Six Year Olds Ripped from Schools, Involuntarily Committed and Forcibly Drugged

A 6-year-old girl was removed from a Florida school for being disruptive and committed to a behavioral health center for a psychiatric evaluation without her parent’s knowledge.  She was held for two days and allegedly injected with an antipsychotic. Citizens Commission on Human Rights International, a 50-year mental health industry watchdog, warns that the U.S. education system and parental rights are being usurped with psychiatric and psychological practices. Schools, they assert, are used as feeder lines into a mental health system, which profits from this.  CCHR was responding to an incident where a licensed counselor with the school determined that Nadia, aged 6, was a candidate for involuntary detention under Florida’s Baker Act. The special needs child reportedly threw some chairs in a tantrum. But according to the Atlanta Black Star, a police body camera video, the girl behaved calmly as she was escorted from school by police. At one point, she asked officers if she was going to jail and was assured, no. The officer seemed skeptical of the school’s reason for calling 911. “She’s been actually very pleasant,” she noted. “I think it’s more of them not wanting to deal with it,” said another officer. Martina Falk, Nadia’s mother, was alerted only after her daughter was committed and said the nearly two-day mandatory stay at the psychiatric facility did more harm than good.