to assist executing a search warrant for all electronics and medications in their home. The Emergency Removal Order served on that day states that they were contacted by Greenville Health System, Dr. Nancy Henderson, and the Headley’s four children needed to be removed due to mother being suspected of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. Danielle had made the mistake of asking for a referral to another hospital for their youngest boy, who has had health problems since he was born. Now, all four of her boys have been kidnapped by the State, and they are threatening to vaccinate the youngest boy who has health problems tomorrow against the parents wishes, even though he is known to have severe reactions to vaccines.