18 Year Old Vermont Girl Medically Kidnapped & Abused Now Fights Adult Protective Services to Remain Free

Our first story earlier this year about Elissa Maple was a sad story given to us by her mother Karen. Her mother reported how the State medically kidnapped her 16 year old daughter Elissa, drugged her, and held her in a mental facility against the wish of both Elissa and her family. Elissa reported that she was repeatedly drugged against her consent, and sexually abused while in the custody of the State. The facility holding Elissa wanted her to sign papers that would give them custody of Elissa beyond her 18th birthday on July 1, 2015. Fortunately, a judge agreed with Elissa and her family, and ordered her released. Elissa is happy to be back again with her family, but it is a happiness intertwined with fear, as Massachusetts Adult Protective Services is now trying to take over custody of Elissa.

Vermont Teen Forcibly Drugged and Incarcerated By DCF Wants to Come Home for 18th Birthday

A judge has ruled that Vermont teen Elissa Maple be returned home on her 18th birthday, which is July 1, but DCF is fighting the ruling, even allegedly attempting bribery of the teenager to get her to voluntarily sign over her rights on her birthday. If she does so, they can keep her in the system for an additional 3 years. Elissa has spent the last year and a half being held against her will in a Massachusetts mental health facility, and has been forced to consume a cocktail of unwanted drugs. With her release date just one month away, Elissa has reported to her mother, Karen, that the people at the hospital have promised her photography classes, money, and a number of free services if she will voluntarily sign herself in to their system, programs that Karen says she would be able to get anyway, even out from under their care. Karen reports that the hospital staff has begun taking Elissa out to eat dinner on most nights, and has taken her to the zoo and the mall, all while on a cocktail of psychiatric drugs, in an apparent attempt to bribe her to sign away her rights. If she does so, Karen says that they will have complete control over her daughter.