Ohio CPS Destroys Family of 5 Children – Parents Acquitted of Any Wrong Doing

Chris and Kathy Butner of Ohio answered their door one day and found two policemen and Child Protection Services there to take away their 5 children. They asked "why," but no explanation was given. They were told that "everything was going to be just fine." They reportedly complied with everything CPS told them to do, and CPS allegedly told the parents that reunification was the goal. But their children were apparently being told by their foster parents that they were going to be adopted. They were frightened, and their parents told them not to worry, as they would soon be home. Originally accused of Munchausen by Proxy, Kathy says the court later found no evidence of abuse or medical neglect. But apparently that did not matter. Their visits to their children were cut off, and the children were adopted. Chris and Kathy have been told there is nothing that can be done for them now that they have been adopted, and that they should just move on. They ask, "How? Could you just move on?" Kathy still hears her oldest son saying, “I thought you made me a promise?” Those words don't go away for Kathy and her husband. There is no closure for them. Not a day goes by in that home that was once filled with their children’s laughter where the silence continues to take over their minds. Their children have now been led to believe that they have stopped fighting. They want their children to know they have not stopped fighting, and they will not give up.