After Parents Ask for Second Medical Opinion, CPS Destroys this Missouri Family

The trauma continues for the Jaxon Adams family. 8-year-old Missouri resident Jaxon was seized by Child Protective Services last September after his parents sought a 2nd opinion for his medical conditions. Now CPS has taken his 11 year old sister into custody, and Tiffany Adams, their mother, is fighting to put her life back together and get both children back. According to Tiffany, "When they take your kid, it destroys your life." Tiffany has now lost her husband, her home, her career, and now finds herself homeless as she struggles to get her children back. The Adams family's experience seems to be typical of what many families are reporting to us in demonstrating how CPS has the power to destroy a family today in the United States of America.

Medical Kidnapping in Missouri: 25 Year Old Daughter Forced onto Drugs and Committed to Mental Facility

A mother in Missouri has reached out to Health Impact News for help in getting the story of her 25 year old daughter told to the public. Donna Hitt from Columbia, Missouri tells Health Impact News that her autistic daughter, Chasity, started functioning at a high level after she weaned her off of psych drugs, and started feeding her an organic diet. Chasity had reportedly been confined to a hospital and heavily sedated, sleeping about 20 hours a day. After bringing her home, weaning her off of her drugs, and changing her diet, Donna reports that Chasity started functioning at a high level. She reportedly started contributing to household chores, attending church, and even applied for a job. However, a social worker assigned to their case suggested that Donna should seek legal guardianship of Chasity, since Chasity is an adult. Donna says she followed this advice, and after the State of Missouri allegedly conducted a mental health evaluation of Chasity, they took over her custody against her will, and the will of her daughter. She is now confined to a mental facility, back on the same drugs she had previously suffered from, and is again sleeping away most of her days. Donna says she has not been able to talk to her daughter since October of 2014. Here is her story.

Family Fights for their 5 Children Medically Kidnapped in Missouri

Since we published the Wanosik family story earlier in June, we have some very exciting updates. The Wanosik family is getting local media attention. “You are guilty until proven innocent in this family court situation” said the mother, Rebecca Wanosik. They were able to share their story in their local newspaper. Now the Wanosik’s have been assigned a “child services specialist,” apparently because their case is considered a "high profile" case due to media coverage. But the battle is not over yet. Many families are enjoying their children this summer on family vacations and beautiful weather with picnics and family get-togethers. Rebecca and Anthony continue to fight for this nightmare to come to a close.

5 Children Kidnapped from Family in Missouri When Baby with Low Vitamin D Found with Broken Bones

December 21st, 2014 Rebecca Wanosik was blessed with her 5th child. A beautiful baby girl was born in her home in Lebanon, Missouri. It was an uncomplicated home birth, and she was assisted by her midwife. But soon their family was completely torn apart when CPS came in and took all 5 of their children away, after the baby was found with fractured bones. Being now listed as "child abusers," Rebecca would later learn that she had Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, with low vitamin D levels for both her and her baby. The quiet house is hard to deal with, and Rebecca talks about the memories she holds onto. The quiet house is hard to deal with, and Rebecca talks about the memories she holds onto. From the screams of excitement when she picked her children up from school, to the snuggles and wet kisses, and all the joys and hardship of motherhood, she is now left with a broken heart. Now as their visits are supervised in an unnatural setting, she talks about medical kidnapping. “Many people think that medical kidnapping is made up and think it doesn’t happen, the truth is that it is very real.” Rebecca wants people to know this has been a life altering, traumatic experience. She wants people to know this is a long road that no parent should have to travel.