Medically Kidnapped Toddlers of Tennessee Parents Returned After 2 Years

It was the best news ever for Chris and Keshia Turner of East Tennessee. After two and a half years battling Child Protective Services, their children were coming home. On Friday, June 24, 2017, Keshia posted the happy news on Facebook that they were on their way to pick up their children. When Health Impact News first spoke with the Turners more than two years ago, their oldest son Brayden had been taken from them by the Tennessee Department of Children's Services (DCS) after doctors discovered that her son had multiple fractures in various stages of healing. Keshia was accused of Shaken Baby Syndrome and abuse. Keshia told us that she believed that her son Brayden was coming home eventually. Her faith in God was what kept her going, she said, and she trusted that God would one day bring good out of all that they were going through. Then, she gave birth to Carson in September 2015. Because DCS had an ongoing case against Keshia, her 4 day old baby was seized by DCS and placed with his brother. Through it all, the Turners fought hard to get their children back. When we first spoke with the couple more than 2 years ago, they knew that there had to be some kind of medical explanation for Braydon's broken bones and symptoms. However, once a doctor accused the parents of abuse, they said that the doctors stopped looking for answers. But Keshia did not stop looking. She knew that there had to be answers that the doctors had missed.

Baby Found with Broken Bones – Parents Assumed Guilty of Abuse and Lose Custody

Keshia Turner understands why authorities wanted an investigation. She and her husband Chris want answers, too. They desperately want to know what is wrong with their baby boy Brayden, because something is clearly wrong. She believed that the investigation would lead to a medical explanation being found for her baby's medical and developmental issues, an explanation that would demonstrate that they are loving, dedicated parents, and would lead to proper treatment for their child. However, a Child Abuse doctor at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital accused Keshia of abuse instead. With no formal charges filed, and no trial or hearing conducted for over 9 months now, Keisha and her husband have lost custody of their baby who is no longer breastfed, and whom they can only visit 1 hour per week.