2 Year Old South Carolina Child Medically Kidnapped is Sexually Abused by Nurse in Foster Care

Kaya Thomas, a South Carolina mother, is wondering how the state can justify taking custody of her 2 year old daughter, Egypt, when they admit that she has done nothing wrong to harm her daughter. Egypt was taken into custody when her biological, non-custodial father, almost beat her to death during a visit with her. The father is currently in prison serving an 18 year prison sentence for the crime he was convicted of committing. When it came time for little Egypt to leave the hospital, her mother Kaya Thomas says that the Department of Social Services kidnapped her child and placed her in foster care, because they decided that she was incapable of taking care of her child who is now labeled as "special needs." Instead of working with her to train her in how to take care of her daughter, the state of South Carolina provided a home health nurse 20 hours a day to a foster family that is unrelated to the child. Kaya tells us this option was never offered to her, even though she is the mother. While in the care of the foster home, the child was allegedly abused sexually by her home health care nurse, who has since been arrested and incarcerated. Now, they want to terminate Kaya's parental rights and adopt her out, even though, in their own words, she "was not accused of inflicting the injuries." She doesn't understand how her child can be taken "for something I had nothing to do with."

Medically Kidnapped South Carolina Boys Come Home After 15 Months

There were squeals of delight, tears of joy, and hugs all around at the Headley residence in Spartanburg, South Carolina, on Thursday. After almost 15 months in state custody, the 4 Headley boys are home, and their parents want to thank everyone who has prayed and stood by them during the most difficult season of their lives. The children were seized by the South Carolina Department of Social Services (DSS) on July 10, 2015, when their mother was accused of Munchausen by Proxy by Child Abuse Specialist Dr. Nancy Henderson. That accusation came shortly after parents William and Danielle Headley complained to hospital administrators about their youngest son Jack's surgery beginning before the 3 year old was fully sedated. Jack was placed into a foster home, and his 3 older brothers were sent to a group home facility - Epworth Children's Home (website). Now, their time in foster care has come to an end, after a judge found that "probable cause no longer exists for the minor children to remain in custody." They spent the day Thursday laughing and being visited by lots of family and friends.

South Carolina Boys Medically Kidnapped Still Not Returned to Parents – Suffering in State Custody

The Headley family out of South Carolina has endured many hardships since their four boys were taken into custody in July of 2015, because the mother disagreed with a doctor regarding the care of her youngest son, and wanted a second opinion. One of the hardships they have endured was recently discovering mold in their home - a likely culprit in the health problems of their children. However, when it was suggested that mold might be the culprit for some of the children’s illnesses, a court-appointed expert rejected the possibility. Now, parents William and Danielle await a phone call to find out when their next court date will be, and it is uncertain when the boys will get to come home. Ironically, recent developments in the air quality at the Spartanburg County courthouse related to mold, the same mold that was found in the Headley home, has forced the courthouse to shut down for a while, extending their reunification date even further.

South Carolina Baby with Metabolic Bone Disorder Medically Kidnapped and Harmed in State Care

Jason and Mattie Walls both began life as foster care children, so they always dreamed of having a family of their own. The South Carolina couple desperately tried to have children for years, but Mattie had one miscarriage after another. Finally, on October 1, 2014 their dream came true and little Makenzie Nicole Walls was born, against all odds. Mattie’s pregnancy was considered high risk and she was closely monitored by a team of specialists at Upstate Fetal Medicine in Greenville. Mattie claims that: "If it weren’t for Dr. Gregg and Dr. Dickert, Makenzie would not be alive." On October 24, 2014, the family’s worst nightmare began and Makenzie was medically kidnapped by Laurens County Department of Social Services (DSS) with the assistance of Greenville Memorial Hospital (GMH) Child Abuse Specialist, Dr. Nancy Henderson. They were being accused of child abuse because x-rays showed some broken bones in their baby. A medical doctor has supplied expert testimony showing that their baby had a metabolic bone disorder that explains the fractures, and that some of the infant's fractures occurred while in state custody. But this evidence apparently has not been allowed into their case. It has been 19 long months since the kidnapping of Makenzie and the Walls realize that the South Carolina family courts and DSS never intended on reunifying their family. Jason and Mattie report that Laurens County DSS and Greenville Memorial Hospital staff involved with their case have lied, admitted to incomplete investigations and have not followed DSS policies and procedures established to protect children.

Medically Kidnapped South Carolina Boy Raped in Group Home – Attorney Speaks Out on State Abuse

The nightmare facing the Headley family just keeps getting worse. In a horrifying new development, William and Danielle Headley learned Friday that their oldest son, age 11, was raped at the group home where Child Protective Services placed the 4 Headley boys after medically kidnapping them. The family's attorney states: "I have a sick feeling in my stomach every time that I think of this horrific incident. I struggle to find words to console my clients. Dr. Henderson injected herself into a loving family in an effort to make the children 'as safe and healthy as possible.' The term child abuse specialist has taken an entirely different meaning. By allowing Dr. Henderson to abuse these children, the State and its system failed. When will the failure be recognized?"

South Carolina Family Destroyed: Forced Vaccines, Sexual Abuse, Bruises Show Harm in State Care

The Headley boys of South Carolina aren't coming home any time soon, according to a recent hearing in family court. While their parents, William and Danielle, continue to fight to get them back, the family says that the boys are suffering in CPS custody. They are currently being held in a group home, and the parenting of their children by the government is quite concerning to the family. The children are reportedly being forced to have vaccines that they have medical exemptions for, are losing weight, are being sexually abused, and are showing up to visits with bruises. The state is also reportedly ignoring evidence that would clear the parents. Danielle Headley still faces criminal charges of child abuse and neglect, but no trial date has been set. Greenville Memorial Hospital and Child Abuse Specialist Nancy Henderson have accused her of Munchausen syndrome by proxy, or medical child abuse, after the Headley's youngest son Jack, now 4, was in and out of the hospital for much of his life. The family received documents last week summarizing the findings of the family court, and there are a number of things that are concerning to the family, things which should be concerning to every family in America with children.

South Carolina Family has Children Medically Kidnapped Based on Wrong Diagnosis from Child Abuse Specialist

When Tai Simmons-Roper and her husband Shawn took their 4 week old baby Braxton to Greenville Memorial Hospital in South Carolina for excessive spitting up, the last thing they expected was that doctors would find multiple unexplained fractures, and that they would be thrown into jail and have their beloved new baby taken away from them by Child Protective Services. They were facing the possibility of spending the next 35 years in prison. They had no way of knowing that their son had serious metabolic bone disease, nor did the Child Abuse Specialist who reported them test Braxton to rule out such conditions before reporting them for child abuse. After later medical reports were sent to the DA confirming that Braxton actually has infantile rickets and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, all criminal charges were dropped. However, DSS (Department of Social Services) is still refusing to give custody back to his parents. Braxton's older brother was also taken away, and DSS will not let him go home either.

South Carolina Medically Kidnapped 4 Year Old Went Missing From Foster Care, Found After Police Search

The past few months have been a nightmare for the Headley family, but last Saturday night may have been the worst yet for the South Carolina family whose children were medically kidnapped this summer. While 4 year old Jack was under the care of the Child Protective System, he was reported missing by the foster mother. He was found in some bushes about 4 hours later, but the thought of what could have happened to their little boy has concerned family and friends asking for some answers. They don't understand how the state could take their child from them, and then allow him to go missing under their watch. An Amber alert was never issued, and family members question why. Failure to issue an Amber alert or to provide a description and photo when the child is a foster child unnecessarily put the lives of foster children in jeopardy. According to the FBI, in 76 percent of the murders of an abducted child, the child was murdered within 3 hours of the abduction. Time is of the essence in reporting missing children, and the first 3 hours are the most crucial. Do not children who have been taken into "protective" custody by the state deserve to have Amber alerts and accurate descriptions if they are missing? How does the state justify having less, not more, protection of those children in its care? Jack was removed from his own home and his own family out of alleged concerns for his safety, yet it was under the care of a state-provided foster family that he was lost.

South Carolina Mother Arrested For Child Abuse After Questioning Doctors and Losing her Children

Danielle and William Headley's four boys were seized by South Carolina Child Protective Services in July, following frustration by the parents over the care that their youngest son, Jack, now 4, was receiving at Greenville Memorial Hospital. A Child Abuse Specialist has accused Danielle of Munchausen by Proxy, and last week, Danielle was arrested on charges of Child Abuse and Neglect. The family is devastated and maintains that Danielle is innocent of any wrong-doing. It has been over 100 days since any family member has been permitted to see the children.

Another Baby Medically Kidnapped in South Carolina over Broken Bones – Parents Thrown in Jail

Jason and Mattie Walls from South Carolina took their frail, premature daughter to the emergency room after she became limp and was not breathing properly. What followed next was a chain of events resulting in every parents' worst nightmare: The seizure of their daughter and removal from their custody, and charges made against them for child abuse which resulted in spending time in jail - all because they took their baby to the hospital looking for help.