Medical Kidnapping in San Bernardino California: Innocent Mom Goes To Jail?

September 4, 2013, a San Bernardino County social worker instructed the mother of two-year-old Melina to “pack up her daughters stuff…she belongs to the county now.” Heavenly Ramos of Upland California, the mother of Melina, had her daughter removed from her home based on allegations that she had 5 bone fractures, all with different levels of healing, throughout her body. Christopher McCown, who had been with Heavenly and little Melina since she was two months old, raced home after a 2 hour interrogation by CPS, but he was moments too late. In tears, Heavenly recalls him saying, “I didn’t even get to say good bye…they took her and I couldn’t even tell her how much I love her.” Eleven months after that day, CPS removed their other child, newborn son Jacob, hours after his birth. The couple now has no children left at home.