Verdict – Missouri Resident Isaiah Rider To Remain Ward of the State of Illinois

Michelle Rider is in shock. Her son is upset and angry. They cannot believe that the system can get away with making 17 year old Isaiah Rider a permanent ward of the state of Illinois. The Missouri residents only visited the state in order to have a surgery there that was supposed to help Isaiah, who suffers from a rare neurological condition that leaves painful tumors on nerves. Instead of helping him, the actions initiated by Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago have resulted in custody of Isaiah being seized by Child Protective Services of Illinois. The final hearing for the Riders was on Wednesday, March 11, and the verdict was not at all what they had hoped to hear. Michelle writes: "Isaiah was just made a ward of the court in the state of IL. A Missouri residing resident is a ward of another state."

The Isaiah Rider Case – Why Didn’t the Choctaw Tribe Save Isaiah From This Nightmare?

We have been following the Isaiah Rider case since last year when he was kidnapped from his mother, by Child Protective Services, after Lurie Childrens Hospital accused her of “Medical Child Abuse”. What followed after that has been a long and twisted road of stonewalling, roadblocks and what appears to be a betrayal by some in the Choctaw Nation, the Native American tribe to which both Isaiah and Michelle belong. The Choctaw who could have intervened and rescued Isaiah from a system where he had recently been sexually assaulted, instead sided with CPS and the state of Illinois and agreed to leave him in their custody. It wasn’t until recently that we came across a potential conflict of interest that might explain why the Choctaw chose to side with CPS and Lurie Childrens Hospital.

EX-CPS Investigator Uses Illinois Gov Facebook to Attack Mom of Medically Kidnapped Teen Isaiah Rider

A former llinois DCFS Investigator has publicly attacked Michelle Rider on the Facebook page of Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner. This person made statements about details of Isaiah’s medical kidnapping case, even though he quit working as a DCSF Investigator in 2012, prior to the State of Illinois taking custody of Isaiah Rider. How does he know these details? Who is giving this information to him? The conversation has been removed from Facebook, but screenshots were preserved.

Author and Attorney: Medical Kidnapping of Children is Very Real

A nationally known author and attorney tells KMOX News she’s worked with parents who know that medical kidnapping is very real. Beth Maloney has written Childhood Interrupted and Saving Sammy – both about her battle to get a proper diagnosis for her son, who suffered neuropsychiatric disorders as a result of a simple strep infection. She now advocates for other families. “These are parents who are taking their children to the emergency room of hospitals because their children are desperately ill and they are trying to find help,” she says. Instead, Maloney says she’s seen parents who end up on the receiving end of allegations – “medical neglect and doctor shopping, and the next thing you know, the hospital has notified the state and state jumps in and takes custody of the children.”

New Missouri Bill Filed to Prevent Medical Kidnapping

Rep. Wilson from Smithville said, “Parents have a right to make sure their child is receiving the medical care that they deem necessary, and a second opinion? Why is that an issue?” The bill would protect a guardian from charges of abuse or neglect if they seek another opinion by a licensed health provider and the parent follows that prescribed treatment. “I wouldn't think you would have to pass legislation to make sure a parent's rights are supreme, but apparently we do,” said Wilson.

Missouri Teen Medically Kidnapped Was Raped and Sodomized While in Illinois Foster Care

Isaiah Rider is a 17-year old Missouri resident who was taken away from his mother at the age of 16 by Illinois child protective services – DCFS – while in Lurie Children's Hospital for medical treatment. Recently, he has come forward publicly with devastating information about the trauma that he experienced as a ward of the state of Illinois. While he was in a Chicago foster home, he was raped and sodomized. Though this has been reported to his social worker, his guardian ad litem and the authorities, nothing is being done about it according to the family.

17 Year Old Held Captive in Chicago Hospital: Denied Choice of Attorney – Protest & Rally Scheduled!

Imagine - a teenager taken away from his family because his mother wanted a second opinion on his medical condition and suffering, being put into a foster care home in a rough neighborhood of Chicago and being threatened on the streets with guns, finally being able to return to his home town only to be told weeks later that he has to go back to Chicago, and armed security guards making sure he gets into an ambulance to go back, while the hospital drugs him with a sedative, and then being forced to wear a security bracelet preventing him from leaving the hospital, denying him visitors, and also denying his right to choose the attorney he wants to represent him at 17 years old. Sound like an action thriller movie? Actually, it is a living nightmare for one family in Chicago, and they need your help.

Medical Kidnap: 17 Year Old Isaiah Rider Taken Captive Against His Will

Isaiah Rider is 17 years old, and has been in custody of the State of Illinois for several months over a medical dispute. However, for the past several weeks Isaiah was allowed to return home from Lurie Children's hospital in Chicago to his grandparents' home in Kansas City, while his mother, a nurse, has fought the State of Illinois to regain custody of her son. On December 6, 2014, the State of Illinois, allegedly via his guardian ad litem, Kim Boone, forced Isaiah Rider to get into an ambulance and return to Chicago, even though neither he nor his family wanted him to return to the place where he was separated from his family previously, and where he reportedly suffered emotional distress. Isaiah made a very emotional video the night before he was taken away by force in an ambulance. The video has been posted on YouTube. The Team Isaiah Facebook Page is reporting that Isaiah is confined at Comer Children's Hospital, is not allowed visitors, and is wearing a "security sensor bracelet" on his wrist. They report that he has even been denied pastoral care by the hospital.

Isaiah Rider Being Forced to Leave Home Town and Return to Chicago Against His Will

Health Impact News has just learned that Team Isaiah Facebook Page is reporting that the State of Illinois is transporting Isaiah Rider back to Chicago from Kansas City against his wish and the wish of his family on December 5th.

17 Year Old Boy Breaks Silence on Medical Kidnapping: Reports Hospital Drugged Him at Time of Custody Dispute

Denied a voice and presence in current court proceedings regarding a custody battle between his mother and Illinois CPS and Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago, 17 year old Isaiah Rider has decided not to remain silent any longer, and recently told his story in an exclusive interview with Health Impact News reporter Terri LaPoint.