Cannabis: The “Gateway Drug” Leading AWAY from Prescription Drug Addiction

There are currently over 32 million Americans using FDA-approved anti-anxiety prescription drugs (benzodiazepines), based on 2018 data. That includes almost 400,000 children under the age of 5 years old, and over 100,000 infants under the age of 1. According to a study published on the National Institute of Health (NIH) website in 2016, benzodiazepine prescriptions increased 4.1 percent in 1996 to 5.6 percent in 2013, a 37 percent increase, while deaths from benzodiazepine prescriptions increased from 0.58 per 100,000 adults to about 3 per 100,000 adults, or about 8,000 deaths per year, an increase of more than 500 percent. And these statistics are for just one class of anti-psychotic drugs, anti-anxiety (benzodiazepine) drugs. According to data from 2020, about 77 million Americans are taking some form of an anti-psychotic drug. Over 100 people die every day in the U.S. from prescription drugs (pre-COVID, that number would be much higher today), and over 50% of all drug deaths in the U.S. are from prescription drugs. By way of contrast, about 52 million Americans use cannabis (marijuana), which is still illegal at the federal level and not FDA-approved, and to date there has not been a single death attributed to cannabis use, according to the NIH. The corporate media and Big Pharma have been saying for decades now that cannabis use is a "gateway drug" leading people to become addicted to more dangerous drugs. Well, I think everyone agrees that marijuana is a "gateway drug", but a "gateway" leading in which direction? The evidence points to cannabis use as a "gateway" AWAY from deadly prescription drugs, such as opioids and anti-psychotics, and is also being used to help people stop drinking alcohol. Of course that means decreased revenues for Big Pharma, and not just for anti-anxiety drugs. Learn more about the "other side" of cannabis that threatens Big Pharma.

America’s Biggest Criminal Drug Dealers Go Free and Continue to Push Their Drugs that Destroy Lives

Two of America's largest criminal drug dealers recently reached a $10 billion settlement for their role in America's opioid crisis that has cost tens of thousands of deaths and countless lives destroyed for the past several years. As part of this settlement, nobody goes to prison, and these drug dealers get to keep pushing their harmful drugs. They even get to spread out their criminal payments over several years so they don't suffer any business loss. The CDC had originally issued stricter guidelines for prescribing opioids in an effort to reduce illegal use and addictions, but a couple of weeks ago they backtracked on those guidelines making it easier for doctors to continue prescribing opioids. Deaths resulting from prescription pharmaceutical drugs far exceed deaths due to illegal street drugs, and it is not even close. The "war on drugs" started during the 1970s has created several generations now of mind-controlled drug users who incorrectly believe that illegal drugs are dangerous, while their prescription drugs are safe. The most commonly used "illegal drug" used by millions of Americans today is cannabis, or marijuana. While cannabis use has increased in the U.S. for both recreational and medical reasons, the pharma-funded corporate media continues to demonize it, and for good reason. Marijuana is best known for its recreational use, but if you can bypass the corporate censorship that obviously sees marijuana as a threat to patented pharmaceutical drugs, you will learn that the therapeutic benefits to marijuana are absolutely amazing. And some doctors are actually using medical marijuana to get people off of deadly opioids. According to data retrieved from the FDA due to a Freedom of Information Act request, nobody has ever died as a result of using marijuana, making it one of the safest natural drugs available, in spite of what you may be hearing and reading from the pharma-controlled corporate media.

Big Pharma Investing $BILLIONS in Patented Marijuana Drugs while the Natural Plant Remains Illegal to Millions of Americans

While the U.S. Federal Government continues to classify the marijuana plant as an illegal drug as part of the "Controlled Substances Act," the FDA has now approved patented drugs derived from the plant for medical use. One marijuana FDA-approved pharmaceutical product is currently being used to treat children for epilepsy, and the FDA is expected to approve another marijuana-based drug soon for treating multiple sclerosis. According to Fierce Pharma, the company with the first FDA-approved marijuana drug is investing $100 million to grow more pot, although if you try to grow some for yourself, depending on which state you live in, you could be arrested, spend time in prison, and have your children removed from your custody. In Idaho, for example, a state where marijuana sales still remain illegal, the new Jazz Pharmaceutical marijuana drug for treating multiple sclerosis that the FDA is expected to approve soon, needed a special bill in Idaho, and law makers who are against families using the natural marijuana plant and are all too willing to medically kidnap their children if they dare to use it, all of a sudden are pro-marijuana because a pharmaceutical company now sells it, and the FDA approves it. So while Idaho Senator Scott Grow supports marijuana if it is approved by the FDA as a drug, if it is not, he wants those who use the natural plant to be treated like criminals "to protect Idaho families." And that pretty much summarizes those who oppose marijuana as a natural plant, which is mainly among "Conservative" lawmakers. Treat loving parents as criminals if they use the natural plant and then take their children away from them, but treat the criminal FDA and Big Pharma as saints for providing marijuana patented drugs that can be prescribed by doctors. Meanwhile, a Bill to end the Federal ban on natural marijuana comes before the House this week. This is usually considered a "liberal Democratic" issue, as most Republican Conservatives support the "war on drugs" which is actually a war on natural herbal medicines which cannot be patented, in most cases, to protect the pharmaceutical industry. With Democrats in control of the House and Senate, as well as the White House, does this bill have a chance? Or will the pharmaceutical lobby make sure it never sees the light of day, as it has done for past many decades?

Mother Forced to Give Son Chemo, Even Though He is in Remission

A Colorado mother is being forced to put her son, who is suffering from leukemia, back into toxic chemotherapy and radiation treatment that almost killed him, even though his cancer is in remission. When her son almost died from the first round of chemotherapy, she took him to Colorado so she could give him medical marijuana which is natural and has none of the side effects of chemotherapy. In spite of the fact that there is solid scientific research on cannabis healing cancer, it remains not only a drug not approved by the FDA, but a criminal illegal drug federally. Colorado recently passed laws allowing it to be distributed in that state. But under threat of the CPS taking her child away, she was forced to obey a medical doctor to allow chemotherapy to resume again.