Ohio Amish Girl Who Refused Forced Chemo Now Reported Cancer-free

A relative says an Ohio Amish girl diagnosed with leukemia continues natural treatments while hiding with her parents amid a legal case over whether she'll be forced to resume chemotherapy. Doctors fought the family's decision to end chemotherapy, saying Sarah Hershberger would die without it. Her grandfather tells the Akron Beacon Journal that Sarah recently celebrated her 11th birthday and seems vibrant and healthy. Isaac Keim says blood and imaging tests showed the cancer is gone. The family's attorney says it fled home in northeast Ohio's Medina County, leaving the country at one point to avoid having to resume chemotherapy treatments. A state appeals court has appointed a guardian to take over Sarah's medical decisions. Keim says the family returned to the U.S. but remains in hiding.

Family of Amish Girl Who Fled the Country to Avoid Forced Experimental Chemo Tells Their Side of the Story

Why did Akron Children's Hospital spend so much time and resources to prosecute this Amish family, trying to force a 10-year old to receive chemotherapy that neither she nor her family wanted, even after multiple judges ruled custody of the 10-year old to her parents, multiple times? What motivated this hospital to seek out a different judge to finally award custody of this 10-year old child to their hospital attorney, forcing the family to flee the country? The family has spoken out and given their side of the story, which the mainstream media apparently has no interest in covering.