Texas Homeschool Family of 10 Reunited One Year After CPS Took Children

Seeing families reunited and rejoicing once again, after being unjustly separated by Child Protective Services (CPS) is the passion that fuels us to continue to expose the destructive activities of CPS agencies and Family Courts throughout the United States (and even the world). Their rejoicing is also our reward as we rejoice with them. It is with great joy that we share this story of the Rembis family in Texas being reunited and rejoicing with their 10 children!

Arkansas CPS Attorney Writes: “What Happened to my Country?”

So I'm lying here and can't sleep for the second night in a row wondering what has happened to my Country. My Country that Merle Haggard sang about. My Country that was born of courage of the likes of Nathaniel Bacon, Francis Marion, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry and Sam Houston. My Country that hometown buddies would fight to defend if you so much as insulted her; and even more dangerous and downright foolish was to insult Texas or the South. My Country that loved and protected her own above all others; but was kind, and strong, and protective of the weak and oppressed. If my Country ever truly existed she has just as surely as I lie here writing this with tears in my eyes been put to death by apathy, and greed, and weakness, and cowardice. Everyday I see injustice. Everyday I see oppression. Everyday I see on the faces of my clients; terror and anguish as they are forced to endure the wrath of "Child Protective Services". Child Protective Services operates with no sense of duty to the people. The checks and balances and safeguards created by our Constitutions are ignored today and no citizen in this State can be secure in his person, house, paper, or effect, if he is a parent with a minor child in his care. Arkansas DCFS boldly and openly operates outside both the US and Arkansas Constitutions and will continue to do so as long as we the people allow it.

“Terrorism Is An Inadequate Term To Describe What CPS Puts Families Through” – Arkansas Attorney Joe Churchwell

Arkansas attorney Joseph Churchwell was interviewed by Tammi Stefano this past week on the National Safe Child Show. Attorney Churchwell has seen first hand the corruption of "Child Protection Services" (CPS) in his state, the state of Arkansas, including the way they tried to destroy the homeschooling family of Hal and Michelle Stanley last year, which we covered here on MedicalKidnap.com. Attorney Churchwell, who represents families in his state in their fight against the corruption in child social services in Arkansas, agrees with the late Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer, who stated that CPS is too corrupt to be reformed, and needs to be abolished.