North Carolina Whistle-blower Imprisoned, Daughter Kidnapped by CPS – Are Their Lives Now in Danger?

One Native American tribe’s descent from a proud heritage into lawlessness and greed has gone unchecked for decades. Until now. In 2012, Randy Davis just wanted to obtain a box of his family’s papers from his local tribal headquarters. Little did he know his questions would bring down retaliation that included his daughter being kidnapped by CPS, theft, false imprisonment, uncounted civil rights violations, his name smeared, his livelihood lost, and his life forever changed. Though the Croatan, as a people, still exist, many of its leaders appear to have sold out their birth right for state and federal largesse – not only changing their tribal name, but paying academics to eradicate the name from historical research and even illegally changing birth/death certificates. In addition to this paper genocide being perpetrated against the tribe by its own, there is federal and state fraud and abuse, and the lawless attempts to bribe, smear, coerce, kidnap and jail those members who might object or reveal the truth. And then there is the “reservation shopping” by the national casino and gambling interests who have literally stolen the Croatan’s historical records, apparently in an effort to “create” a tribe worthy of federal recognition, with the accompanying right to set up casinos, netting billions of dollars for those who control it. One man stumbled into all of this unwittingly, setting off such retaliation that he has considered seeking witness protection for himself and his daughter.