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Episode 6 of The Medical Kidnap Show aired on November 10, 2019, on KFNX Talk Radio 1100 out of Phoenix at 9 p.m. Sunday night. (11 p.m. EST)

The guest interviewed on the show was Kathy Hall. Kathy is a grandmother who was living in Arkansas when her daughter was tragically killed by a hit-and-run vehicle being driven by an illegal alien.

Kathy Hall with Arkansas Senator Linda Collins-Smith photo

Kathy Hall with Arkansas Senator Linda Collins-Smith. Photo courtesy of Kathy Hall.

Her daughter left behind a young child, and Kathy has been fighting to get access to her granddaughter ever since. Getting no help from attorneys in Arkansas, Kathy turned to an Arkansas State Senator, Linda Collins-Smith, to help her get her granddaughter back.

The two became close friends until Linda Collins-Smith was murdered in Arkansas, within hours after returning for a week-long trip to Arizona, where she was reportedly investigating child trafficking.

Kathy then found out through a Social Media post that her granddaughter had already been adopted out to a Mormon family who then left the State of Arkansas and moved to Wisconsin.

The attorney who allegedly arranged the adoption was Paul Petersen, an adoption attorney who was also the Maricopa County Assessor in Arizona, and who has since been indicted on federal charges in three states, including Arizona and Arkansas, for human trafficking.

Paul Petersen was allegedly running an illegal adoption ring smuggling in pregnant women from the Marshall Islands, where he had spent two years as a Mormon missionary learning the local language and customs.

Arkansas Judge Stacey Zimmerman. Image Source.

Arkansas Judge Stacey Zimmerman is the judge that allegedly adopted out Kathy Hall’s granddaughter to a Mormon family that had ties to Paul Petersen. She is also the judge that allegedly handled all of Paul Petersen’s illegal adoptions.

Listen to the full interview that was aired on KFNX Talk Radio 1100. Podcast version is here.

Are Powerful Mormon Leaders Behind Child Sex Trafficking in the U.S.?

We have preciously covered the story of Arizona father Neal Sutz, who married into the Mormon Church, and his effort to blow the whistle on powerful Mormon business leaders in Arizona where Mr. Sutz claims there are rampant child sex abuse happening.

For our previous coverage on Mr. Sutz and his interviews on the Medical Kidnap Show, see:

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We had Neal Sutz listen to the Kathy Hall interview, and asked him:

Neal, you just heard Kathy Hall talk about her case in Arkansas, and the connection to Arizona through Paul Petersen and Linda Collins-Smith. People are starting to connect the dots here, and the common thread in these child trafficking stories coming out of Arizona, Arkansas, and Utah, is the connection to these leaders of the Mormon Church.

And yet, so far no one is discussing the defendants you named in your lawsuit who are also leaders in the Mormon Church. Do you think it could be because your former in-laws are not involved in these illegal adoptions, but instead are invested in something else that involves children, namely Charter Schools?

We know, for example, that former presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s Private Equity firm Bain Capital has invested heavily in Charter Schools. (See: Why Is Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital Spending Big On Charter Schools?)

Here is Mr. Sutz’s reply:

With the evidence I have provided, not only to the Court here in Geneva, but moreover to the Department of Homeland Security, the F.B.I., the DOJ, the police in Arizona and journalists, in particular Medical Kidnap, the “Mormon Connection” to the worldwide child trafficking – pedophile – child pornography syndicate, and how it directly ties to recently-indicted Maricopa County Assessor, Paul Petersen, is totally and unequivocally proven.

On that note, when one takes an even mildly-investigative look at the Charter School industry, the CPS system, The Mormon Church, Paul Petersen, et al, it is as clear as day that my ex-family-in-law, the Creamer and the Bradfords, although not “on the surface” connected to the adoption industry in Arizona, they are deeply involved in facilitating the pedophile and sex trafficking industry based out of the Arizona.

It is very easy to look up and read numerous articles about how my ex-brother-in-law’s charter school, Primavera, prides itself on serving students who are “at risk,” in foster care and in group homes. Damian used to boast, at Thanksgiving, about how his school takes care of the kids who no one else “wants.”

What Damian Creamer and the rest of his crew “take care of” is funneling in to the child trafficking business, via their Mormon Church and his government-funded charter school, the children/students who no one is actually Protecting.

In short, he and his colleagues, like Paul Petersen, have a great “front” for enticing, manipulating and then trafficking, i.e. selling innocent children while destroying innocent parents and filling their personal and corporate bank accounts.

And all this using their friends, business associates, politicians and fellow Mormon Powerhouses to conduct this global business of buying and selling children.

Primavera has over 25,000 students per year and, despite it not being considered a brick-and-mortar charter school, is the largest online high school or middle school in Arizona.

I could keep submitting more and more PROOF that the ties are all there for the DOJ to jump in, arrest, charge and prosecute my ex-family-in-law, but that would be a waste of time at this point.

All one has to do is look at my ex-wife’s 1st cousin, David Benjamin Creamer, who is on the U.S. Marshall’s 15 Most Wanted List, add that to my ex-brother-in-law, Damian Creamer, who was multiple court-testified to as being a serial pedophile, and add that to my ex-father-in-law, Robert Grant Bradford, the “patriarch pedophile” of the Creamer/Bradford Family, the man who also tried to assassinate Sheriff Joe Arpaio and former AZ Governor, Jane Hull.

All one has to do is link together all the pieces together, combine the already indicted, Paul Petersen and his ties with The Mormon Church and my ex-family-in-law, and the DOJ will have all that they need to shut down, and then rebuild new, the Child Protective Services from ground zero.

Arizona is, by all the proof we see before us, nearly 100% corrupt on all levels, whether political, judicial or police.

If the DOJ does not come on, AND NOW, to stop my ex-family-in-law and their colleagues and fellow Mormon Church members, from selling, abusing and molesting children, we might as well accept the fact that DCS and it’s counterparts, being both politicians and other AZ government entities, will totally and completely annihilate any chance any good parent has for saving their children from their Luciferian hands.

Come Now, President Trump, or there will be nothing to save in a short time from now. Come Now, AG Barr, or all the innocent families will be destroyed and their children will be sold into the clutches of unimaginable corruption and abuse for time immorial.

You have the proof, now please do something with it.

Neal Sutz tried to escape to Switzerland from Arizona to save his family, but his children were seized in Geneva, Switzerland where they have been in captivity for over 2 years. Mr. Sutz claims that the influence of his powerful former Mormon in-laws reached him even in Switzerland. (See: American Dad Escapes Arizona with Two Sons Only to Have them Medically Kidnapped in Switzerland)

So we asked Neal to give us an update on his situation in Geneva, as his parental rights were supposed to be terminated at the end of October (2019), and this is his reply:

The latest with my case? A simple question with more complexity, corruption and knock-you-on-the-floor surprises than I could have ever thought possible.

A few highlights – As you know, I had my “DVs,” i.e. “The Right To Visit My Sons,” mind you, ONLY 2 hours, 4 times per week and only at the Children’s Group Home while being observed by the “Educators” who work there, suspended back in September.

The CPS here, called the SPMi, and the Kangaroo Juvenile Court, called the TPAE, said that their “reasoning” for stopping me from seeing my sons was that I broke the law of the “right of the image.” In short, that means that once the Canton of Geneva “places,” i.e. kidnaps a child and takes the custody over that child, they, and only they, have the right to take or distribute any photos or videos of the child.

What had I done? I had taken a video of my oldest son, Cory, praying to Jesus to come home to Daddy, with his little brother, Skyler, and telling Jesus, in this video prayer, that he was very sad at the Group home away from Daddy, as well as not safe in the Group Home, and that he wants to come home, and have his little brother come home also, to Daddy.

What the SPMi and the Kangaroo Court were really PUNISHING ME for was the fact that I had posted videos and photos, and journalists had, as well, showing the abuse and negligence that my sons are being subject to at the Group Home.

Examples being bloody welts and sores on Skyler’s buttocks and legs, as well as videos I made when I found Skyler’s bed with huge stains of blood, urine, vomit and feces, in which he had been sleeping.

In short, the CPS of Geneva, and their Kangaroo Court, called the TPAE, attacked me by stopping my visits with my sons because I showed the world the kind of luciferian abuse, negligence and horrors that my sons have been subject to since they were kidnapped on July 25, 2017 and are subject to every day.

Then, skipping ahead, the Juvenile Court schedules, after nearly 2.5 years, the “final hearing” to determine, based SOLELY on the infamous Psychiatric Family Expertise, what they are going to do with my sons.

The options on the table, according to this Administrative, NOT JUDICIAL, Court, were either a foster home in Switzerland, back to my ex-wife’s family and their pedophile, sex-trafficking family and friends in The Mormon Church in Arizona or keep them at the Group Home until there are 18 years old.

Then, in the 11th hour, with this “final hearing” scheduled for October 31st, I get my hands on the Official Audit on the “Psychiatric Expert” who had defamed me, lied, discredited me and conspired with dozens of parties in Geneva and the USA to falsify a psychiatric “diagnosis” against me as an excuse to keep me from ever getting the custody of my sons back, let alone even see them any more.

This “Audit,” ordered by a member of the Geneva Government, called the Conseil d’etat, proved, unequivocally that the “Expert,” Dr. Marina Walter-Menzinger, was not only NOT an adult psychiatrist, but also that she was, herself, clinically-speaking in the educated opinion of her boss, psychiatrist, Dr. Gerard Niveau, a “perverse narcissist,” with a militant, authoritarian power complex, totally anti-father and unquestionably pro-pedophile in her decisions of where and to whom children taken by the CPS of Geneva should spend the rest of their childhoods.

So, I had my lawyer turn into the Court the proof I had acquired an Extract of this Audit showing that, since the Court is using as 100% of the “evidence” against me to keep my sons forever, or sell them to a foster family, the entire case against me was not only false, but totally fictional and the “Expert” who the Court hired to analyze me, my ex-wife and my sons, was, herself, not even an adult psychiatrist.

As it turns out, we turned this in to the Court on October 30, one day before the final hearing. Turns out the Judge cancelled the hearing and asked my sons’ lawyers to “resubmit” their “final conclusions” after reviewing what I had my lawyer give to the Court.

The hearing was delayed. All Parties were given until November 15 to resubmit their final conclusions and heads started spinning in circles.

In short, I called them on their lies, corruption and conspiracy.

So, with my ex-wife having been institutionalized in Arizona on February 6th of this year, with no one even having seen her face on WhatsApp or heard her voice by phone in nearly 1 year now since her return to Arizona to live with her pedophile, child-pornographer parents, in 4 days we will know what everyone thinks of this blatant truth which I have put in front of every one of the Parties to this case.

And in just over 4 days, we will know if the Court here is going to do the right thing and let me have my sons back or if we will “officially” enter World War 3.

UPDATE 10/29/19

Arizona Judge Rosa Mroz dismissed Neal Sutz’s case, with prejudice, on 10/29/19 based on defendants Motion to Dismiss.

Read more on Geneva, CPS, and Neal Sutz here:

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