CPS Kidnapped Michigan Twins Return Home – In Worse Shape Than When the State Took Them

In a dramatic turn of events, Michigan twins Abbie and Alexis Odonnell have been returned home to their family. In July, the family court told the teens' family that they were considering sending them to a facility in Boystown, Nebraska, and their family feared for their safety. (See story here.) All contact had been cut off between the twins and their mother Laura Odonnell, and there was a difficult 6 week period when Laura had no word about the twins at all. The situation looked hopeless. But now the girls are home. However, nothing prepared Laura for the condition that her twins were in when they were returned to her.

Michigan Teen Girl in CPS Custody Near Death – Twin Sister Pleads for Her Life

A Michigan teenager was close to death in CPS custody in December, but advocates worked together to fight for her life. Abbie Odonnell, now 15, is much better, but now her twin sister Alexis, who remains in a juvenile detention facility, has deteriorated to the point where her family fears for her life. Her mother says: "She won't survive another 7 months." Before Child Protective Services and the state of Michigan became involved in their lives, the girls showed no signs of any eating disorders. After being taken from their home and family, Abbie has developed anorexia and bulimia, and Alexis has bulimia. It took social media and an article from Health Impact News on their Medical Kidnap website to get help for Abbie, whose condition had become very serious in December, and she is now on the road to recovery. Now it is her twin sister Alexis who desperately needs help. Her family was alarmed when they saw the condition Alexis was in at court last week, with her hands and feet shackled, and the family has again reached out to Health Impact News and their readers for help.