10-Month Old Baby Medically Kidnapped in Michigan

Michigan parents Josh Soto and Alexandria Burgess took their ten month old baby girl Selena to the pediatrician on September 1, 2015 because she was fussy, tugging on her ears, cutting teeth, had severe diaper rash, and seemed to have pain in her legs. The pediatrician didn’t seem concerned, and gave her Benedryl and a cortisone cream for her diaper rash. He suggested that they keep an eye on her but didn’t note any concerns. Ten days later, on September 11, 2015, Selena’s pain seemed to have increased so they took her to the E.R. of a local hospital, Promedica-Bixby in Adrian, MI. The attending nurse initially ordered a hip x-ray, but Alexandria and Josh requested that they x-ray her legs, too, to be thorough. When the doctor came back into the room she said she had two broken legs, and asked “How did this happen?” They were referred to the University of Michigan Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan where a child abuse doctor determined that Selena had been abused, and had Child Protection services take custody of the child. The mother states: "We did everything we were supposed to as parents, and yet still found ourselves in this nightmare. This time, these moments with her.....we never get it back. Her first birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, her first time saying 'Momma', her first steps.....all away from home. All ruined by this nightmare we've been thrown into."