CPS Threatens To Kidnap 7 Year Old in California When Parents Try to Transfer to Different Hospital

Kennedy May Willey suffered her first seizure as a child shortly after receiving the DTaP vaccine. Today she is a 7 year-old girl diagnosed with Dravet syndrome who has led a very active and "normal" life. They attribute much of their success to the GAPS diet. When her seizures recently increased, her parents found themselves in a hospital with what they believe was an over-zealous doctor that wanted to try a drug cocktail of treatments. Seeing her condition quickly deteriorate, they sought to transfer her to another facility. They were threatened with losing their daughter to CPS, so they hired attorneys to help them get her daughter transferred. The Willeys want to share their story with others as a warning to the dangers of medical kidnapping that so many other parents are facing today. Have we now come to the point in the United States that in order to get one's child transferred to another hospital or seek different treatment options that one needs to hire attorneys to do so? What about those who cannot afford attorneys?