by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

As we have reported for years, the field of psychiatry in modern medicine is the most corrupt profession within medicine, where one out of every five psychiatrists is arrested on criminal charges, where four out of every ten women are being raped in psychiatric wards, and where children are routinely abused sexually by their doctors.

The entire field of psychology is based on FRAUD, as psych drugs have been shown to be no more effective in “curing mental disease” than placebos, proving that it is one’s faith in the drug that makes them feel better.

In 2012, Dr. Irving Kirsch, associate director of the Placebo Studies Program at Harvard Medical School, was interviewed on 60 minutes, where he explained that his research showed that antidepressant drugs were no better than placebos. He showed how it was one’s faith in the drugs that made them feel better, and not the drugs themselves.

It’s less than 14 minutes long. This is on our Bitchute channel.

Last year (2023), we published a study that concluded that the “brain imbalance” theory used to prescribe psych drugs, was totally false.

America has a huge drug addiction problem, where drug dealers are literally destroying this country.

No, I am not referring to fentanyl, meth, crack, heroin, or any other “illegal street drug” and the people who push them.

I am referring to the much larger drug addiction problem with drugs that are distributed by a much larger drug dealer network: FDA-approved and authorized prescription drugs.

This is, by far, the largest criminal organization in the world. The pharmaceutical drugs distributed by medical doctors and purchased in drug stores that are on the corner of every city and town in America, are what is destroying this country.

These drugs are the leading cause of death in the United States, and their drug dealers are the largest class of criminal organizations in the world.

The holy grail of psychiatry that is used to justify pushing psych drugs onto people diagnosed with “mental illness,” including toddlers that are 2-3 years old, the “brain imbalance” theory, has been thoroughly debunked now by a study published last year in the journal Molecular Psychiatry:

The serotonin theory of depression: a systematic umbrella review of the evidence

This study caused a lot of outrage in the field of psychiatry, which is understandable as it rendered most psych drugs as useless and dangerous, and the study totally discredited the entire field of psychiatry as a fraud.

The authors waited almost a full year for all the criticisms to be sent in to them, and have now published their response:

The serotonin hypothesis of depression: both long discarded and still supported?

Full article.

And yet these corrupt psychiatrists have a very high standing in Corporate Christianity, with Pastors and other Christian leaders referring the members of their churches to these criminals to seek help for “mental health”, as doctors are seen as the answer to all health problems.

One of the largest “churches” in the world that guides millions of Christians to seek out psychiatrists to help them raise their families, is Focus on the Family, which was founded by a psychiatrist, Dr. James Dobson.

Their daily radio broadcast is reportedly heard on more than 5,000 stations in more than 150 languages, with an estimated global audience of more than 200 million people. (Source.)

This week, they published a 2-part broadcast on “mental health”, where once again, rather than discussing what the Bible teaches on “mental health”, they turned to a psychiatrist instead:

Finding Hope For Lasting Relief From Depression

Dr. Gregory Jantz, a leading authority on mental and behavioral health, shares encouragement and help for those overwhelmed by feelings of guilt and shame associated with depression. He tells success stories from patients who’ve found hope and healing for mind, soul and body, by developing healthy habits, growing spiritually in your faith community, and taking prescribed medication when appropriate.

Before proceeding, I want to address those who will take offense from me exposing how evil these drugs and doctors are, as you all have done so many times over the past decade and a half since I have been exposing this corruption, and will be tempted to email me with statements similar to this:

Brian, these drugs have literally saved my life, and I could not exist without them. You cannot know how people like us suffer from depression, and how life-saving these drugs are.

Oh yes I can. I am a suicide survivor, and have battled depression my whole life.

My life is a testimony of how one can throw away the false labels of “mental health disease” and trust God, and live a life where “nothing is impossible for God.” I have NEVER taken antidepressants, and I have not taken ANY kind of prescription drugs from a doctor for many years now.

These drugs are only harmful, and never healing. As Dr. Kirsch pointed out back in 2013, it is one’s faith in these drugs that brings any kind of relief, and I prefer to put my faith elsewhere.

I have studied some of these psychiatrists who are featured regularly on Focus on the Family, and they all have a very similar approach to dealing with “mental health” for children, and it seldom, if ever, refers to Jesus Christ and the Bible. As you can see above in the description to Dr. Gregory Jantz who was on the Focus on the Family broadcast today and yesterday, “growing spiritually in your faith community” is listed right along with taking prescribed medications.

Notice the emphasis on “faith community” rather than just one’s personal faith. Several years ago Hillary Clinton was demonized by Christians for saying that she believed it “takes a village” to raise a child, as Christians claimed that this belief promoted Government socialism.

But when “Christian” doctors state that it takes a “faith community” to raise a child, how is that any different? As I have shown many times, the U.S. Government and the American Church are essentially one and the same, as one cannot survive without the other.

One of these experts that Focus of the Family looks to for family guidance and health is Dr. Erica Komisar, who is “a clinical social worker, psychoanalyst, parent coach and author.” (Source.)

Pediatrician Dr. Meg Meeker is a regular contributor to Focus on the Family, and promotes Dr. Erica Komisar as an expert on “mental health”.

Erica Komisar lays out her blueprint for how to raise healthy children in her research paper, Being There: Raising Resilient Children. In a lecture on this research paper, she stated “Institutional care is the least good option,” but apparently medically kidnapping a child from parents who do not see “mental health” the way she (and others such as Focus on the Family) does, allows the option to then put the child into an “institution”, like a foster care group home.

If you search this “research paper” for “Jesus”, you will get zero returns.

That’s probably because Komisar is a Jew, and a featured “expert” among Jews as well as Christians.

She is also a frequent guest in the Corporate Media, and in 2019 in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, she reportedly said that parents who are atheists should just lie to their children about God. Among those who have praised her work is Leslie H. Gelb, President Emeritus, of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Christian adoption conference

Focus on the Family of course is a leader in the Christian Foster Care and Adoption child trafficking movement, and has featured such notable speakers as Professor Elizabeth Bartholet, who published: “Guiding Principles for Picking Parents” in the Harvard Women’s Law Journal in 2004.

She wrote:

Law decides who is and who is not a parent and whether and on what basis someone who is a parent is allowed to stop being one.

My argument is that the state should play a generally more activist role in the family by providing upfront increased support services aimed at enabling families to function successfully, and by being more willing to protect children from abuse and neglect when families break down.


Will Everyone in the U.S. Soon Need Government Approval to be Parents and Keep Their Children?

Doctors are the Supreme Authority in Corporate Christianity

When COVID appeared in 2020, Focus on the Family went out and got the most famous doctor in the United States, the U.S. Surgeon General, to come on their daily broadcast to tell everyone what the “Christian” response to COVID should be.

Dr. Jerome Adams was apparently knowledgeable about the Bible also, as he used it as a reference in his remarks that day.


John Fuller: Welcome to Focus on the Family with your host Focus president and author, Jim Daly. I’m John Fuller and it’s our honor to have the top doctor in the country with us today as our guest, the U.S. Surgeon General.

Dr. Adams: I think that’s critically important for everyone to know and for everyone to realize that we aren’t going to solve this crisis from Washington, D.C. It’s going to be solved in communities with people coming together and supporting each other to do the right thing.

Jim: Yeah and it’s – it’s the thing we need to do. I don’t know – it’s something about the American spirit, that individualism, that, you know, even though I’m being told to do it this way, I’m just going to do it a different way. (Laughter) It works against us in this circumstance, doesn’t it?

Dr. Adams: It absolutely does and, you know, when you think about the Bible, one of the things we talk about often is the church. And we talk about the need to be around each other. We can’t do it alone. We can’t get through these difficult times alone.

There is hope. There is – scientifically and from a faith perspective, there is reason to be hopeful.

In the few times that you see me get frustrated when I’m in the media is when people are trying to clearly put a political spin on an issue or when there really is an apparent agenda or when people are attacking government institutions like the CDC and like the FDA. These are public servants who gave up jobs that could’ve paid a whole lot more money to serve their country. And everyone, I can assure you, is working hard to try to get to the other side of this.

Jim: Well, and what a wonderful way to look at everybody’s effort here and please, on behalf of the millions of Focus listeners – express that when you can and when it’s appropriate – how much we’re praying for people and – and thinking of all of you. Let me ask you this question. It’s been in the media. You’re a brother in Christ so I trust your opinion in this regard. This whole mask issue – what? I mean again, to me, kind of a silly controversy in this moment. But, just clear the air. What should the mask approach be?

Dr. Adams: Thank you so much for the opportunity to address that issue because it is confusing. There is nuance. And here’s what I want people to know. Originally the CDC, the World Health Organization and my office all recommended against the general public wearing masks because we looked at the totality of the data at that time and the data out there was not in favor of wearing masks as a way to protect yourself from getting coronavirus. That said, we’re finding that more and more people are spreading the disease before they know they have symptoms and so, we have asked the CDC to look at the data and to figuring out if we should be recommending more people wear masks when they’re out in public as a way of preventing themselves from spreading coronavirus to others.

Jim: Right.

And I appreciate that so much, Dr. Adams. Surgeon General, I so appreciate you providing some time for us today at Focus on the Family. We will pray for you. Again, I want to ask every listener to put Surgeon General Adams on their prayer list. So, thank you again for being with us.

Dr. Adams: Thank you and again put the healthcare workers and the first responders on your prayer list, too, because they are out there risking their lives each and every day to keep us safe.

Jim: I so agree. God bless you.

Dr. Adams: God bless you, too.

Jim: Allow me to turn to you the listener. I mean, I am so proud of the programming that we’ve been able to bring to you. I mean, when I look back over the last couple of weeks we had Dr. Francis Collins, the head of the National Institutes of Health; Leader of the Senate, Senator Mitch McConnell; Dr. Hager and Dr. Lile talking about the abortion issue; and now, Surgeon General Dr. Adams giving us an update about what the nation is facing as the Nation’s Doctor.

I want to say thank you to you who help support the ministry. We’re able to do this and bring this informed and inspirational programming to you because of your support. (Source.)

If this isn’t strong evidence that Corporate Christianity works hand in hand with the U.S. Government, then I don’t know what is. When you support Corporate Christianity, you are supporting the U.S. Government and the medical system.

In 2015, Focus on the Family changed their tax status by stating that they were now a “church,” allowing them to keep private exactly how their money is being spent and the salaries of their most highly paid employees.

Major evangelical nonprofits are trying a new strategy with the IRS that allows them to hide their salaries

Several major evangelical organizations have in recent years moved to a new strategy where they shift from a nonprofit status to a “church” status with the IRS, allowing them to keep private exactly how their money is being spent and the salaries of their most highly paid employees.

That strategic shift was highlighted recently by MinistryWatch, an independent, donor-based group that monitors evangelical institutions. The IRS status change allows these groups, including Focus on the Family and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, to avoid filing a form that makes details of their institution’s finances public.

Leaders of the groups say they are changing their status to avoid administrative costs; some also believe that this status with the IRS could allow them extra religious-freedom protections in potential lawsuits over LGBT rights. The potential cost of applying to be a church is that the organizations cannot campaign on behalf of politicians or devote a substantial part of their work to lobbying on legislation. Critics say the option deprives the public of important information about how the tax-exempt organizations are operating.

“Transparency and accountability send an important message to the world, which is why this trend is so potentially destructive,” said Warren Cole Smith of MinistryWatch.

For decades, the U.S. tax code has allowed nonprofit organizations, including religious ones, to be exempt from most taxes. Donors can also deduct gifts to the nonprofit groups on their own taxes.

But tax-exempt organizations that are not houses of worship must also complete an annual Form 990. The form includes information about annual revenue, salaries of the highest-paid employees, names of board members and large contractors, and the amount of money the organization spends on administrative costs and fundraising. In lieu of a 990, some houses of worship (which are all generally described as “churches” by the IRS) choose to publicize their own audits, but doing so is not required.

MinistryWatch recently published a list of highly paid Christian ministry executives, but several pastors and nonprofit executives were excluded because many don’t file 990s. While these kinds of ministries range in purpose, they typically do not operate the same way most churches do, with at least one weekly worship service that is open to the public.

Smith said he began noticing this trend after writing about evangelist Franklin Graham’s salary in his reports for several years. Several 2015 reports suggested that Graham was making $880,000 on salaries from Samaritan’s Purse, the ministry he helped to found, and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, his father’s ministry. Now that the BGEA is listed as a church, it does not file a 990 but posts a financial report on its website; that document does not clearly state Graham’s salary from the ministry. Public filings suggest his compensation from Samaritan’s Purse is nearly $700,000. (Source.)

Focus on the Family is solidly pro-Pharma and pro-vaccines. You can find their position on vaccines here. It was obviously written by a medical doctor.


The first thing you need to know is that, contrary to the claims of some groups and individuals, vaccines are safe. Before any vaccine reaches your doctor’s office, it has undergone several rounds of rigorous clinical testing. The government continues to monitor all vaccines after their release to ensure that they are as safe as possible. While a small minority of children may experience mild reactions, including irritability, tenderness in the area of injection and low-grade fever, the likelihood of a severe reaction to a vaccine is extremely small – much smaller than the likelihood of complications due to the disease.

Some vaccines, such as the measles-mumps-rubella and diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis triple vaccines, are administered in combination and infants often receive several during a single office visit. This has led some parents to express concerns that their infant’s immune system might be weakened as a result of receiving too many vaccines at one time. In actuality, a child’s immune system is exposed to far fewer antigens over the entire course of recommended vaccinations than a child will face within the course of a normal day.

It is extremely important that immunization occur when children are young and still vulnerable. (Read the rest of their lies here.)

During COVID, they even prayed for vaccines and the World Health Organization.


A TV commentator said in recent weeks, “The mission is to conquer Covid.” The word conquer is the same word as Jesus used in Revelation 2:17. Some translate it “overcome”.

Dr. Roger Birkman would often make this statement:

“The reality of life is that your perceptions—right or wrong—influence everything you do. When you get a proper perspective of your perceptions, you may be surprised how many other things fall into place.”

As we travelled together and I stayed with him and Sue at their home in Houston, often late into the night, Dr. Birkman and I talked about how God does not always remove obstacles, rather, He wants us to stay the course and overcome in His strength.

I am praying that God will reveal a vaccine to the world scientists (and I am grateful for the World Health Organization who are encouraging them to work together). That being said, we will not eradicate this virus, it is here to stay and it is yet to be determined how a new vaccine will protect us. (Source.)

How Many More Lives Will be Destroyed by Corporate Christianity Pushing Big Pharma’s Drugs and Vaccines?

We recently published the story of a young man who was living on the streets homeless, and then met the Jesus of the Bible. See:

Young Man Living on the Streets Finds Jesus of the Bible – Overcomes Drug and “Terminally Online” Addictions

His road to addiction and ending up on the streets homeless began when his parents, Christians employed by Big Pharma, put him on the psych drug Adderall at age 8.

I was born to into a two-parent household in the mid 90’s, in a busy suburban neighborhood, outside of a busy east coast city. My parents were both involved in medicine, and I never had a lack of anything which I desired. On Christmas morning I couldn’t even see the bottom half of the tree.

Spiritually speaking, I was well versed in the practices of fair-weather Christianity, attending church on Christmas eve, Easter, and maybe a few other choice occasions when convenient. I remember being confirmed, although faith took a back seat (or no seat) in my life.

It was the early 2000’s, and Runescape and Newgrounds ruled my life.

Because I enjoyed having having fun with friends rather than studying math, a child psychologist determined that I had ADHD, and I was placed on Adderall around the age of 8.

This led to me developing motor tics, causing me to isolate, as I was very embarrassed being unable to control certain movements like the shaking of my head and rolling my eyes compulsively.

It was not the end of me socially, but I  found myself gravitating more towards video games, and what has now come to be known as a terminally online lifestyle. (Full article.)

And he was not the only one living on the streets due to addictions to prescription drugs. He recently wrote to me:

I got to know people pretty well. A lot of the time was spent talking. Most of the time it was a lot of homeless gossip. Sometimes we would talk about where we came from. This one woman I knew, Karren, actually came from a pretty affluent background, I think her father was a doctor. She had constructed a behemoth of a shelter out of bamboo and tarps, so I would go over to her spot frequently.

Every person I was with frequently was using drugs or drinking or both, and everyone typically got there because of prescription drugs or just experimenting with drugs from a young age. Tons of “mental health” problems on top of the drug problems.

As I recently wrote, Corporate Christianity wants to make you believe that you cannot survive in life without them, and that there are no “lone ranger” Christians, and that one MUST be part of a “church”, or “faith community.” See:

Christian Myths: The Bible does NOT Teach that it is Required for Believers in Jesus to “Join a Church”

But they are lying to you, as they lie about almost everything that has to do with “family” and the medical system. What they teach about “family” is not from the Bible. See:

The Concept of the American Christian Family is a Myth and is NOT Found Anywhere in the Bible

There are just as many pedophiles and child abusers among the leaders in Corporate Christianity, as there are anywhere else, and maybe even more.

I just typed into an Internet search engine: “pastor arrested sex abuse” – and it returned 3,720,000 results.

See also:

Child Sex Predators Live Near You and Most of Them are Leaders of Your Community

It’s time to leave the Corporate Christian Church, if you have not done so already, while you still can.

Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?

Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.

Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.

Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’

Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’ (Matthew 7:13-23)

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