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Brian Shilhavy, editor of Health Impact News, has just published a new book:

The New Child Abuse Pediatrician: Doctors become Prosecutors

The book is a compilation of over 5 years of research and publishing on, part of the Health Impact News network, covering the topic of Child Abuse Pediatricians, and their role in medical kidnapping.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Going to the Children’s Hospital? Bring Your Lawyer.

  • New Pediatric Sub-specialty Appears to Correlate with Recent Epidemic of Medical Kidnappings
  • New Pediatric Sub-specialty: the “Child Abuse Pediatrician”
  • Children’s Hospitals Build Entire Teams focused on Child Abuse
  • Child Abuse is Not A Medical Diagnosis, but a Legal Accusation
  • Multiple Ethical Concerns for Child Abuse Specialists and Teams
  • “Defensive Doctoring” Leading to Families Wrongly Accused?
  • Child Abuse Pediatricians a Self-fulfilling Prophecy?
  • Video Surveillance Violates Privacy Rights, Heightens Antagonism
  • Families Irreparably Damaged, Reputations and Jobs Lost, Children Emotionally

Chapter 2: Child Abuse Pediatricians: An “Ethically Bankrupt” Profession that Destroys Families

  • Child Abuse Pediatricians: An “Ethically Bankrupt” Profession that Destroys Families
  • Child Abuse Pediatrics: The “Science” of Arrogance
  • High Risks for Hurting Families: Ambiguous Clinical Situations Lead to Accusations
  • Medical Child Abuse Numbers on the Rise
  • Child Abuse Pediatricians – Ethically Bankrupt
  • Arrogant Disregard for Specialists
  • Multiple Conflicting Roles of CAPs Strain Objectivity
  • Discounting Community Professionals Who Know the Family
  • Misplaced Trust: Other Professionals Abdicate Responsibility
  • Pseudo-Science of “Shaken Baby Syndrome” Demonstrates Flaws in Child Abuse Pediatrics
  • Child Abuse Pediatrics and SBS – Riddled with Biased Opinion, Flawed Science
  • “Religiously Fanatic” Pediatric Professionals Resist New Findings
  • Uneven Distribution of SBS Cases Nationwide Demonstrates Unequal Justice
  • Accountable to No One – No Legal Recourse for Innocent Families
  • Searchable Database of State Child Abuse Programs by State

Chapter 3: Pediatric Child Abuse “Experts” are NOT Experts in Anything

  • Defense Lawyers, Prosecutors Spar over Hospital’s Agreement to Help Prosecute Cases
  • The Agreement Explains Things
  • Child Abuse Doctors – Working for the Prosecution
  • Ethics Concerns in Child Abuse Investigations
  • Child Abuse “Experts” – NOT Experts in Anything
  • Finding “Child Abuse” Motivated by Funding, not Actual Abuse
  • Many Innocent Parents Accused by Child Abuse Doctors
  • Conflict of Interest Should Be Disclosed
  • Social Workers and Judges Duped by Child Abuse Specialists
  • Shouldn’t Child Abuse Specialists Be Required to Read “Miranda Rights” to Parents?
  • Outside of the Corrupt Family Court System, Judges are Increasingly Throwing out Child Abuse Convictions if Opposing Medical Testimony is Not Presented at Trial

Chapter 4: Child Abuse Pediatricians: Exposing Their Role in Medical Kidnappings to the Public

  • We The People

Chapter 5: Elite Medical Doctors Seek to Control the Media and Public’s Perception of Child Abuse Specialists

  • The Helfer Society Wants to Educate Media
  • More on the Helfer Society Agenda
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome
  • Policies Serve to Endanger, Not Protect, Children

Chapter 6: Has the U.S. Become a Medical Police State? How Doctors Deny Due Process to Kidnap Children Through CPS

  • “The Battered-Child Syndrome”
  • Other Medical Conditions Rejected by Kempe and His Followers
  • Circular Reasoning
  • CPS Established as Result of Doctors’ Assertions
  • There Has Never Been Complete Consensus with Child Abuse Doctors’ Interpretations
  • Using X-rays to “Prove” Child Abuse
  • Conclusion: How Much Longer will Society Allow Doctors to Have the Power to Kidnap Children and Destroy Families?

Chapter 7: History of Shaken Baby Theories Exposed: How an Elite Group of Pediatric Radiologists Started Medical Kidnapping in the 1940s

  • Dr. John Caffey Established His Breed of Doctors as “The Experts” in Child Abuse –
    in the 1940s
  • Caffey’s Junior Assistant Discovers “Unrecognized Skeletal Trauma”
  • Dr. Edward Neuhauser
  • Exclusive Group of Pediatric Radiologists Is Formed
  • Society Gives Rise to “The Battered-Child Syndrome” Landmark Paper
  • X-Rays Have Never Told the Whole Picture
  • It Goes Back to Funding and Power

Chapter 8: Attorney: Child Abuse Pediatricians Aligned with Child Protective Services Destroy Innocent Families

  • Reforming the Use of Child Abuse Pediatric Teams in Child Protective Case
  • Introduction
  • The Rise of Child Abuse Pediatrics and Alignment with State Authorities
  • Wrongful Convictions Raise Questions
  • Addressing Legal and Ethical Issues

Chapter 9: Legal Experts: Shaken Baby Diagnosis Leads to “Destruction of Families Beyond Anything Comparable in the Modern History of the American Justice System”

  • Losing in the courts, the medical system is trying to fight back

Chapter 10: American Academy of Pediatrics’ Failing Shaken Baby Syndrome Diagnoses: Use Tyranny When Science Fails

  • General Consensus Does Not Equal Proof or Fact

Chapter 11: Vaccine Induced Scurvy and Shaken Baby Syndrome

  • Scurvy and Vaccination
  • The history of vaccines causing scurvy.  Many parents falsely accused of inflicted injury—the infamous shaken baby syndrome

Chapter 12: World Renowned Neuropathologist has Career Destroyed for Disproving Shaken Baby Syndrome

  • World Renowned Neuropathologist has Career Destroyed for Disproving Shaken Baby Syndrome
  • Other Professionals Agree with Dr. Squier – Consider SBS Theory “Junk Science”
  • Are the General Medical Council Members Qualified to Rule on SBS, or Was This Simply a “Witch Hunt”?
  • Supreme Irony: Dr. Squire to Receive “Champion of Justice Award” from 69
    Organizations Around the World
  • Parents Exonerated from Crimes they did not Commit Speak Out

Chapter 13: Dr. Squier Wins Appeal but Banned from Telling the Truth in Court about Shaken Baby Syndrome

  • Dr. Waney Squier Wins Her Appeal but Banned from Telling the Truth in Court
  • Over Three Hundred Doctors, Scientists and Lawyers Write Letter of Protest
  • Dr. Squiers’ Win Tinged with Sadness
  • Never Question Authority
  • Three Leading Pathologists Accuse Police of Smear Campaign

Chapter 14: Common Childbirth Practice Could Lead to Later False Diagnosis of Shaken Baby Syndrome

  • Pitocin
  • Cytotec and Other Risks for Brain Injury
  • Even Normal Birth Can Result in Shaken Baby Symptoms
  • Medical Heresy to Question Shaken Baby Doctrine
  • Circular Reasoning
  • Once Abuse Is Mentioned, Doctors Stop Looking for Other Causes
  • More Information about Shaken Baby Syndrome

Chapter 15: Study: Shaken Baby Syndrome Diagnosis Lacks Scientific Evidence – Leads to False Accusations of Child Abuse

  • SBS Diagnosis Lacks Scientific Evidence
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome as a Diagnosis
  • A Typical Scenario
  • Increased Awareness of Criteria for Diagnosis of Abuse
  • Diagnosis of Child Abuse Varies by Region
  • While Accusations Increase, Fewer Parents Are Shaking Babies
  • Tens of Thousands of Innocent Parents May Be Incarcerated for False Accusation of Abuse
  • See stories of families impacted by allegations of Shaken Baby Syndrome:
  • More Information about Shaken Baby Syndrome:

Chapter 16: Study: In 96% of Shaken Baby Syndrome Cases Analyzed Infants Had Metabolic Bone Disorders

  • Causes of Brittle Bone Disorders
  • Child Abuse Pediatricians: A Medical Profession Dependent on Finding Child Abuse

Chapter 17: New Proposed Federal Law Would Make it Easier to Medically Kidnap Children by Doctors

Chapter 18: Exposing How Child Abuse Pediatricians Medically Kidnap Children: A Guide for Parents

  • Trapped, Like a Dolphin in a Net
  • Risk Factors Identified by AAP
  • Military Service Targeted as “At Risk”
  • Explanations that Trigger Abuse Suspicions
  • Injuries that Trigger Abuse Suspicions
  • Once a Doctor Says Abuse, They Stop Looking for Medical Causes
  • Irony – AAP President Says Separation Is Abuse

The book is an eBook and can be purchased for immediate downloading here.

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